Increase Sales

increase sales

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I want to share this with you ?

A trick to multiply your sales by 2, 3 or 4 without much effort.

It’s very simple but you must really do it. First, what is the best seller of your products/services ? Is it sellers ? Your website ? Your Youtube channel ? Or you ? The truth, none of all these. The best seller of your products/services are your satisfied customers. You can say all what you want to your prospects, they will always think : « This product/service is good but he forces me to buy ! ».

Satisfied Customer

satisfied customers

A truly satisfied customer of your product/service is much more convincing because he has no personal interest, it’s just someone who is happy. You gonna tell me you already know that. Yes and there is something else you can do with your satisfied customers. You must know that your prospects have more confidence to your sarisfied customers than you. And this is normal, this is why you can use the internet’s power to be able to have a leverage effect to ensure that your satisfied customers can convince a maximum of people.

How to do

testimonial video

When you do good work, often, clients will say, « Thank you, your product/service really helps me ». The next time a customer telling you this, ask to the client to repeat the same thing on video. A short video of 30 seconds. In most cases, your customer will accept because he just thank you for your product/service. You can make the video with your smartphone, it’s perfect. Then, you publish this video on your YouTube channel or on your blog and you put it on all your social networks.

Now when you have to convince a prospect, you can show testimonial videos of your satisfied customers from your smartphone or your tablet. Written testimony is good but video testimonial video has more impact. If you have 5, 10, 20, 40 testimonial videos of satisfied customers, you really make the difference.

Don’t hesitate to ask to your current customers to make you a positive feedback because there are some that will not spontaneously thank you, it’s your silent customer. Your silent customer is so concentrate on his work that he didn’t think to thank you. You can contact your silent customers simply send an email with their request to do a testimonial video or you can make a contest to explain how your product/service has helped.

The principle is to do regular testimonial videos of satisfied customers to increase and improve your credibility.

Have you already have testimonials of satisfied customers ?


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