Dodge This Like In Matrix

dodge bullets matrix

Neo: What are you trying to tell me ? I can dodge their bullets ?

Morpheus : No, Neo. What I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.

We’ve all seen this really too cool scene in The Matrix when Neo learns how the Matrix works. You’re probably tell you : « Wow ».

Believe it or not but what learns Morpheus to Neo, you’ll learn today.

I spent the last few weeks to live like Neo, see how the Matrix works. The result is that instead of dodging bullets, I better control my life now.

If you feel that your life is in slowmotion or you want to be healthier and happier but it never worked, this article is for you.

It was a rude awakening, but now I feel like Morpheus, which means that you, you’re Neo.

morpheus neo matrix

Instead of learning to avoid bullets, we’ll stop the agents Smith before they shoot.

During the coming weeks, you will destroy all the agents Smith that are on your way.

You need to build yourself an environment that prepares you to win (like the Batcave) and you need to build your life in a way that you can easily operate at maximum efficiency in our program.

This reminds me a quote:

« I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it happens at nine o’clock every morning ». S. Somerset Maugham

If you’re really interested in changing your life, the more you break into systems and then you work on to improve, the more long-term success you will have. No motivation or superpower is required. Just the results.

hack matrix

So stop accepting the Matrix for what it is and hack the systems to build your own rules inside the Matrix.

Stop Dieting – It’s a bandage. Make fundamental changes at a deeper level.

Find exercises that you like – Change your life in the source code means finding sustainable long term activities. No temporary miserable activities just to lose a few kilos (pounds).

Create systems for school / work too – Going to school or to work excited and returned to home proud.

Starts really small – Think big, big system. But when you begin to change, you have to change one line of code at a time. Select a habit to build a very simple and basic thing then uses this new habit for weeks. 5-minutes walk every day for 30 days is much more powerful than 2 hours walk for 2 weeks and stop.

With each system that you change, with every update of the source code in your Matrix, you’re approaching to the Neo’s level.

neo hack matrix

This comes from someone who used to get up late, always say that he was « too busy », to do things at the last minute and never achieve the things he wanted to do.

Now ? I hacked the code to its source and I can do more things that I never did in the past. I haven’t yet learned to fly but agents Smith are afraid (Cool !).

improve lifestyle

Can I know how you’re planning to hack the Matrix ?


2 thoughts on “Dodge This Like In Matrix”

  1. That is pretty cool. Thank you so much for the article. Some systems are so deeply connected to our Motherboard, that it makes sense to have a Mentor like Morpheus or maybe the Oracle on our side. Anyway, only works if you are ready. You can always checkout and see if there is a response inside of you that you want to follow this “white rabbit”. There is a group of people connected in the society of reinventing human understanding who do so. They share their experiences in the exclusive and safe “Matrixroom” to learn how they are wired a bit quicker than you do it alone. If you want to join you can get in contact. Time will tell wich pill you will swallow ;- ) But we are here. 🙂 And you are welcomed.

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