Infopreneur And Service Provider

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I heard Olivier Roland’s tips and I learned some good stuff.

A personal trainer who is in the gym where I’m training ask me how to give courses online. But when he asked me this question, I noticed that he didn’t believe it or maybe it wouldn’t work with him. In the personal trainer business, there is part that is an intellectual service. What I mean is that there is a part of this job, which is to give people advice so they can improve.

All the skills that give advice can be turned into a product (information product). There is a huge challenge for personal trainers and service providers who trade their time for money. How to make more money (because there is a lot of competition) while a person can’t be in several places at the same time physically ?

Advice online

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The trick is that instead of explaining the same thing to someone 1000 times, you write a book/ebook, you makes videos or your do an online training program. With these supports, it allows you to save time on repetitive tasks and automate a part of your income.

Some might think that this method doesn’t work with all types of service providers, but with the technologies evolution, it’s changing. We find online training program for salsa, golf, guitar, boxing, mma, auto mechanics, plumber, etc. do some research on Google or DuckDuckGo and see.

For example, you want to learn boxing. Traditionally, you have to go to a boxing club to learn and improve your technique with sparring. But you learn that there is an online boxing training program from Floyd Mayweather. In this training program, Floyd Mayweather shares his best tips and techniques to improves your boxing performance. Are you participating in this online training program or not? I think so, especially if you’re passionate about boxing.

If you have the budget to participate in Floyd Mayweather’s online boxing training program, you’ll be very motivated to do so. Even if Floyd isn’t near you to correct your technique, he has clearly good tips to share with your to improve your performance and your boxing technique.

This is why it’s important not to put barriers to explore new things, to put in place innovative projects because it’s doing things that we learn what works and what doesn’t work.

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Entrepreneurship And Personal Development

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I heard Olivier Roland’s tips and I learned some good stuff.

Entrepreneurship and personal development are 2 related elements. To start, I think it’s necessary to define “personal development” because there is everything and anything. Personal development means self-development. Self-development means getting better. It’s important to clarify this definition because the majority of people (and also the majority of my family members) think that personal development is a scam.

Personal development

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What I understand is that these people are talking about companies in the personal development industry. And yes, as in all industries, there are scammers but the difference with personal development is that we buy not a product or service but training. And to know if a training is effective it takes several months. But I repeat again in every industry, there are scammers and there are excellent personal development companies. Now, we agree that personal development is about getting better.


entrepreneurship word cloud concept isolated on white

For a company, a company must always improve its products or services to satisfy clients. As you can see, the word « improve » is common to both. Entrepreneurship is something that takes you out of the comforts zone and asks you to be bold. It’s something that many people dream of doing but don’t dare to do.

Entrepreneurship is something that involves risks and even significant risks such as no longer having money, going bankrupt, being the laughingstock at by your family or co-workers who have stayed in their jobs and who tell you : « You see, I told you ! », etc.

The problem with entrepreneurship is that we can’t learn to be an entrepreneur at school. I know there are good schools that teach a lot of things, but it’s only in the field that we learn. And with high tech, everything is changing very quickly and schools don’t have time to create a course on a specific topic because on the field it has already changed.

Same common point

When you decide to be an entrepreneur and start a company, you need to improve yourself and learn new things to grow your company. My opinion is that entrepreneurship is a great way to become a better version of yourself.

Entrepreneurship and personal development are linked because of the verb « to improve ». There is also another way to improve yourself in life. We’re experiencing difficult problems that make us move out of our comfort zone and evolve. But the problems always happen by surprise (like my dad today with his early Alzheimer) while the entrepreneurship, it’s us who decide to make this process, it’s intentional. And because it’s intentional, this process allows us to improve yourself, to improve the lives of loved ones and improve the world.

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A Pratical Tip To Validate Your Approach

data science tableau check

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

How was the A/B test « Number Of Product » ? Easy or difficult ?

Here is the result I found.

data science tableau check bar chart

I think you noticed there was something bizarre. There is an anomaly. We imagine that the more the client has products, the more the client is satisfied with the bank so this type of clients should stay in the bank.

In the first 2 bars we can see that a client who has 1 product is more likely to leave the bank than a client who has 2 products. But when a client has 3 or 4 products, we see a huge rate of clients leaving the bank.

Look, there is a little bizarre detail. In the 2nd bar, we can’t see the « Exited » label. This is because there is no place in the orange part to put the text. To make it simpler, we’ll remove the label « Exited ». Drag and drop on the « Exited » text label to the outside.

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

Perfect, we can read the percentages. On the 1st bar, we can see that among the client that have 1 products, 28% left the bank. On the 2nd bar, we can see that among clients who have 2 products, 8% left the bank. This show us that clients who have 1 products are more likely to leave the bank than clients with 2 products.

And for the next bars, we observe an anomaly. On the 3rd bar, we can see that among the clients who have 3 products, 83% left the bank. On the 4th bar, we can see that among clients who have 4 products, 100% left the bank. We clearly see that there is a problem and we need to do a deeper analysis to understand what is going on .

As a Data Scientist, we need to explain what happens in bars 3 and 4. Usually when a client has 3 or 4 banking products, that means he/she is satisfied and is loyal to the bank. But in our case, it’s the opposite because there is a high rate of client who left the bank. This is the time to do deeper analysis.

The first thing to analyze is the quality of the data. There is a very big anomaly and it may be because there is something insignificant in our data that disturbs the statistics. For example, it’s possible that when the bank selected these clients in this sample, there were very few clients with 4 products and all those clients with 4 products left the bank. Sometimes chance can create anomalies and you have to play attention to these effects of chance because they don’t seem important but they can create false interpretations.

To start, we will check the number of clients with 4 products.

In « Measure », move « Number Of Records » (which gives the number of observations) on « Label ».

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

We observe on the first 2 bars than many clients with 1 or 2 products selected for our sample. For clients with 3 or 4 products, we can see that there were fewer clients selected for our sample.

There are 220 clients with 3 products and 60 clients with 4 products. These small number of clients probably explain why we observe these anomalies.

In this sample of randomly selected clients, there are very few clients with 4 products and they all left the bank. In this situation, we can confirm that it’s a chance. When thing like that happen, you have to be very careful not to make conclusion too fast and make misinterpretations.

The conclusion is that a lot of clients have been selected for category 1 and 2. For category 3 and 4, there have been few clients selected so we can’t do accurate statistics. We need to do deeper analyze for these categories of clients with 3 and 4 products.

Now, let’s put the percentage back on the bar chart. Click on the « Back » button.


data science tableau check bar chart

Or do a click and drag of « SUM(Number of Record) » to outside.

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

We saw that there is an anomaly and what is interesting to do is to have a comment to remember to do a more in-depth analysis of columns 3 and 4.

Right-click between the bar chart’s title and the bars. Select « Annotate » then « Areas… ».

data science tableau check bar chart

A window appears. In this window, you write « Low observation in last 2 categories » and click on the « OK » button.

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

Click on the comment and move it on bars 3 and 4.

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

The next time you work on this bar chart, you will see this comment that will remind you to seriously analyze client who have 3 and 4 products.

Validate our approach

It’s time to show you how to validate an approach and how to validate the data. For this we will create a new A/B test.

Duplicate this worksheet with a right-click on the « NumberOfProducts » tab and select « Duplicate ».

data science tableau check bar chart

And rename the tab « Validation ».

data science tableau check bar chart

For this tab, we will erase the comment. Select the comment and press the « Delete » button on your keyboard.

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

Everything is ready, the idea is to find a variable that doesn’t affect our results. That is a variable that has no impact on a client’s decision to leave or stay in the bank.

Take for example, the variable « Customer Id ». Client’s identification number has no influence on the client’s decision to stay or leave the bank.

We’ll do an A/B test with the last digit of the « Customer Id » and we’ill check that there is the same clients proportion who leave the bank in the 10 categories of the last digit of the « Customer Id ». The 10 categories are the numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

Let’s g.To start, we will create the variable that contains the last digit of the « Customer Id ». To have this variable, we will create a « Calculated Field ».

Right-click on « Customer Id », select « Create » and click on « Calculated Field ».

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

Name the calculated field « LastDigitOfCustID ». In the text field, we use the « RIGHT » function with « Customer Id » in parenthesis to select the last character of the « Customer Id ». In our case, the last character of the « Customer Id » is the last digit.

Here is the code to write in the text field : Right ({Customer Id},1)

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

Oooops, you see there is a small mistake => The calculation contains errors.

There is an error in the formula because « Customer Id » is a number variable and the « RIGHT » function applies to a variable of type « STRING ».

To use the « RIGHT » function, we will convert « Customer Id » into a string. We will use the « STR » function with « Customer Id » in parenthesis.

Here is the code to write in the text field

And click on the « OK » button : Right (STR({Customer Id}),1).

data science tableau check bar chart

Now, you can see that our calculated field « LastDigitOfCustID » is in « Dimensions ».

Click on « LastDigitOfCustID » and move it on top of « NumOfProducts » in « Columns ».

data science tableau check bar chart

data science tableau check bar chart

Now we have a new bar chart and we see that for every last digit of the « Customer Id » there is about the same proportion of clients leaving the bank. All these proportions don’t correspond exactly to the average of 20% but these slight variations aren’t important.

Seeing this uniform distribution allows us to validate our data because these data are homogenous.


Here’s how you can check the homogeneity of your data. You take a variable that has no impact on the fact that a client leaves or stays in the bank. The example we did with the last digit of the « Customer Id » is excellent. We were able to verify that in each of the categories taken by this variable, if there was the same proportion of clients leaving the bank. As is the case, we can validate our data.

Imagine another result. When we do the test with the last digit of the « Customer Id », we observe that for one of the numbers, the rate of clients who left is really higher than the average. This shows us that there is a problem in our data because it indicates an anomaly.

You can find other ways to verify your data by using other « insignificant variables » to see if the distribution is homogeneous. But be careful when you select an « insignificant variable » because there may be traps.

Here is an example. If you create a variable that takes the first letter of the first name, the distribution will not be homogeneous. The reason is simple, there are many more people who have a name that starts with the letter « M » than with the letter « Y ».

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Schools To Be An Entrepreneur


I watched an Oliver Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

There are schools with specific courses about entrepreneurship. But several studies show that only 10% of students create their own companies. The vast majority go looking for a job.

It’s possible that these students create their own companies 5 or 10 years later but these are statistics that are hard to get.

It’s possible that these students start their company 5 or 10 years later, but these statistics are hard to have.

Look this podcast about « How should Business Schools prepare students for startup ? ».

What is interesting is to talk to entrepreneurs and to see that the vast majority of them have never studied at a school about entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur is like any other exciting job, we always keep learning. Being an entrepreneur is a mission of life and it’s necessary to become better day after day.

If there is no effective school to learn entrepreneurship, we know that there is a curriculum to be a businessman.



MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a huge curriculum. It’s often 1-2 years of your life after a professional experience. Which means that for 1-2 years, you don’t earn a salary. And it should be added that a MBA costs between $ 50 000.- and $ 100 000.-. You see, you really need to be motivated to do it.

It’s clear that having a MBA make it possible to have a better salary, it also helps to have knowledge in business but there are interesting critics on the results obtained on the field.

A MBA shows your employers that you’re able to sacrifice your life for your job. During a MBA, you work 70-80 hours a week to get it, which means that you’re able to do the same hours per week for your employer.

A MBA helps to create a network, but now with internet, there is another way to create a network. Interesting people don’t look for people who was in the best schools, they are looking for people who have projects and who shows that they’re capable to realize their projects.

Among the people who have negative reviews on MBA, we can find Seth Godin. Seth Godin is a well-know author and marketing expert in USA. He has a MBA from Standford and quotes : « Having A MBA is learning the best techniques for running a company in the 1990s for 2 years, while the world runs as fast as it can ».

We also have Peter Thiel. Peter Thiel is the co-founder of PayPay and Palantir and he’s the first external investor for Facebook. He has a MBA and he’s not satisfied with the results he obtained on the field.

What is certain is that a MBA is not really about creating entrepreneurs but about creating good employees able to run a company of the 1990s.

At the moment, there is no effective school in the world to learn to be a good entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind and a decision of life. It’s all learned on the field, reading books and talking to more experienced entrepreneurs.

There is an interesting book « The Personal MBA »  that lets you learn the basics of a MBA without spending 1-2 years of your life without pay working 70-80 hours per week and saving between $ 50 000.- and $ 100 000.-. All this only by reading this book.

But I’m open-minded and it’s possible that someone took a course on entrepreneurship in a school. If that’s your case, it would be cool if you shared the experience you had in school and how it helped you to create and grow your company.

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Install Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public

tableau desktop public data visualization

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

Today, I’ll show you how to install Tableau.

Use your web browser to go to . On the homepage, there are several options of packages to be installed.

For the course that I do, there is the choice between 2 versions : Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public.

Tableau Public charged and of course, there is a trial version of 14 days. Tableau Public is free and is perfectly usable for this course because there are the same features as Tableau Desktop.

Install Tableau Desktop

Click on the « Try Now » button on the top right

tableau desktop public data visualization

Here there are 3 options : Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online and Tableau Server. What interests us is Tableau Desktop and for that we need to give an email. Once you gave your email, the installation file downloaded automatically.

tableau desktop public data visualization

Don’t worry, the download contains the correct version of the file. This will be a « xzy.EXE » file for Windows and a « xyz.DMG » file for Mac.

If this isn’t the right version that has been downloaded, you can always do this manually with these links.

tableau desktop public data visualization

As soon as the download is complete, you can watch tutorial videos in the « Get Started » area. It’s simple and intuitive.

Install Tableau Public

To install Tableau Public, it’s a little different because you have to go to another website. Use your web browser to go to

Like for Tableau Desktop, you need to give an email to install the installation file automatically.

tableau desktop public data visualization

The majority of people who use Tableau Public are journalists or public organizations that do not have confidential data because Tableau Public data is on public servers. And as you know, data of a public server is freely accessible to everyone on internet.

Here the Tableau Public main graphic user interface.

tableau desktop public data visualization

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public have the same structure, features and visualization layout.

But there are 3 differences :

  • With Tableau Public, you can’t extract data because your data is on a public server.

  • With Tableau Public, you need to make screenshots (printscreen) of your charts because you can’t export them.

  • With Tableau Desktop, you can connect to more file type and you can export your charts.

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Histoire Du Fitness – Periode Nationale En Europe (1700 – 1850) Part 6

europe fashion 1700


german soldier 1700

La croissance de la gymnastique en Allemagne peut être principalement attribué au travail de 2 éducateurs physique : Johann Guts Muths et Friedrich Jahn. Johann Guts Muths est généralement désigné comme le « Grand-Père de la gymnastique allemande ». Il a inventé plusieurs programmes d’exercices et l’équipement sur lequel ils sont effectué. Toutes ses œuvres et réalisations se trouvent dans 2 livres – Gymnastique pour les jeunes et les jeux.

Friedrich Jahn a gagné le titre du « Père de la gymnastique allemande » pour son travail de longue durée. C’était tôt dans la vie de Jahn que Napoléon avait conquis une grande partie de l’Europe incluant l’Allemagne. Avec la chute de la France (Napoléon), l’Allemagne a été ensuite divisé en 2 états séparés. La passion de Jahn pour le nationalisme et l’indépendance allemande étaient devenus la force motrice derrière ses créations de programmes de gymnastique. Il croyait que l’invasion de l’Allemagne par un pays étranger pouvait être empêché par le développement physique du peuple allemands. Très vite, des installations d’exercices qui contenaient des appareils conçu pour la course, le saut, l’équilibre, l’escalade et la voûte appelée Turnvereins étaient répandus dans toute l’Allemagne.


sweden 1700

Per Henrik Ling a développé et introduit son propre programme de gymnastiques en Suède qui était composé de 3 différents domaines : 1) gymnastique éducative 2) gymnastique militaire 3) gymnastique médicale. Ling qui avait une solide expérience médicale avait reconnu que les exercices étaient nécessaire pour toutes les personnes. Il maintenait que les programmes d’exercices devaient être conçus en fonction des différences individuelles. Ling croyait aussi que les éducateurs physique devaient posséder la connaissance des effets des exercices sur le corps humain. Ling utilisait la science et la physiologie pour une meilleur compréhension de l’importance du fitness.

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui. Bientôt la suite de l’histoire du fitness




Faites votre exercice de cardio à la piscine pour brûler de la graisse et rester cool.

Avec le beau temps qu’on a cet été, il est temps de faire des exercices à l’extérieur, parfait. Vous pouvez faire votre routine HIIT ou faire des exercices avec le poids du corps dans un parc et vous resterez cool, au sens propre comme au figuré. Mais il y a des jours où il fait vraiment très chauds et où il faut choquer votre corps avec des nouveaux exercices. C’est le moment de laisser les poids pour reposer vos articulations et d’allez à la piscine pour booster vos muscles.

La natation est l’un des meilleurs entraînement en mode full-body. C’est quelques chose de différents de l’aérobique, ça travail tous les muscles principaux sans avoir d’impact sur le squelette. Chaque coup de pied et chaque coup de bras devient un exercice de résistance qui est la meilleur façon pour améliorer la condition physique en générale : force, flexibilité et endurance musculaire. Idéale pour re-sculter le corps.

1)Technique de battements de jambes


Tenez une planche devant vous, les bras tendu. Contractez vos muscles abdominaux pendant votre battement de jambes ou le battement “dauphin” sur toute la longueur la piscine. Concentrez-vous sur vos pieds pour qu’ils soient à 90°. Cette position de pieds va vous donner plus de propulsion et de meilleurs résultats. Essayez d’alternés ces techniques pour cibler différents groupes musculaires :

Battement de jambes: Les jambes sont tendu, en ligne avec votre corps et vous donnez des coups de haut en bas.Ce mouvement travail les abdos “transverse”, le groupe d’abdos le plus profond qui sont sous les obliques et qui aide au gainage.


La Brasse (grenouille) : Pliez vos genoux et ramenez vos talons derrière vos fesses, en tirant vos jambes vers votre corps (c’est là où ça ressemble à une grenouille). Ensuite, pousser vos jambes sur les côtés aussi loin que possible puis resserrez vos jambes.

Ce mouvement travail l’intérieur des cuisse et les fessiers, c’est excellent pour les façonner et les tonifier.

Papillon ou dauphin: Ramener vos jambes ensemble et serré vers vos cuisses avec les pieds à 90°. Utilisez vos hanches pour lancer vos jambes, toujours les garder ensemble. Imaginer que vos pieds sont une nageoir géant et que vous nager comme un dauphin.

Ce mouvement travail les abdos obliques interne( des abdos profonds qui sont d’excellent stabilisateur et aide pour avoir une bonne posture). Puis les abdos oblique externe.

Allez, un challenge : Passer au niveau supérieur en vous mettant sur le dos bras tendu avec une planche. Cela va vous forcer à utiliser de façon plus intense vos abdos et vos jambes, effet garantie.

2) Brasse et Papillon

Cette exercice full-body comme le Brasse ou le Papillon utilise vos muscle noyau (de base) pour booster l’endurance et la vitesse. Durant la brasse le nageur devrait utiliser ses bras tous les 3 battements de jambes. Durant le Papillon, le nageur devra utiliser ses bras tous les 3 battements de jambes. Concentrer pour garder vos muscles de base (abdos) contracté.

3) Course à pied dans l’eau

Aussi connu comme le jogging aquatique, cet exercice est un cardio de haute intensité. L’eau doit être juste en dessous de votre cou et vous courez dans l’eau comme vous le feriez à l’extérieur. Votre dos doit être droit; vos bras doivent être pliés au coude. Courez aussi vite que vous pourrez comme si un requin était derrière vous. Faites 3 séries de 5 minutes.

4) Tonifier le ventre et le jambes

Mettez-vous debout. Votre dos contre le bord de la piscine avec vos bras tendus, tenant le bord de la piscine. Ensuite, tirez vos jambes vers la surface de l’eau, garder-les serrer ensemble jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient étendues droites en face de vous. Ensuite, bougez vos jambes vers l’extérieur pour faire un V, puis de nouveau , serrez les jambes. Gardez-les serrez et redescendre vers la position de départ. Contrôler bien les mouvement de cet exercice car cela booster les abdos/fessiers. Faites 3 séries de 20 répétitions est parfait.

5) Crunch dans l’eau


Rien ne vaut la résistance de l’eau pour cibler les abdos avec une plus grande amplitude de mouvement. Mettez vos jambes jusqu’au genoux sur le pont de la piscine, tandis que le reste de votre corps est plat dans l’eau. Utilisez vos muscles abdominaux pour tirer votre haut du corps hors de l’eau aussi loin que vous le pouvez. Pincez-vous le nez pour éviter de mauvaise surprise et utilisez vos muscles à nouveau pour abaisser votre corps dans l’eau. Faites 3 séries de 20 répétitions.

Avec ces exercices  vous allez changer votre graisse en muscle et brûler les calories tout l’été, plutôt que ce soit le soleil qui vous brûle tout l’été.