Machines Are Occupied ? 10 Exercises To Do Instead

Gym full

When you go to the gym and that EVERY benches and machines are occupied by a more muscular person than you, you can just ask him when is he will finish and come back later. Meanwhile, instead of chatting on your smartphone, you can do exercises to lose fat and strengthen your abs.

1. Dip


Many people think this exercise is only for triceps but while triceps working, chest and shoulders do the same.

2. Rollout wheel (ab wheel or barbell)


The tension of the rollout is similar to the Plank, just a notch higher above. Do largest movements and the results will be great.

3. Close-grip Pushup

Close-grip Pushup

This is a variation of the pumps to target triceps. But not only because your triceps and biceps work together and take volume simultaneously to have big arms.

4. Pullup


Another classic movement. The pullup is work every muscle in your body and is underestimated for its contribution to the arms and abs. There are not only the curl for biceps, test the pullup and watch how your arms grow.

5. Burpee


The No.1 exercise coach who want to help their clients burn their fat, Burpee became the basis of CrossFit camps and for all other camps elsewhere. This movement is done explosively is the equivalent of making a sprint on a hill and improves coordination.

6. Pushup


This is a classic of all time. Pushups are essential for developing chest, deltoids and triceps.Master this movement and it will give you the same benefits as bench press.

7. Plank


Keeping the plank position for more than 1 minutes is considered by experts to be an excellent way to measure the physical level. This requires good stability of the shoulders and an incredible endurance of the abdominal, lower back, shoulders, neck and legs. In addition it is a good way to develop an impressive 6-packs (more time under tension = more muscle).

8. Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge

Several experts agree on the fact that having strong and mobile glute is essential to have good back and some experts say it greatly improves your sex-appeal. Start doing that and you will see how the opposite sex look at you.

9. Star Plank

Star Plank

This advanced variation of the Plank is a good challenge for your core but also helps chest and shoulders. All muscle groups work at the same, you realize ?

10. Inverted Row

Inverted Row

This is an effective exercise to develop the back as the Pullup, the inverted row is an exercise that work the opposite of Pushup. Hold the bar with a wide grip to be suspended and you will have better biceps with wide shoulder. You will have more attention to the beach.


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