triceps pushdown cable

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy »  and there is good stuff.

Standing in front of the machine with your hand on the bar with a pronated grip. Your elbows are along of your body. Your arm must be do a « L » :

  • Inhale and make an extension of your arms making sure not to spread your elbows of your body.

  • Exhale at the end of the movement

triceps pushdown cable

This exercise works triceps and anconeus muscles.


triceps pushdown cable

  • You can use a rope to work more intensely the lateral head of the triceps.
  • You can also do this exercice with a supinated grip to work the medial head of the triceps.
  • You can have an isometric contraction by hold the extension for one or two seconds at the end of the movement to feel the effort.

If you use a heavy weight, bend a little bit forward to have a better stability .

This exercice can be done by beginners to have enough strength to do more complex movement after.

Variant: back in front of the machine

triceps pushdown cable

This variant allow to feel more the effort of the lateral head of triceps.


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