Muscle Mass Mystery

muscle mass

I watched a JamCore DZ’s video  about muscle mass secret and I wanted to share this with you.

You have trouble to gain muscle mass ? You tried and you were disappointed with the results ? Then this article will interest you.

When you begin to train you, you are very motivated and very excited. The first training’s year, you gain between 5kg (11lbs) and 8 kg (17lbs) of muscle. This is because you lift weights that shock your muscles and even if you eat anything, your body will respond.

Consistency and coherence

constitency coherence

When you gonna evolve, you will stagnate. This is normal, this is the nature. But what will help you is consistency and coherence. No matter that you to take supplements or steroids ! We must stay consistent and coherent all year, every day, all week, all month.

The problem is that when the body evolve well the first year, the second year we start doing bullshit. We’re no longer coherent and consistent and it affects our muscle mass. Even if we train well, eat anything slowed our muscle mass development. When we eat anything, we create wrong muscle mass based on water and fat.

Training and nutrition should be at 100%. You focus on them and recovery, therefore sleep as much as possible, for 3 years and you will get the body to do a competition.

In summary, you must be coherent and consistent with training, nutrition and recovery. You must also continue to learn how to evolve your body and you need to have discipline.

Become your own coach

Continue to learn how to change your body with valuable information. Stop looking bullshit, stop to watch people who only want to attract attention with scandals. Select a program with a good coach and keep it. Don’t look other stuff on Internet that can cause you injuries. Follow your program and become your own coach because results come with time.

JamCore DZ’s evolution :

jamcore dz jamcore dz

  • 1987 he weighs 69kg (152lbs)

  • 1994 he weighs 102kg (224lbs) (it took 7 years)

  • 1995 he weighs 104kg (229lbs)

  • 1996 he weighs 108kg (238lbs))

  • 1997 he didn’t train throughout the year. He was with girls in Australia

  • 1998 he weighs 102kg (224lbs)

  • 1999 he weighs 110-112kg (242-246lbs) through existing muscle tissue. muscle memory.

When we start this sport we want to have results as soon as possible but it’s the opposite is happening. You have to stay focused every day and see results every 6 months. More you will learn and more you will understand this science, that’s the muscle mass mystery. Science to have a mind and a healthy body.

You thought you had to do what to have muscle mass ?


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