Burn fat without cardio ?

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As long as you dont train for an endurance sport, its possible to replace with cardio weight lifting. However, the exercises you choose are not the main factor that determines the effects of cardiovascular training, the key is “how you use them.”

Many people who go to the gym dont like the idea of ​​jogging on a treadmill and looking at a screen. If you’re one of those people who prefer to avoid traditional cardio workout, here are some exercises with weights that can help you build endurance without you bored with a stationary position. Follow this program that turns your bodybuilding program into fat killer.

Use multi-articular basic exercises

multi joint

Make bent-over row, squat, bench press and dead lift to use as much possible muscle mass. Certain non-traditional exercises used by  Strongman’s athlete as the tire flip or farmer walk are other excellent option.

Train Circuit

circuit training

Alternate upper and lower body exercises to disperse the fatigue throughout your body. Minimize time to rest between sets to keep your heart rate high frequency and force your body to use the anaerobic energy system longer. This is normally supplies energy to lift weights.

Make circuit that lasts 2-5 minutes

2 min

It takes 2 minutes to the aerobic system to start, so you have to set up a circuit of minimum 2 minutes. Use 6-8 exercises of 10 repetitions each. Each set should last 45 seconds. At the end of the circuit, take 2-3 minutes to recover; This is the same type of program for interval training on bike or treadmill. You will need to do this program for 20-30 minutes to see cardiovascular benefits by 6-10 circuits, 3 times a week.

Decrease the weight

light weight

Use lighter weight than the weight you usually take to have more strength and more mass. Dont go up to failure on each set, this causes too tired and it does not allow you to complete the circuit. Choose a weight that will leave 2-3 rep before failure. You will be able to gain strength and volume with that many rep once your endurance and your cardiovascular health will be improved.

Select your priorities


If developping your strength and volume are your main goal (which is the opposite of burning fat), this program style is probably not the best option for you. Put in place an effective plan to achieve your goal.

Follow this format

Style: Full-body system

Circuits: 6-10

Year per circuit: 6-8

Rep by series: 10

Frequency: 3 times a week

Exercies: multi-joint exercises.


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