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You know, before, I took daily public transport but sometimes I had no money, then you know what I was doing. And once they told me, “You have a lot of fines, Sir, it’ll cost a lot more than you think”. They showed me the total and I started to sweat. At that moment, I said: “They will not take all my money”. I started looking for a bike, new, used regardless and I found a good deal.

They gave me a bike from the pound and I repaired with the guy who had given me the idea. It was long to repair because I just knew changed tires. Put the brake and gear cables, I learned by watching videos on internet, now I’m doing well. Now that I have my bike, I do everything with. And today it’s raining, even if I have a plastic pancho, my legs and my socks are all wet and FUCK !!! You walk in front of people with wet pants, it’s always fun.

bike rain

Later that day on twitter I saw something cool. Research from Brunel University shows that people who use bike instead of public transport have 4 times more chance to do 150 minutes of daily physical activity recommended than others. It could be a good 2016 resolution but wait, it’s not over.

A high prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in the blood can be a sign of cancer. It’s a protein produced by prostate cells but if you do exercises, you REDUCED this PSA. It’s not cool but ask your father how many of his friends have prostate cancer ? Me I want to have sex until my last day, viva sport.


You know that stress can make you sick and you know why: too much mental or emotional pressure upsets your microbiomes’s balance. Huh?!? It’s tiny microorganism groups living in the body of every living being. These groups are in the mouth and intestine but stress is an indicator of lack of bacterial diversity, so that you get sick often. You’re doing a physical activity, you destress and you’re almost never sick. Drugs are boring, right ?

The work psychology’s division of BPS (British Psychological Society) found that it was not only the number of emails that was the cause of stress at work but people have also developed bad habits to manage their mailboxes. Transfer them to their smartphone. Look at the head of your buddies when they receive an email from work on their smartphones when they aren’t at work, ROTFLMAO. Set a time to disconnect you to keep you in shape and be on a bike helps a lot.

email overload

Anyway, biking helps me keep my 6-pack, it’s cool, 6-pack throughout the year.


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