Be Unplugged To The Matrix (Part 1)


I write articles, I write articles and it’s possible that you don’t remember of the most important information that I could write. That’s why I had the idea to make a list.

Imagine that you speak with Morpheus :

matrix morpheus

I want to lose weight => Eat less and move more

I want to be healthy => Eat less junk food and more real food

I want abs => Eat really clean and lifts heavy weight

I want to build muscle and have more mass => Lift heavy, eat enough protein and increase your consumption of calories

I want results => Track everything «  That which is measured gets improved »

Do I need to subscribe to a gym ? => No to start

I don’t have time to train => Yes, you have time

I don’t like to eat some healthy food => Don’t eat them, eat what you like.

I don’t like doing certain exercises => Doesn’t do them, do exercises you like

I like to do some exercises => Excellent, do them more often

I must buy expensive supplements ? => No, keep your money for the real healthy food.

It hurts me when I do an exercise => Check if you do a good movement’s execution otherwise do another exercise that work the same muscle.

I’m not motivated today => Now you’re motivated!

matrix unplugged

These helped you to be unplugged to the matrix or you have another question ?


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