Eat Spicy Can Increase Your Years

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People who eat spicy 6-7 days a week tend to live longer compared to people who eat spicy least once a week, following the results of the research done at Pekin University Health Center and published in The British Medical Journal. The study that followed 487,375 people showed that people who didn’t spice their dishes had a rate lower of 14% than the average mortality rates.

Well, it is true that I am a fan of spicy food but the study not say which spicy food causes longevity.

“Future research is needed to determine whether the consumption of spicy food has the potential to improve health and reduce mortality directly way or if it is linked to diet and lifestyle,” writes Nita Forouhi, Ph.D, who participated in the study. Forouhi suggests that spicy food can help motivate people to drink more water, which is always a big thing. It also notes that the spicy longevity was higher in people who avoid drinking alcohol, which could suggest that people who consumed spicy food have a healthier lives.

But spicy food can have some inherent advantages. Capsaicin, main chemical in peppers can have anti-hypertension, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-obesity,.

The dishes and spicy ingredients exist in many cultures and have become increasingly accessible. The usual spicy sauces like Tabasco and Sriracha are really popular, but not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Let’s do a little tour around the world to see spicy foods.



Gochujang means “hot pepper paste” and is used in Korean dishes. Very spicy and salty, which adds a great flavor. You can eat it as dip for dipping fresh vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots. You can add it in a soup or use it to replace the Sriracha / Ketchup.



This seed comes from Latin America. It’s known for its strong color, that food companies use to have that familiar color in the cheese, butter and margarine. The flavor is described as being slightly peppery, earthy and musky. You can soak seeds in oil, grinding for a powder or make paste. It is often used with seafood and poultry.

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost peppers)

Bhut Jolokia Ghost peppers

The Bhut Jolokia from India and has fans worldwide. It’s known to be the most spicy peppers in the world. So when I say to eat with caution and you not believe me, go see this video. I don’t really recommend eating it directly, you can add it to oil to put on your dishes. During its preparation, make sure you have gloves, scrub all surfaces he touched and keep a safe distance from your face. And the most obvious tip of all: Don’t rub eyes.



Another food of the Korean diet. The Kimichi is essentially nappa cabbage, salt, garlic, ginger, sugar and gochugaru (red pepper Korea). It is easy to do at home. This dish in many nutritional advantages: It helps digestion, helps the immune system and slows the aging process.



The Harissa is a condiment that is widely used in North Africa and the Middle East. This is a spicy paste with chili peppers, garlic, olive oil and various spices. It can be used for virtually all from the dips in the marinade.


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