Stop To Be Shredded Everytime

black shredded athlete

black shredded athlete

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Spring is here and I see that everyone wants to be shredded to show off this summer. I think it’s interesting to explain the difference between be shredded or cutting phase and losing weight.

Be shredded or cutting phase comes from the bodybuilding’s field. After taking muscle mass, be shredded allows to show your muscles striated in detail.

People confuse be shredded or cutting phase and a loss of weight. When you do a good weight loss, you lose water and fat without losing muscle mass and bone mass. When you’re shredded or cutting phase, you lower your bodyfat to 5% to see your muscles in detail as a bodybuilder competing.

Please, women and girls, stop saying that you are shredded or cutting phase. Naturally you have more fat than men and that’s normal because it’s to feed the baby when you will be pregnant. Your body programmed for that and that’s normal. For a woman or a girl to be shredded, it’s necessary to take steroids like women who participate in bodybuilding competitions. A clean weight loss is excellent and sufficient for toning and having a beautiful body.

Let’s talk about weight loss. There are plenty of stupid draconian weight loss programs. These programs cause loss of muscle mass, loss of bone mass, slow down metabolism and create health problems. I wrote 2 articles about it, click here  and there for Part 1  and Part 2 .


body under construction

I agree with this point of view and I think it’s necessary to be patient before be shredded or cutting phase. Wait 5 years before doing your first cutting phase. Make a clean mass gain for 5 years. Jamcore DZ waited 7 years before to participate in his 1st competition. At the 2nd competition, he felt like he was flat net to his competitors. He waited 3 years before participate in his 3rd competition. 10 years to gain muscle clean with a healthy nutrition to have nice muscle mass when he’s shredded.

So wait at least 5 years to have a healty muscle mass gain before to be shredded or cutting phase. Maybe you find that long but see the reasons :

  • 1st reason : Learn and understand how your body works.

  • 2nd reason : Learn the art of patience. You’re going to have trouble but all the best things are hard to get. You will realize each summer with your friends who will show off but your friends are flat. They believe that they have muscle mass but in fact they’re thin and dry and you arrive and BOOOOM !

  • 3rd reason : After 5 years when you’re shredded, it will encourage you for the next cutting phase. You know that you have to rest your body for several years by gaining muscles in a healthy way to have a better body for the next time. I know that there are people who want to be shredded after 2 years but the results are poor : less experience and more muscle loss because there aren’t enough muscles that was built so a small muscle mass visible. Me, the first time I was shredded, I was disgusted, I felt flat because I had a small muscle mass visible.

    It’s depressing and most people when they’re in this situation, they think to take steroids to show off with pictures on social media. This is happening right now on social media.

  • 4th reason : The more you’re shredded, the more you will regress because you lose more and more muscles. When you’re shredded, you lose some of your muscles, this is the process. So if you do this every years or every 6 months, you lose each time a part of the muscles that you have built.

The most common question

ask question

To start, people who tell you that you can do this all your life are liars. When you start training, you do something new to your body several times a week. It’s like a romantic relationship with a girl. It’s beautiful and after 6 months, she starts to piss you off, you start to piss her off and after you breakup. For muscle mass, it’s the same principle. At first you’ll build muscles and you’ll change your composition’s body, it’s normal.

After a while (2-3 years), your body starts to adapt and you stagnate. That’s when you’re looking for a training system that suits you, you focus on muscle isolation during an exercise, you improve your recovery and you evolve slowly. Gaining healthy muscle takes time and you have to accept it.

At the beginning of your training, you’ll lose fat and water and gain muscle at the same time for 2-3 years and then you’ll stagnate. Most of people who gain muscle get fat because they eat too much and don’t do cardio. Cardio all year is important to help control your weight. When I say doing cardio, it means doing cardio at a middle level, not cardio at a high level to be shredded. Doing cardio while you’re gaining muscle helps you progress because you keep a metabolism that works.

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Back To The Source Of Equipment (Part 1)

source water rhone

I read a Nerd Fitness articles  and I learned good stuff.

When I began, I went is a small gym at Sous-Moulin . It was a gym in sport center for volleyball, basketball, soccer players. There were only machines (because people stole dumbbells) and when we were 10 people, the gym was full.

2 years later, I went in a real gym. I’ll not lie to you the first time I was alone and I was afraid to the free weight section because I was afraid of hurting myself. But I had so much desire to have the 50 Cent’s body that I watched several times exercice’s video on Youtube and I did it.

On internet, there is a lot of excellent video that explain how to do squat, deadlift, etc. I downloaded videos of my workout program on my smartphone to heard instructions in the gym to do it right. It’s funny, I still have these videos on my smartphone and on my Cloud.

Now I feel good in a gym, I share with you gym’s basic principles and equipment that you’ll see most often. You’ll not have a loser’s head like me the first time.

Gyms filled to the maximum of equipment but you don’t need to use all of them to do an effective strength training. I’ll talk to you about basic equipment.

First time

first time

It’s easy to lose your mind the first time when you go in a gym. There is a lot of things and everyone seems to know what to do.

The most of gyms have :

  • Cardio zone (treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, etc)

  • Free weight zone

  • Group fitness room

  • Locker rooms

There are gyms that have pool, sauna, jacuzzi but it depends.

The fist time you go in a gym, it’s normal to ask for a visit. It’s important to do it because even if you’re used to gyms, you don’t know where are equipements you want to use. It would be a shame if you miss something. I don’t really remember but it was 6 months that I was in a gym and I discovered by chance, hidden in a corner, a machine to work calves.

Free Weight

free wieghts gym

During the visit you’ll see a lot of equipements. Personally I find that the gym’s staff concentrates enormously on machines and cardio during visits. It’s a shame because it’s the least interesting part. Let’s go to the free weight zone.

Barbells can have a size from 1.2m to 2.4m (4’-8 feet) long and a diameter from 25mm – 51mm (0.98’’ – 2’’).

Olympic bar

olympic bar

It’s the standard training barbell (Olympic men’s barbell). This bar is 2.2m (7.2 ft) long and weight 20kg (45lbs). The Olympic bar has bearings that make it spin nicely to help assist the Olympic lift, snatch and the clean and jerk.

There are also gyms that have « woman bar » is 2.1m (6.9 ft) long and weight 15kg (33lbs). There is also smaller bar to lift weight between 4.5kg – 13.6kg (10lbs – 30lbs).

Fixed weight bars

fixed weights bar

This is a small barbell with weights already fixed on it. They’re usually located next to dumbbells.



There are several dumbbell’s design but it’s just for the style. Weights are from 0.45kg to 90kg (1lbs – 200lbs).

Ez-Curl bars

ez-curls bar

This bar is special because it is short and it has « W » form. This bar is only use for curls. I use this bar to do curls because with a normal bar, I have wrist pain, it’s my morphology (read this article). So if you hurt when you do curls with a normal bar, use that one.

Trap bar

trap bar

You can also name this bar « hex bar ». This bar has a hexagonal shape and allows you to be in the middle to lift weights with a neutral grip. This bar allows you to do deadlift and shrugs but it’s not an indispensable bar. Olympic bar is indispensable.

Safety squat bar, Cambered bars, Apollon’s axe, Strongman logs (and others)

safety squat bar cambered bars strongman logs

Theses bars aren’t necessary but it doesn’t mean that it’s useless to use them from time to time. If the gym specialized for Powerlifting, you’ll find these bars.

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P.S. To read Part 2, click here.

From Exercise Machines To Free Weights

machine free weights

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

Very often in gym’s advertisements, we watch a lot of high-tech machines to do exercises and the free weight zone is a small hidden room.

What I see in my gym, it’s people start their training with a little bit cardio and they use machines. They do this because it’s easier and this look more secure. Unfortunately, this is not the reality. The Matrix trap us with these machines.

Attention : If you have a medical prescription or you need to use machines for a special reason, continue to follow your training program prescribed by your doctor or physiotherapist.



The truth is that machines force muscles and joints to make movements that aren’t natural.

Machines force your body to move weights in a single pattern (up – down or left – right). Our bodies naturally don’t move like it, this is the problem. Movements or our bodies aren’t straight lines, it’s rather « S ». The result is that machines develop our muscles in a way that isn’t balanced and they endanger our joints and spine.

Like you can see, machines don’t put your body in safety and in addition, they don’t work your stabilizing muscles. Don’t work stabilizing muscles is very bad for everyday activities.

When you bent forward to take something on the floor, you body use a dozen and a dozen muscles at the same time. But since you no longer work your stabilizing muscles because of machines, your muscles don’t know how to work together so your body uses a muscle.

Study case

« Smith Machine » is famous to do squat in safety so it protects your back. Lie ! This machine is perfect to destroy your back and compressed your spine because this machine force your body to move only up and down. The real squat allow to do the fundamental movement and when you do it, you notice that your body doesn’t do a straight line from up to down. With the real squat you do a natural movement.

Do exercise with weight or with bodyweight is more efficient to burn calories than machines.

Full body

full body

All exercises classified in 2 categories : pull and push

I remember, I did a full body training program for 1 year before lift weight. This is what my Taekwondo’s teacher advised me and he was right (wow, Korean wisdom). A full body training program, 3 times per week is more efficient than a machines training program, 5-6 times per week for beginners. If you want to train more, you can do Tai-Chi or walking during rest days.

Full body is important

With full body, you learn to each body’s muscle to work together, you synchronize you body. This is allow you to be healthy, avoid using too much a muscle and avoid injury due to a weak stabilizing muscle. To maximize your body, eat healthy and you’ll burn more fat, build muscle and build a body of which you’re proud.

What is great with a full body training program, it’s when you skip a training day, it doesn’t matter. You’ll not have certain muscle more developed than any others because each training session work all body’s muscles

Bodyweight (full body)

bodyweight training

Mastering basics movements with bodyweight is perfect to prepare you for a training with weights.

It’s primitive movements therefore natural that allow you to become stronger without material.

The best example are gymnasts. Look gymnasts body, it’s amazing, impressive and the majority of their training are with bodyweight exercises.

Basic exercises

  • Push = push up, dips, handstands

  • Pull = pull up, body rows

  • Legs = bodyweight squat, pistols squats, lunges, box jumps

For each exercise, you do 2-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

No it’s too simple  ! => Do this training program and if it’s too easy, increase the difficulty. You can do push up with one hand or pull up with one hand (like my friend Inti). You can also add more set ou repetition.

No it’s too difficult => Do this training program and if it’s too difficult, decrease the difficulty. You can do sets of 3 repetitions. The principle is you progress to do 4 sets of 10 repetitions. Take your time but be regular.

No I want abs => When you do squat, push up and pull up, you keep your core tight and by this way you work your abs. But if you want to do an exercise specially for abs, you can to plank and side plank.

Strength training (full body)

strength training

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, dumbbells and barbells are your friends.

Basic exercise

  • Push = Bench press, Overhead Press

  • Pull = Deadlift, Bent Over Row

  • Legs = Squat, Deadlift

For each exercise, you do 2-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

No I don’t like squat => Do you think squat is an useless exercise ? I advise you to read the book of Mark Rippetoe. If you seriously want to train, this book is for you !

No I afraid of weights => Don’t panic. Most people in free weights section are too busy to look at themselves in the mirror, they will not look at you. You can use a barbell or dumbbells for each exercise to improve your pure strength. I advise you dumbbells.

No I’m afraid of being ridiculous => Everybody don’t care if you life a dumbbell of 4kg (8.8lbs) or you squat 181kg (400lbs) because everybody struggle to do their training program. Forget people, stay focus and do you training program until the end.

But if I do bad => At the beginning use light weight to do movements with the good form, the good technique. When you’ll stronger, you’ll can add weight slowly each week to reach your limit. You can hire a personal trainer for 1-2 sessions to learn and improve basic exercises techniques or form.

No I want only lose weight => It’s simple, you do basic exercises and you eat less. The training is the same for lose weight or gain muscle. It’s diet that make the difference ! It’s a science :

  • Eat more calories than you burn = gain weight

  • Eat less calories than you burn = lose weight

Your physical condition, it’s 80 % diet and 20 % training. If you want bulk, you need to have a specific diet to do this.

Track and adjust slowly your training program and your diet to see your progress.

No matter what you do, don’t be afraid of the free weight zone. Remember than 90 % of people inside are focus to do their exercises by looking in the mirror therefore don’t worry. Do your exercices, become better and become stronger.

What do you feel when you train with free weights ?


P90X, Insanity, Weight Watchers, Shakology And Nutrisystem (part 1)

diet plan

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

There is more than 1 million fitness product and diet system. This is what I think of certain.

P90X et Insanity


P90X and Insanity are the most successful fitness infocommercial in history. A program you can do at home and it’s a routine focus on strength training instead cardio.


P90X and Insanity are solid program if you have time, energy and willpower. If you like feel so tires that you could die after a training session, it’s for you It’s DVD with intruction step by step to follow during 90 days. Do a strength training increase more self-confidence faster than cardio.


P90X works because you must do a training of 60-90 minutes, 6 days per week and you must also change your diet to respect the program.

To do this program you must be commited at 100 % especially for the time. For people who don’t have the time to do this program everydays, it’s easy to miss 1 or 2 session and give up. I don’t like feel so tired that I could die after a training session, it’s also for the same reason I don’t do crossfit.

This program during 90 days with DVDs and what’s happen after these 90 days ? A lot of people had a great transformation during these 90 days but after they regain weights they lost.

It’s a program during 90 days with DVD, what’s happen after 90 days ? A lot of people after had a better body started doing what they were doing before. No more DVD, nobody to motivate by shouting at them. This program don’t resolve the problem at the root. This program don’t create healthy habits.

I prefer feeling tired and happy after a training session instead to be so tired I could die.

Weight Watchers

weight watchers

Each type of foods have a number of points. You have un number of points to respect in the day. As long you stay your total of points, you should lose weights.

Now Weight Watchers have a part online and another part with people where you will weigh regulary and see people who will help you to respect your number of points.


The part to count points is a great idea and I think is the reason of Weigh Watchers success. When you’re surounded by people with the same goal to have a better health, it’s very motivating to reach your goal.

The feeding process is simple.


The new version of points system. This update match with the old conventional wisdom « Whole grains are good, fats are bad ». Pizzas have points ? It’s weird for me.

The points system factors is little for the quality of foods. They prefer that you eat pastas or processed foods inteads real foods. Something like steak, vegetables or eggs. In addition they sell some processed foods labeled « health » packed with sugar and preservatives. Of course Weight Watchers foods have « nice » points.

You can become dependent on the points system. Each meal is a mental calculation to respect the day’s total points. At the end of the day, often, people have « extra » points and to reach the day’s total points, they eat unhealthy foods, «  I have the points anyway ! ».

Focus on weight loss. It’s real, you can loss weigth eating unhealthy foods and Weigth Watchers leader understood this very well. It’s dangerous because people look healthy outside but they’re unhealthy inside, internal organs are severly damaged.

Follow a outdated points system and sponsored by unhealthy foods aren’t a long term solution. The points system is good but there no education about foods and ingredients.



You receive foods at home. Then in microwave, you eat it and you lose weight.

Lose weights and continue to eat the foods you like ? It’s weird for me.


Nutisystem’s system is simple. You receive your meals at home, you put them is your freezer and heat them for each meals and you lose weights. Following the plan exactly you should eat less calories that before. Eat less unhealty foods than usual is a way to lose weight with success in the short term.


You think you will be more healthy by eating muffins, pankakes, etc ? You’re wrong !

Nutrisystem has been created to people who want some results without efforts to build some new « healthy » habits. These foods are all weak substituts for real food equivalent.

I prefer take care of me 90 % of the time and eat a real cookie ou have a real pizza one time per week instead to eat bad imitations everydays and pretend I’m healthy.

Like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem match with the conventional wisdom « Whole gains is good, fat is bad, avoid cholesterol ». It’s better to just eat « real foods » !

Like Weight Watchers, food education is minimal. A little healthy habit is build but nothing for the after Nutrisystem. Because is so simple, people forget everything during vacation or they can’t pay for the foods receive at home

Comme Weight Watchers, l’éducation sur les aliments est minimum, une petit habitude saine est constuite mais aucune préparation pour la vie après Nutrisystem. This system works only for the short term.

Yes, you can lose weight by eating less, but these meals aren’t healthy. Do they give you the energy you need to feel good ? Nutrisystem is good because it’s simple but poor quality of foods, lack of education and dependence on an unsanitary and unsustainable food system. They can do better.

Did you have some experiences with others programs or diet system ?


P.S : Do you want a free training program ? Click here 

Teenager Training (Part 3)

teenagers training

Session 2 of training for teenage (boy or girl) from JamCore DZ’s videos . This is what I want to share this with you.

You’re a teenager (boy or girl) and you want to have a better body. Here you will learn what you need to achieve this. First thing : Stop eating sugar, it kills you slowly.

In this Session 2, we will use 2 large water’s bottles (1.5l / 0.40gal). This is not a heavy weight but strong enough to prepare you to lift with much heavier.

water bottle

Sorry I didn’t find exercice’s picture with water bottle, I only found exercice’s picture with dumbbell.

Session 2

Rowing with water bottles

dumbbell rowing

Train back

You stand up, upper body bent at 45°, your arms are extended with a water bottle in each hand and you pull the bottles by contracting the upper back. The movement is done slowly.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions

Lateral raise with water bottle

lateral raises

Train shoulders

You stand up, chest high up without shoulders, your arms are extended with a water’s bottle in each hand. You raise your arms straight up to shoulder height. The movement is done slowly.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions

Curl with water bottles

dumbell curls

Train biceps

You stand up, arms outstretched with a water bottle in each hand. You bend your arm until the bottles touch your chest. The movement is done slowly.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions

Lateral squat

lateral squat

Train legs

It’s like squat in Session 1 except that in this version, you start with feet close and you take a step to the side to do a squat. Then you come back to the starting position with feet together. You take a step to the left and a step to the right. The movement is done slowly.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions



Train core

Your elbows on the ground are in line with your shoulders. You pull your stomach and you stay stable.

This exercise allows you to have excellent posture to improve your self-confidence, everyday of your life.

Do 2-3 sets of 30-120 seconds

Legs raise

knee raises

Train abs

You put yourself on the floor and bring your legs to your chest slowly without your feet touch the floor. For teens who have weight problems, do the most of repetitions, no excuse.

Do 2-3 sets of 15-30 repetitions

Exemple of a week :

Monday: Session 1

Tuesday: Cardio

Thursday: Session 2

Monday: Cardio

Be very careful about your diet to get results. If you eat crap, you’re gonna look like crap. If you eat well, you’ll have a beautiful body.

In the next article, the last part, Session 3.


Entraînement Adolescent (Partie 3)

teenagers training

La Session 2 de l’entraînement pour adolescent, garçon ou fille, des vidéos de JamCore DZ . C’est ce que j’ai envie de partager ça avec toi.

Tu es un adolescent (garçon ou fille) et tu veux avoir un meilleur corps. Ici tu vas apprendre ce qu’il faut pour atteindre cet objectif. Première chose : Arrête de manger du sucre, ça te tue lentement.

Dans cette Session 2, nous allons utiliser 2 grandes bouteilles d’eau (1,5l / 0.40gal). Ce n’est pas un poids très lourd mais c’est une résistance suffisante pour te préparer à un entraînement avec de beaucoup plus lourd.

water bottle

Désolé, je n’ai pas trouvé d’images d’exercice avec des bouteilles d’eau donc j’ai choisi des images d’exercice avec des haltères.

Session 2

Rowing avec les bouteilles d’eau

dumbbell rowing

Entraîne le dos

Tu te mets debout, le haut du corps penché à 45°, tes bras sont tendus avec une bouteille d’eau dans chaque main et tu tires les bouteille en contractant le haut du dos. Le mouvement est à faire lentement.

Fait 2-3 séries de 10-12 répétitions

Elévation latérale les bouteilles d’eau

lateral raises

Entraîne les épaule

Tu te mets debout, poitrine haute sans remonter les épaules, tes bras sont tendus avec dans chaque main une bouteille d’eau. Tu lèves tes bras tendus jusqu’à la hauteur des épaule. Le mouvement est à faire lentement.

Fait 2-3 séries de 10-12 répétitions

Curl avec les bouteilles d’eau

dumbell curls

Entraîne biceps

Tu te mets debout, les bras tendus avec une bouteille d’eau dans chaque main. Tu plie ton bras pour faire remonter la bouteille jusqu’à ta poitrine. Le mouvement est à faire lentement.

Fait 2-3 séries de 10-12 répétitions

Squat latérale

lateral squat

Entraîne jambes

C’est comme le squat de la Session 1 sauf que dans cette version, tu commences avec les pieds joints et tu fais un pas sur le côté pour faire un squat. Ensuite tu reviens à la position de départ avec les pieds joints. Tu fais un pas à gauche et un pas à droite. Le mouvement est à faire lentement.

Fait 2-3 séries de 10-12 répétions



Entraîne gainage

Tes coudes sur le sol sont en ligne avec tes épaules. Tu fais rentrer le ventre et tu reste stable.

Cette exercice te permet d’avoir une excellente posture pour améliorer ta confiance en toi dans la vie de tous les jours.

Fait 2-3 séries de 30-120 secondes

Relevé de jambes

knee raises

Entraîne les abdos

Ramène tes jambes vers ta poitrine doucement. Pour les adolescents qui ont des problèmes de poids, il faut faire le maximum de répétions, pas d’excuse.

Fait 2-3 séries de 15-30 répétions

Exemple d’une semaine:

Lundi : Session 1

Mardi : Cardio

Mercredi : Session 2

Jeudi : Cardio

Fait très attention à ton alimentation pour avoir des résultats. Si tu mange de la merde, tu vas ressembler à de la merde. Si tu manges bien, tu vas avoir un beau corps.

Dans le prochain article, la dernière partie la Session 3.


Teenager’s training (Part 2)

teenager training

Part 2 of JamCore DZ’s videos  about teenagers training. This is what I share with you today.

After talking about nutrition, let’s talk about training. This is a bodyweight training, no need weights. Do this training 2-4 times per week. Your aim is to focus on the good quality of exercises execution to develop yourself physically. That’s workout can be done from 11 years old.

Each session have 6 exercises that target every muscle of your body (full body). Learn the good position and execute the movement really well avoids injuries during all the years of training and implement nutrition tips from Part 1 will really help you evolve well.

The problem of people who learn bad an exercice is that they will have all time injuries and that is why people fail to make progress.

Session 1

Exercise 1 : Pull-up

Train back

pull-up chair

To do this exercise you need a bar. In stores you can buy bars that you can fix on your bedroom door. When you begin this exercise, you’re a little weak and that’s normal. Now that you have the goal of having a better body, you will do everything to have it. If there are students who mock you, ignore them, soon you’ll show them that you can have a better physique. It’s sad to experience situations like that but shows them that you can do it.

Once you have installed the bar using a bench or chair to put the tip of your feet on it. Hold on to the bar, bend your legs and put the tips of your feet on the chair and doing the movement so that your chin above the bar. Chair or bench allows you to control the movement.

Do 2-3 sets of 4-10 repetitions.

Over time when you have mastered the movement, you will do pull-up without a chair or s bench. Warning ! The quality of movement’s execution is more important than the repetitions number .

Exercise 2 : Push-up

Train chest, triceps, shoulders and back


push-up with knees

Most people don’t do pumps properly because they always want to do more reps, « How many push-up do you do ? ». True push-up is with stretched legs, back straight, you pull your stomachy and your face is almost touching the ground with each repetition.

If you have a weight problem, you do them with your knees on the floor until you’ve lost weight to do them with stretched legs. Anyone can do push-ups, there’s no excuses.

Do 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Exercise 3 : Squat

Train legs

bodyweight squat

bodyweight squat

You going to do bodyweight squat to properly learn the movement because you’re going to evolve in your training and later you gonna do squat with weights. And as you will know well how to do the move, you will not wound by the squat with weight.

Be standing with your feet to your shoulder’s width. There are 2 methods to help you to keep your back straight when you go down :

  • Hands behind head

  • Arms outstretched in front of you

When you go down, you do like you’re going to sit down on a chair until your thighs are parallel to the ground and you go up. Did the exercise slowly. When you go down down put all the weight on your heels and your knees are in the same direction as the tip of your feet.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Exercise 4 : abs


Everyone loves abs but beware, abs don’t come in 24 hours, it takes time. You’ll do the classic crunch. No need to lift your whole back of the ground to touch your knees. Exhale during the muscle’s contractions, look at the ceiling and doesn’t pull on your head because it’s bad for your neck.

Do 2-3 sets of 15-30 repetitions.

Exercise 5: Mountain Climber

mountain climber

It’s a biometric exercise with a little cardio. The starting position is the push-up position. Hands at the shoulder’s width and you pull your stomach. Now, you run in this position without knees touch the ground.

Do 2-3 sets of 20-40 repetitions.

Exercise 6 : Dips

Train triceps

dips with chair

Use a bench or chair.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

This Session 1 is to do 2 times per week. If you want to do more, 4 times per week is the maximum.

When you find that Session 1 is too easy, which means you’re doing the Session 1 and at the end you’re not really tired, you can do the Session 2.