How Many Time To Lose Muscle ?


One thing is sure in the summer: We sweat all day and parties in weekends are more intensive than in winter . So it’s harder to hold its training program.


But what happens when we stop to train for several weeks, holidays mode. Here are the results of a Danish study.


The researchers gathered 17 active men around twenty years old and 15 active men around sixties. Each participant had one of their legs immobilized for 2 weeks. After two weeks of inactivity all participants have lost some of their physical condition and muscle mass, nothing shocking up there. But young people have lost about 17 ounces ( 340 grams) of muscle and 30% of their strength (which corresponds to an aging about 45 years according to the study), while older men have only lost 9 ounces ( 255 grams) of muscle and 20% of their strength. Conclusion more muscle you have, the more you stand to lose if you relax. Hmmmm, it’s annoying that.

lose muscle

After this period of immobilization, participants had to train up to 4 times a week to find their muscle mass and strength lost. 6 weeks to get back to the original physique.

lose muscle 2

If these results don’t motivate you to do some weekly training sessions in holidays mode, you know what will happen to you. Remember, even if you don’t have time to do all your session, do 30 minutes, that’s better than nothing.

lose muscle 3


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