Sun Comes

new gym member

The sun comes and I see lots of new faces in the gym. There are some who seem to have a program and not others. I’m sure they imagine to have a physical like a “Fitness Model” in 3-4 months for this summer.

When I see all people who have train all the winter despite snow or rain, I tell myself that it’s them who will be hot for this summer.

fitness model couple

running couple

The news members (if these aren’t people who have been training for a long time and had to change gym) are just at the beginning of the adventure and must being humble. I see many who take themselves for bodybuilders while their physical that’s not it at ALL. Calm down guys.

We’ll see who will stay at the end of the summer, which are the real ones. In my case, it motivates me even more to achieve my goals because I think at the begining I was like them. And when I look at myself now, I’m proud of myself even though I am halfway (Yeah, half, I think?!?).

Be better than yesterday, it’s the only thing that matters my friends.


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