Stretching Latissimus Dorsi And Teres Major

stretching latissimus dorsi teres major

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and I learned good stuff.

This exercise is to be done with a support like a machine or a squat rack.

Standing with your legs slightly apart :

  • Incline your chest forward and with your arm stretched, grab a stable support.

  • Place your palm of the other hand higher up on the support, your arm is stretched and slowly you push your arm against the support and simultaneously you pull on the support with the other arm

To increase the stretch of the latissimus dorsi and teres major, you can rotate your chest trying to  put on the top the lower shoulder slowly.

This exercise is excellent to do before back’s exercises surch as heavy pull (lat pulldowns) or chin-ups with weights. This allows you to avoid tearing latissimus dorsi and teres major.

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