Barbell Front Raises

barbell front raises

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and there is good stuff.

Standing with legs slightly apart. Your back straight with your abs contracted. Place a barball on your thinghs with a pronated grip and you have arms outstrechted :

  • Inhale and raises the barbell until the level of your eyes

  • Back to the start position slowly by avoiding shaking

  • Exhale at the end of the movement

This exercice mainly works your anterior deltoids, your upper pectorals, infraspinatus and a little bit your trapezius, serratus anterior and your short head of your biceps.

If you raise higher up, your posterior deltoids also work to help raise your arms vertically.

This exercice can also be done at the low pulley. Put your back against the machine with the cable passing between your legs.

Note : Your brachial biceps works a little bit in alll anterior elevation of your arm.

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