Lose weight with bodyweight ?

 Mountain Climbers

No time ? No problem. This bodyweight training with a high intensity will burn a ton of calories and fat while you build muscle quickly without machines or weights. The key to making this program with your bodyweight to be effective to lose weight ? Focus on compound movements rather than ones isolate one muscle at a time.

“All these movements are compound movements to test your entire body and helps to burn fat”, says Nick Rodocoy, personal coach and creator of this program. Compound movements work several muscle groups simultaneously, more muscle are involved, more they work, more calories are burned.

On top of that, there are other reasons to add this type of workout to your routine: “Bodyweight training are great, if you want to give your body a rest from weight lifting”, Rodocoy said. Although effective to gain mass, heavy lifting isnt very gentle on your joints and muscles. So a program with a low impact – enabling you always to have results – can ensure you stay healthy and injury-free.

“The whole program is divided into five days and is intended to be increased every week to get better results”, Rodocoy said. But you can use it whenever you have the time or to change your usual workout.

Day 1

Make a move after another without rest. Save your time. Repeat 3-4x. Try to beat your time each week.

1) Bodyweight Squat x15

2) Jump Squats x15

3) Reverse Lunges X10

4) Sumo Lunges x10

Sumo Lunges

Day 2

Make these movements for 45 minutes, without necessary rest. Save your time and try to beat every week.

1) Clap Push-Up x10

2) Bodyweight Row / Inverted Row x10-15

Inverted Row

3) Pistol Squat to Bench x8

4) elevated Feet Push-Up x10

5) Pull-Up x6-8

6) Single Leg Hip Bridge on bench x8

Single Leg Hip Bridge on bench

7) Plank to Push-Up x10 Each side

plank to pushup

Day 3

Do each exercise with 1 rep, rep then 2, 3 reps, 4 reps until you do 10 reps for each exercise. Then you do 10 reps for each exercise, 9 reps, 8 reps, reps until 7 1. Rest when you need it and save your time. Try to beat your time each week.

1) Pull-up

2) Dip

3) Jump Lunges

4) Leg Raises

Day 4

Do each exercise with as many reps as you can go until failure. Repeat the exercise as many times as possible in 45 minutes.

1) Inverted Row x15

2) Handstand Push-Ups x8-10

3) Side Lying Oblique Hold 20 sec. -Each side hold second

4) Pistol Squat to Bench x10

Pistol Squat to Bench

Day 5

30/15 for 4 sets so you do 30 seconds of typing hand pump / standard pump / pump on the knees and then 15 seconds of rest. You chain Mountain Climbers 30 seconds and 15 seconds of rest. You repeat this 3x then you move to the second set of exercises.


a. Clap Push Ups / regular / knee

b. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers


a. Inverted Row

b. Walkouts


a. Lunges Reverse

b. Plank to Push-Up


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