Workout Or Girls

gym guy look girl

Today my workout was Chest – Triceps – Calves. At the end of my training, I see a guy I hadn’t seen for several months. I ask him what he is going to work today. He said he should lose weight, he’ll do cardio.

It’s true that he took some weights since he was stopped. Well, I ask him if he has a program and how many times he’ll come in the week. He answer me that he will do cardio 3 times a week. This is a program !?! I ask him if he looked on internet free programs as videos or pdfs. He answer me that he didn’t have time.

This guy is not a athlete like me but I expected that he has a program. This is someone that I had seen in the gym, but, now I think about it, he spent more time watching girls than train. I remember now ! Once I showed him a exercice and at a moment a girl came near us to do her exercice and he looked so fixedly that I thought I was going to hit him.

gym guy look girl

Yes that’s it. It had irritated me he lost his concentration so fast because of a girl. Guys that pretend train and look girls, it drives me crazy. TRAINING BEFORE GIRLS. It’s simple. Plus he knows a lot of tips on exercises and nutrition but he don’t use them.

No, the face he did when the girl came. The head of the guy who hadn’t had sex for a long time, I swear. I’m sure you know a guy like that. It’s a LOSER, there is nothing to do. Until he hasn’t made the decision to change, I can do nothing.

Conclusion: This is the type of guy to avoid ABSOLUTELY !!!! LOSER !!!!!

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