lying leg curl

It’s almost the end of June, one month I got my new program and it’s perfect. August 1st and I increase my exercises of 2 repetitions. Today was the legs day and there is an exercise where I do 5 sets of 6 repetitions, the One Leg Lying Leg Curl.

lying leg curl

This is an exercise that looks cool because you’re lying but when the weight is heavy, my friend, you really feel your hamstrings burn. I like to do this exercice lying because with the seated machine, sometimes your ass rise and this increases the lumbar curve.

lying leg curl

Adjust the machine and lie down on your stomach on the machine with your hands on the handles. Legs under the pad to ankle height. Bent a knee to bring the foot towards the ass and control the descent. When the number of repetitions is complete, do the same thing with the other leg.

This exercise mainly work hamstrings and calves a little bit.

Caution, don’t use too heavyweight because you can make some movements that can hurt you lower back.


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