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I watched an Oliver Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Not doing promotion or marketing in a project where you start is a serious mistake. I know there are people who don’t agree with that because they think if the content is good, word of mouth (my article about word of mouth ) will suffice to make the blog known.

Here a question. Imagine you created a great product and your customers talk about it around them. In your opinion is better than word of mouth starts from 100 people who saw your product by chance or 10 000 people who saw your marketing campaign and who tested your product ? We both know the answer.

Your article can be great but the truth is that in life, the quality of your content isn’t an excuse for not doing promotion or marketing your blog. For me it’s arrogance of not doing promotion or marketing. Let’s me explain, it’s like saying : «  Oh my article is too great and people are smart enough and educated to see that my article is awesome. They’ll quickly understand that other bloggers are bad ! ». Ok, your article is great but how people do to go to your blog if they don’t know it exists ?


how to

It’s cool to do promotion but not in any way. You need to do some promotion without spams.

An effective way is to post a comment (in any social media) that learns something, which brings value. In this comment you say that to have more details, people need to see your profil to click on the link of your blog to read your article.

You can also put a link directly in the comment but I know (because it happened to me) that bloggers have a policy that when there is a link in a comment, it’s a spam.

Try these 2 methods but the main one is that people don’t consider your as a spammer.

It’s important that you promote your content in all social media you use.

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