Manage Your Protein

protein food

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

I write this article about nutrition because when I started to seriously lift weights to build muscles, I didn’t know what to eat. There was a lot of people around me with impressive bodies but their muscle weren’t visible. So the problem I had was that when I ate too much, I had a big belly with swollen skin because of water. And when I ate a little, I didn’t have the energy to train in the gym.

Speaking with a bodybuilder, he explained me the basics of nutrition to have an athlete’s body or bodybuilder’s body but he told me that I should always continue to learn new scientific studies to be up to date.

To build good quality muscle, you have to eat healthy foods. These healthy foods are in the form of protein carbohydrate and lipids. The reason why it’s necessary to eat protein is because muscle is protein. If you cut your arm in 2 parts and you analyze inside, you’ll see that the muscle is made of protein, which means that the muscle is meat.

Here are the main sources of protein :

  • Beef

  • Chicken

  • Egg

  • Fish

  • Dairy products

  • Soy

  • Lentil

The nutritional quality source of these foods depends on whether they’re organic or not.

Protein is amino acids. Human body is composed of 80% amino acids. Your muscles, your skin, your bones, your hair are composed of amino acids. Each amino acid has an important role in the body. There are several amino acids like BCAA, glutamine, arginine, etc. I will write an article about amino acids.

To build muscle in our body, we need BCAA, especially leucine. Leucine’s role is to stimulate the synthesis of the protein that is responsible for muscle growth.


protein healthy food plate

There are variations in protein consumption because each is different, each has a different goal and each has a different level of training (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Advanced level people are people who do amateur or pro competitions. There is the bulking phase and cutting phase.

We will use an example with a person who weighs 85kg.


To bulk, you consume 1.5 to 2.5 gr per kg of bodyweight. For a beginner, it will be 1.5gr of protein. So the weight (85kg) multiply after 1.5gr then 1.5 x 85 = 127.5 gr of protein per day. For an advanced, it will be 2.5gr of protein. So 2.5 x 85 = 212.5 gr of protein per day.


To cut, you consume 2 to 2.7 gr per kg of bodyweight. We lightly increase proteins and lipids to compensate for the reduction of carbohydrates to avoid losing too much muscle mass. For a beginner, it will be 2gr of protein. So the weight (85kg) multiply after 2 gr then 2 x 85 = 170 gr of protein per day. For an advanced, it will be 2.7gr of protein. So 2.7 x 85 = 229.5gr of protein per day.

With these results, you’ll organize 3-5 meals a day with about 30-35 gr of protein per meal. But beware, these meals should be balanced against carbohydrate and lipids.

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How To Have Too Many Clients

too many clients

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

The trick is that you have to have more people who want to buy your product than products available. This trick is also valid for service.

This trick is that you have to develop your audience to make sure there are so many people who know you that it’s not possible for everyone to buy your products/services. Here is an example.

Imagine that you have a bakery. As there are several bakeries in the neighborhood, your turnover is limited because of the local radius. People don’t go kilometers (miles) to go to bakery, usually they go tho the bakery closest to home.

Social media for your company

social media

There is something to boost your audience/clients through the internet. It’s to develop your bakery’s presence on internet with a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel. With a YouTube channel, you can show what you do every day with vlogs. You make a video when you get up at 4 in the morning to make breads and cakes, which means that you film the process (knead the dough, the oven, etc.). All these videos, you can publish them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other video support.

To start, you will publish these videos to your local clientele, then to a national level and then to an international level. This is an important first step but it can be quickly copied. To differentiate yourself from other bakeries, it’s necessary that you have an extremely good cake with a secret recipe. You can make videos of this cake with a secret recipe but you don’t show the whole process, all the ingredients. It’s a cake with a secret recipe like Cola-Cola.

Tell a story about this secret recipe to make it mysterious. It must be a true story like : « It’s a recipe from my mother’s grandmother » or « It’s a recipe I accidentally created ». With this story, this storytelling, people of the neighborhood will know you better and you’ll become a local celebrity. And what’s interesting is that there will be people from other cities coming to your bakery because you’re the baker who has this great YouTube channel.

With a website, you can sell your breads ans cakes online in other cities. Because of your presence on internet, local newspapers will do an article about you because there is buzz. And you can display these articles in your bakery in a very visible place so that all clients can see them. All this will boost word of mouth.

2 options


After a while, you will not be able to satisfy the request and it’s at this moment where you have to ask yourself these 2 question :

  • Open another bakery. You will work more, earn more money and recognition.

  • Increase prices. You limit your time for the quality of life or the quality of your products because you’re an artisan.

In London, there is this Japanese restaurant, The Araki , which has 3 stars in the Michelin guide. There is a waiting list of several months to eat there. The Araki has one menu only of £300 and only 10 seats. It’s really interesting to read their « Booking Policy » .

I know that this can’t be applied in all professional fields but it gives you the possibility to have more clients.

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Start A Smart Company

startup company data

What’s up !!! This is THE stephane ANDRE. I watch an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

To create a company, most people advise to leave school or job to be 100% focused on creating the company. I advise you to start your business part-time and continue your school or job. An excellent method for this is « Lean Startup » . The principle of Lean Startup is to put on the market as fast as possible your product/service at minimum viable.

2 different methods

method scientific


Let’s take a closer look at what most people do. A person has an idea to start a company, so this person does a market research to minimize the risks. Then this person will seek financing with bank loans after calculating the needs of the business. These business needs based on a 3-years business plan that is extremely theoretical and hypothetical. You should know that in 99% of cases, as soon as the company is open and prospects are in contact with the products/services, these business plans have no connection with the reality of the field.

The problem with this method is that this person works for 1 year to create a product/service and when it’s available, this person realize that everyone doesn’t care. When the product/service isn’t selling, the stress rises enormously and you have to find a way to pay back people who lend money to your company.

Lean startup

With the Lean Startup’s method, when a person has a product/service idea, the principle is to find the minimum basic function of that which would interest the audience and the prospects who would be willing to buy. Then you have to do a test as soon as possible on the market. There is something very important that Michael Masterson said : « Before your business make its first sale, it’s nothing more than a set of unproven ideas that you are spending money on ».

That is why it’s necessary to set up a field test in the most real conditions possible with the most minimal version of your product/service.

Here is an example with someone who wants to buy a parking lot to rent it :

  • With the classic method, this person bought a random parking lot hoping to have many prospects interested in renting it.

  • With the Lean Startup method, this person will find an interesting parking lot to buy. Then this person will post an ad in an ads posting site and on social media and will wait to see if there are peope interested in renting it. If people call this person to say : « I’m interested in having your parking lot, I’d like to rent it », in this case this person will buy the parking lot. If nobody is interested in the parking lot, this person will not buy it.

Test quicky

test field

There are several other methods like this to test. In my case, it’s my blog to build my brand and until today, I’m doing it part-time. Here is a 3-part article in the power of a blog ( here  ).

Create my blog allowed me to :

  1. To know if I could find and keep my rhythm to write articles

  2. To know if I could share interesting things to create an audience

  3. To know if I could possibly monitize this blog with this audience

Once you have the idea, you need to test it as soon as possible to see what is happening on the field to collect feedback from the first customers and to know if you have an interesting business model or not. This test is excellent for eliminating a lot of uncertainty.

The cool thing about the Lean Startup method is that you’ll really start investing a lot of time, money and energy when you have your first customers who will help you improve your product/service.

Let things be clear, Lean Startup isn’t a magic formula, it’s necessary to act and start the process again, until you have a product/service that interest people.

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Break For Injuries

sport injury

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE and today I didn’t train. I will tell you why, because I feel pain to my left shoulder and my 2 knees. 6 day ago, it was my leg day and you know, I hurt my right knee during a martial art session. So I used lightweight to train my leg.

Since around 6 months, I felt pain to my shoulder (shoulder impingement) because of the dumbbell overhead shoulder press and dumbbell bench press. Since 1 months, I hurt my right knee in a martial art sparring, because I wanted to avoid a punch and my leg (my knee) was in a bad position. I had 2 injuries . I searched an alternative exercise for the dumbbell overhead shoulder press and dumbbell bench press to decrease the pain and I found out. I wrote 2 articles about it. Click here and there .

Too much injuries

sport injury

As it was a leg day, I decided to do front squat with lightweight to not hurt to much my right knee. After my front squat session, I did leg press with one leg. After my warm-up set, I felt a pain in my left knee, it was like if someone hit my left knee with a knife, I stopped my rep immediately. It was the first time I felt this pain and I didn’t like it. I tried to do an another rep to see the gravity of the pain and I stopped my leg day here.

I did the half of my leg day’s program and I thought it was a good idea to test the new way to do dumbbell bench press without pain. When I was walking with the dumbbell in my hands, I felt the pain in my left knee. I did this dumbbell bench press variant and I validate it.

Usually after my workout, I eat my meal (my post workout is solid food). While I was eating my meal, I thought it was the time to make a break. 3 injuries is too much for me and I decided quickly to make a break of 1 month to really recover, because since 2015 I train regularly 6-7 days per weeks and the longest break I make was 10 days. Yeah, 10 days. When I realized it, I thank God of Light for his gratitude. And you know what ? When I slept, I felt I a little pain in the middle of my back. It means to do my front squat, my body compensated the weakness of my right knee with others parts of my body to be able to execute the movement.

Special recovery

Now, it’s the 6th days and I continue to write article for my blog and I learned what kind of injuries I have and I want to learn deeper about sport injuries because I scare to become like Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie Coleman is the best bodybuilder for me, it’s because of him I started seriously to train like a bodybuilder when I was on the streets. And now, see this living legend who can’t walk without a crutch, it’s too sad.

I want to have the best athletic body I can until I die, I’m more focus about sport injuries. More I know about it and more I can avoid it. Every day I do my stretching session and I do 2 special movements to help my left shoulder to decrease the pain. I will see on 15th July, if my recovery session is effective.

It’s important not to take lightly the pain of your body. I know a lot of people who had pains a few years ago and they had to do some surgery. Now, they can’t use their capacity at 100%.

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Chi-Square Test With More Than 2 Categories

tableau chi square test

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

In this article, we will do a Chi-square test with more than 2 categories. We will use the A/B test « Country » which has 3 categories which corresponds to 3 countries : German, Spain and France. Select « Gender Actual » tab, make a copy with a right-click and select « Duplicate ».

tableau chi square test

Name the tab « Gender Actual (2) » by « Country Actual ».

tableau chi square test

In « Dimensions », move the variable « Geography » over « Gender » in « Columns » to replace « Gender » with « Geography ».

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

Here’s how to do an A/B statistical test when there are 3 categories. We’ll start with the classic method and then I’ll show you another way to do Chi-square test with any number of categories.

Let’s start with the classical method. In this case, there are 3 categories so we can’t use the online tool of the previous article. In the previous article we used an online tool with only 2 categories « Sample1 » and « Sample2 ». That’s why we’re going to use another online tool, click here  .

tableau chi square test

In this online tool, we can enter the values without using the total values. That is, we enter only the number of observations in each category. We simply need to enter the values that are on our A/B test. And I’m going to show you how to turn our A/B test into a table. In this way, it will be easier to enter the values in the online tool without making any mistakes.

Go to the « Show me » tool at the top right.

tableau chi square test

Click on « text tables »

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

Click on « Swap Rows ans Columns » button.

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

Cool, now you have a table arranged in exactly the same way as the online tool.

In the online tool, we will select 2 rows and 3 columns.

tableau chi square test

As we have 3 categories and 2 possible results, we enter our values exactly as in the table we just created on Tableau.

tableau chi square test

Perfect, our table is ready. You can click on the « Calculate » button.

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

As you can see, we observe the same thing as the other online tool. There is our indicator « p » value which is less than 5%. Which means there is a meaning.

tableau chi square test

This statistical significance means that these results are valid for the total number of the bank’s clients and not just for the sample of 10 000 clients. We observe similar differences with A/B test « Country » whose results are based solely on the sample of 10 000 clients. We can conclude that in the total number of the bank’s clients, it’s the clients in Germany who are more likely to leave the bank. This is how we do things cleanly.

You saw, this online tool limited by 5 by 5 tables so you can’t use this tool when you have 6 categories or more. But fortunately it’s possible to do Chi-square test with any number of categories. It’s a special method and for you to understand that, I’ll give you a theoretical explanation.

Here we have 3 countries : German, Spain and France.

tableau chi square test

What we’re trying to compare is the clients number leaving the bank in each of these countries.

tableau chi square test

With our basic A/B test based on a sample of 10 000 clients, we obtained 16% for France, 32% for Germany and 17% for Spain. Now the question is : « Do we observe the same results on the total clients number of the bank ? », it means : « In general, does the country have a significant effect on the clients number leaving bank ? ». Germany has the largest number of clients leaving the bank so the idea is : « Why would we need to compare the 3 countries at the same time ? ».

tableau chi square test

If we do an A/B test statistical test with Germany and France and we get a significant difference in the clients number leaving the bank between these 2 countries, then that would mean that in general, the country has a significant effect on the clients number who bank. Indeed, if we find by comparing Germany and France that the Germans are more likely to leave the bank than the French, we can consider that Spain will not change anything. Germans will always be more likely to leave the bank than the French. Maybe there will be a different relationship between Germany and Spain but there will always be a statistically significant difference between France and Germany with a larger number of clients leaving the bank in Germany than France.

Here is a way to confirm that this logic is true. There is a test and the participants of this test are German, Spanish and French. Imagine that this test was done without looking at what is happening in Spain. Now you get the result and you ask yourself the question : « Would the results changed if you added Spain ? ». The answer is « no » because there is no interdependence between Germany, Spain and France. That is, the decision to leave the bank in France and Germany doesn’t depend on Spain. And therefore, it’s quite correct to separate the categories by putting 1 aside to compare the 2 others. And as now we have 2 categories, we can do a Chi-square test with the online tool that we used in the previous article.

So let’s go back to our worksheet and put a country aside to compare only 2 countries. Select « Country » tab.

tableau chi square test

What we observe is that the difference between Spain and France is very small, so it wouldn’t be interesting to do a Chi-square test between Spain and France. It’s more interesting to do a Chi-square test between Germany and France and to prove that there is a statistically significant difference between these 2 countries. This will be enough to conclude that the country has a statistically significant impact on the clients number who leave the bank.

Selects « Country Actual » tab.

tableau chi square test

We will use the online tool of the previous article, click here  .

We will make a copy of « Country Actual » to have a bar chart with absolute values. Select « Country Actual », right-click and select « Duplicate ».

tableau chi square test

In « Show Me », select « horizontal bars ».

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

Removes « SUM (Number of Records )» from « Columns » and removes « Exited » and « Geography » from « Rows ».

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

In « Dimensions », move « Geography » in « Columns ».

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

In « Measures », move « Number of Records » to « Rows ».

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

In « Measures », move « SUM(Number of Records) » in « Label ».

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

In « Dimensions », move « Exited » in « Label ».

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

In « Dimensions », move « Exited » in « Colors ».

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

We also need total absolute values, which means the total number of men and women. There is a very fast way to get that. Right-click on the vertical axis and select « Add Reference Line ».

tableau chi square test

Then in « Value », click on the drop-down on the right and select « Sum » to have the total sum of the observations.

tableau chi square test

And in « Scope », you select « Per Cell » option to specify that you want the total sums for each category, male and female.

tableau chi square test

Now, we have the total sum at the top of the bars. We will modify labels to have the absolute values. In « Label », we will change « Computation » to « Value » and click on the « OK » button.

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

tableau chi square test

Here’s how to enter the data :

For « Sample1 » in #success, you enter 810 because there are 810 people who left the bank. For « Sample1 » in #trials, you enter 5014 because there are 5014 people in total.

For « Sample2 » in #success, you enter 814 because there are 814 people who left the bank. For « Sample2 » in #trials, you enter 2509 because there are 2509 people in total.

tableau chi square test

Here is the verdict : « Sample2 is more successful ». « Sample2 » corresponds to German’s clients and #success is :« yes, the client left the bank ». This verdict means that of all the clients from German are more likely to leave the bank than clients from France. And look, there is something important, it’s « p<0.001 ». This means that the « p » is strictly less than 0.001. As you can see, « p » value is very small, which concludes that the tests are statistically significant.

Ooh, there’s another thing I wanted to show you with the tab « age » with the 2 bar charts in parallel.

tableau chi square test

As you can see, there are many categories (more than 5) because each category corresponds to a 5-year ago group with clients of the bank aged from 15 to 90 years old. This is a lot of comparison but it would be a good exercise for you to find what are the 2 categories to compare that shows that there is a significant statistic difference.

I give you a hint, compare slices from 50 to 54 years old or from 35 to 39 years olds. In fact, you should compare all peer categories where you observe difference on this basic A/B test. Do a basic A/B test with absolutes values. Then do a Chi-square test to check if the difference is statistically significant, I mean, if the result is valid for the total number of bank’s clients.

This is a way to statistically validate the insights we see onTableau. You see, it’s not very difficult and it’s effective. Here is a way to find insights on Tableau and validate them.

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No Longer Being A Victim Of The Modern Slavery

modern slavery

What’s this is THE stephane ANDRE. I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Are you a victim of modern slavery ? If you have not yet asked the question, I will tell you the case of infopreneurs victims of modern slavery.

This is often what happens to people who create text, audio and video content on the internet. Imagine this case, a blogger decides to create his/her blog to build a community around a concept, idea or theme for weeks, months or years with free content. This blogger works hard to create free quality content and his/her audience grows little by little.

Fear of losing his/her community


fear of losing panic

After a few months or years of work, this blogger will propose something to his/her audience, it’s a paid product or a paid service. After all, all work has its merits. But for a minority of his/her community, it’s the scandal, people will make comments things like : « Actually, all you’ve done from the beginning was just to do business. You don’t care about your community, all you want is to make money, etc ».

At that moment, this minority who is scandalized by a paid product or a paid service, doesn’t realize that the message they say is : « Listen, we like you but all we want it’s that you work for us for free. We agree to continue reading your blog’s articles as long as your work for us for free until the end of your life ». The people who act like this are called supporter of slavery. But the craziest part of all this is that these people aren’t aware of this because they are not going to the end of their own reasoning. They react emotionally.

The problem is that we too often see infopreneurs let themselves be impressed by this. It’s normal to earn money to live with dignity, it’s legitimate to have this process because that is how a company works. The goal of infopreneurs is to create a company based on their passion. It’s important not to be negatively influenced by this small minority in the community.

So don’t let yourself be impressed by modern supporter of slavery. You must realize that people who complain are a tiny minority. The silent majority in your community find it normal and these people are motivated to buy your product or service. You know, the small minority who is never happy is always very noise.

You deserve that


you deserve it

And I have to explain something to you, it’s something you’ll only see when you sell a product or a service. There are people in your community who have been following you for months or years, and who buys what your offer simply to thank you for the good free content you have done so far.

When you have recognition like that, it’s priceless and you don’t worry more about the modern slavery’s supporters of the world. Live your passion by creating quality free and paid content because « all work has its merits » and if a person is not happy, you can share this article. It’s the same for an infopreneur who is afraid of losing a part of his/her community if he/she makes a paid product/service, share this article.

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Simple Tips To Boost Sales

boost sales

What’s ? This is THE stephane ANDRE ! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

The majority of entrepreneurs all make the same mistake and if you understand this mistake, you can have the advantage over them. This is because theses entrepreneurs are focused on acquiring new clients. For example an entrepreneur who want to increase the client base by 20% per year, he/she will say to himself/herself : « OK, I have to find 20% more new clients per year ». And you know what ? This reasoning is wrong.

I’ll explain why it’s wrong. In this reasoning, these entrepreneurs don’t take in account attrition. Attrition is the clients who no longer do business with the entrepreneur. Look, if an entrepreneur has an attrition of 10% per year, which means that 10% of the clients that the entrepreneur has convinced, stop using his/her products/services. Now, if this entrepreneur wants to increase the client base by 20% per year, he/she must actually find 30% more clients per year.

You see the problem. To improve the situation, it’s necessary to know the 3 category of clients who stop using your product or service (a client who leaves the company).

Category 1

problem solve

This the easier category to deduce, it’s the client who is not happy. This client liked your product/service for a while, something didn’t go well and this client decided to stop using your product/service. What is important to know is that these clients will leave and never buy a product/service in your company without ever explaining why. That’s why I recommend you to put a system to ask those client who leave, the reasons. You can ask this type of question : « Is there a problem ? If yes, can you describe it to us ? ».

Clients in this category leave your company because there was something wrong with the product/service and often these are things that are very easy to repair. It’s possible that these are legitimate problems that are easy to solve, in this case, repair it very quickly. You can use a sentence like : « Yes, it’s our fault and we solved the problem, sorry. To be forgiven, we give you a  ?_ ? % discount on the next product/service you buy. This is a simple way to win back some of those clients who would otherwise be gone forever.

Sometimes, you’ll have clients who want while paying as little as possible and who are never happy. In this case, let these clients go because your business is much better without these people.

Category 2

This is the category whose client situation evolved. This means that at some point in their lives these clients needed your product/service and today they’re in a different situation. It’s not that these clients don’t like you product/service anymore, it’s just that they no longer need to use it.

For example, you sell a product/service for pregnant women. Once women have given birth, they’re automatically no longer clients. It’s impossible to keep those clients. But if these clients were happy with the product/service, you can ask them : « OK, now that you no longer need to use our product/service, can you share our product/service with someone do you know and we will offer her a welcome gift, because this person comes because of you ? ».

In this type of industry, clients use a product/service for a limited time so this little trick make it easy to have new clients.

Category 3

forget omer simpson

This is the category of clients who used your product/service for a while and have forgotten you. It hurt your ego but we all have billions of things to do. We have already used a good product/service and after a while, forget it. For example, I have a Tumblr‘s account. 2 years ago, I often went on Tumblr and for 1 year, I stopped to use it. For my blog, I automated a process to share a link of each article I publish on my blog to Tumblr. 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed on one of my emails that there were several new people everyday following me on my Tumblr account. Seeing this , I decided to use Tumblr more often.

Sometimes these are cases where you used a product/service for a while and for 1 year, you no longer use this product/service. Once, by chance, you see the ads of a competitor and you will buy from the competitor. You have completely forgotten that there are 1-2 years ago, you used a product/service that did the same thing.

For clients in this category, it’s necessary that you identify them to recontact them as soon as possible by offering them a gift (a discount, an invitation to an event, etc).


By focusing on these 3 clients categories and by setting up actions that I shared with you, you’ll be able to decrease your company’s attrition. With that you’ll have an advantage over your competitors who focus only on having new clients.

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