Build An Ideal Male Body (Part 2)

 ideal male body

In these two cases, changes helps you avoid stagnation and to ensure the best results, here are some tips:

  • Choose a program for its purpose – If your goal is to be shredded, use a fat loss program. If you want to gain muscle, use a program to gain muscle. Said like that, it’s simple, but it’s crazy the number of people who use the wrong program for their goals.

  • Dont change your current program – If you choose a program, follow it to the end in its entire duration even if you’re bored. Change the program at the halfway not going to help you to achieve your goal faster. The truth is that, the reason guys can’t have the perfect body, it’s beause they change their program every 2-3 months instead of persevering in one single program.

  • Uses programs with periodization – Some might think that this type of program can prevent muscle gains, which is only true if you decide to change things at random without thinking about programming. Real good program take into account adaptation curve and are designed in phases. Each phase is based on the latest performance, called “periodization” and allows steady progress toward your ideal body.

Again, add variety is important, but not to spoil the result. Build an ideal male body is how you know effectively gain muscle and lose fat.

To become lean, you need to change more often. In fact, change regularly stimulate your metabolism and constantly improves the process of fat loss.

But these variations don’t need to be specific; an easy way to do this is to change the exercise for the same movement. Change the barbell bench press with the dumbbell bench press.

A more structured change, you can timed your exercises. Instead of counting your repetitions, for 30-45 seconds you make the most of repetitions you can do in each sets.

You Have To Tame Your Hormones If You Want A Perfect Body


In general, men tend to store fat around the abdominal area. Again, we can thank/blame our ancestors for that. After 10,000 of evolution, we do less physical effort daily and store fat quickly.

Women store fat in the hips and thighs. I will do an article about the ideal woman body (Miss Bikini ?)

There is no favoritism in evolution, this is due to the hormonal environment that is different between man and woman. To make it simple : men generally have higher levels of cortisol, which means that storage is in the midsection while high estrogen level which means that storage is done in the lower body.

Guy, listen! Testosterone is your friend and more you have, faster you gain muscle, more fat you lose and more you meet girls. Having a high level of testosterone is fine. The opposite is very bad and it affects everything from your sleep to your sex appeal and you gain muscle very very slowly.

Unfortunately when you do a fat loss program for the summer or a photo shoot, the way testosterone affect your insulin level is a little messed up. And insulin or rather the insulin resistance is a huge problem for most people trying to lose weight.

The most difficult step for a real sexy body is to eliminate love handles. To help make them disappear, there is some way to manage insulin through diet.

Fish oil taken in large quantities, it has been proven, improves significantly insulin management.

You can add cinnamon in your meals that contain carbohydrates. It was shown that it mitigates the effects of insulin peaks and fat storage. Ah well, I almost forgot, drink a little bit of apple cider vinegar before meals containing carbohydrates has the same effect.

The combination of diet and a smart training can have a significant beneficial effect on the endocrine system, which helps you to have a sexy body.

Now that you have these 4 Simple Strategies to help you to have a sexy body, so be SEXY.


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