When I train, I see very few people in the gym works calves. I often say that we must work legs but I saw a guy with big thighs and small calves, it was weird, I swear. In my program, I work 2 times a week calves and today was shoulders – calves.

In my gym there is no special machine to train calves so I do seated dumbbell calf raise and calves extension Leg Press with on leg and often people look surprised.

seated dumbbell calf raise calves extension leg press one leg

This is really a muscle that everyone forgets and yet train it help a lot, you’ll see. A survey was done by the « Runner’s World » with 14 000 runners injured and the second most popular injury is the calf. Even if you run once a week like me, it would be unfortunate injury.

Work your calves improves stabilization between your ankles and feet, improves your power to lift your heel to walk, run and jump (you do highest jump) and improves your body’s symmetry. Do you like twist your ankle ? Me, non. This is why I train my calves.


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