Universal And Unique Principles

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I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

I noticed that there is an approach to selling a service or product, especially used by coaches, which is based on the principle that « everyone is different ». Say like that, it’s hard not to agree with this principle because everyone is unique and everyone has their own characteristics.

When a person uses this philosophical principle, it’s easy to see his/her way of thinking and his/her actions. As many coaches use this principle, they try to set up a unique service for each person and each person evolves at his/her own pace.

It’s not a problem to use this principle but there are disadvantages. These people find no interest in methods that work for most people. For example, the McDonald’s method or school systems work in a universal way.

You have to realize that as a human being, there is a lot of common ground between us. There is 1% difference in our DNA compared to the DNA of a chimpanzee. So you see that the difference in genetics between several human beings is extremely ridiculous.

2 human beings coming from distant countries like a person from Botswana and a person from Norway have much more genetically in common than between a human being and a chimpanzee. All human beings all have a head, a body, hands, feet and we all have the ability to speak a language. It’s true that the language is different because it comes from culture but at the base, we all have the programming necessary to learn it.

When we understand that, we can see that there is a huge part of things that human beings have in common and that comes from DNA. DNA is a material like a hardware (computer, smartphone) and culture is like a software. Culture is the element that allows us to have different behaviors.

In the book « Influence : Science and Practice » by Robert Cialdini , he shows us several influencing factors that make people more likely to believe you, to listen to you when you ask them to do something. These factors are universal among all cultures. Cultures will just change the importance of certain things over others compared to other cultures.

Universal and unique

people diversity

Be careful not to let yourself be trapped in this principle. Yes, we’re all unique because we need to have things that correspond only to us. But there are methods that work for 99% of people. You can use a method that works for 99% of people and then customized products or services for people who want it.

You can meet coaches who use 100% this principle that everyone is unique and he often asks you the question : « Wait, you communicate to thousands of prospects and clients, how do you can do because each person is unique, etc ».

These coaches are right and wrong at the same time. It’s obvious that a customized product or a customized service so more effective, but if you can create a standard product or standard service, you can help 100 000 times more people.

For me, it’s necessary to use the 2 principles. You make a standard product or standard service and you make a customized product or a customized service for the people who ask it. With these 2 principles combined, you can really grow your business to build a legacy.

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Tips For Eating At Restaurants And Staying Healthy


I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

It’s easy to prepare our meal when we’re in our headquarter because we have all ingredients but when we go eat at restaurant, it’s not the same thing and we enjoy to eat anything.

Eat at restaurant = unhealthy meal ? No, not cecessarily

If we have go to the resaurant, whatever reason, we can make change when we order a menu that help us to eat healthy.

Teddy Roosevelt (the 26th president of USA) said  :« Do what you can, with what you have, where you are »



Here are techniques to help to eat healthy when you’re outside.

Explores the menu before

Explores menus on the restaurant’s website and pre-selected your options before to go to the restaurant. This avoid you to struggle to have the willpower to eat healthy when you’re going to place the order.

If possible ask to place your order first. Whenever the server asks who wants to order first, speaks ! If you’re the only person of your group of friends who eat healthy, this will help you to not be influenced by the Matrix (pizza, french fries, etc). This avoid too to heard this sentence : « live a little ! ».

if you order first, the opposite can happen. You can influence your friends to eat healty and it’s cool.

Ask for help from your server

If you see a menu that who like at 80 %, don’t be afraid to modify the menu. This happens all the time and the server really doesn’t care. A chicken sandwich can become a plate of meat and vegetables.

99 % of the restaurants where I go give me a plate of chicken and vegetable, if I ask for it, even if it’s not on the menu. The goal of restaurants is to make clients happy.

Order water

Order always water rather than soda or other sugary drink ! Processed sugar is bad. You want someting with taste ? Sugar-free Ice tea.

Avoid fast-foods

Go to a grocery or a supermarket to find hot good food.

Avoid french fries

Order potatoes baked, grilled or steamed.

Not chips, bread or popcorn

Ask your waitress to not bring them.

Big entree

If the entree is huge, ask to decrease protions. This avoids eating a meal at more than 3000 calories.

Eat slowly

It take 1 minute to your brain to realize your stomac is already full. Slow motion, enjoys the conversation of people with who you eat.



If you friends harass you with « live a little », explain them you have an allergy or a weird reaction with some kind of food (you can lie, it’s for the good case). You will see, they will help you to eat healthy.

Not force to eat all the plate

According to the culture from where you come, not eating the whole plate can be rude. Put a napkin on the plate and ask to take the rest for home.

Stay cool

so serious

Remember that you’re human. If you decide to eat an unhealthy meal and it not a cheat meal, you don’t do anything bad. Your human, your scheldule can be crazy, and somethimes you just want to eat a pizza. It’s OK. Remember that there is nothing wrong, if it’s a conscious decision and you have chosen to do it. But the next meal must be healthy to back to good habits.

A unhealthy meal will not destroy your day but if you thind « I ate unhealthy at the lunch, my day destroyed. I will eat unhealthy tonight and I will eat heathy tomorrow ». This type of thinking destroy your lifestyle, this is really bad.

What is your best tips to eat healthy at the restaurant ?


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New Record Daily

record breaker

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

In training, the key of success is to have constantly better results and improve challenges level.

If you repeat the same training everydays, every months, your body will adapt et it will learn to burn less calories and make less progress.

To continue to make progress our body to become stronger, we must constantly add little challenges everydays.

Always do the same thing again and again doesn’t work

same thing

Normaly, if you want to lose weight, you need to increase your energy expenditure. You need to move more, right ?

In summary to lose weight, you must move more and eat less. But move more is a little bit more complex than that.

Exercices don’t always lead to an expenditure of energy. There is a little explanation the New York Times .

Professor Pontzer for Hunter College followed a hunter-gatherers tribe and he learned they burn the same amount of calories than an average american. Mainly, their bodies adapted to the stress and learned to burn less calories in other ways to increase efficiency :

« Energy expenditure is consistent across a broad range of lifestyles and cultures. Of course, if we push our bodies hard enough, we can increase our energy expenditure, at least in the short term. But our bodies are complex, dynamic machines, shaped over millions of years of evolution in environments where resources were usually limited; our bodies adapt to our daily routines and find ways to keep overall energy expenditure in check ».

If you do 3 sets of 10 push-ups everydays, your body will be really good to do 3 sets of 10 push-ups, it will be more efficient but not necessarily stronger each time.

Look :

  • To increase your level in a video game, you need to fight against enemies stronger than you.

  • To increase your level training, you need to do harder challenges in your training.

Progressive overload

progressive overload

We know we can’t do the same thing forever to have huge progress. We need to do challenges.

« Progressive overload », this is our chanllenge’s name. We overload ours current capacities, slowly but surely.

NSCA’s Performance Training Journal  explains :

« Without overload there is no adaptation by the body. Neuromuscular adaption occurs first, followed by increases in muscle and connective tissue, and bone mass. Proper conditioning methods will lead to physiological advancement as well. Depending on the training goals, improvements in lactic acid tolerance, lactate threshold, maximum aerobic power, and a variety of cardiovascular functions could be the appropriate responses ».

Our body will improve in all sorts of ways form stronger muscles to a better performance of the central nervous system. All of this is possible with a stimulus or simply « a challenge ».

We apply a stimulus to our body and our body responds, this improve all these areas mentioned above.

The solution is simple, right ? Just increase the challenge to each exercice, everydays and forever. Just to reach the level 99.

A record everydays

I wrote an article to break a plateau  and the better thing to break a plateau is to avoid it. A plateau can drain mentally, depress and can demotivate the most rebel.

When a linear progression is no longer possible, it’s the time to make little progress each week. This allows to progress without injuries.

Here are the benefits of this approach :

  • You don’t overload too much your body but you learn to lift more weight each week then your body begin to adapt to become stronger and repairing properly.

  • You don’t have these days where you feel blocked. You proves to yourself constantly than you’re better than yesterday.

The goal is to increase the total weight you lift in each training somehow. There are several ways :

  • Lift more weight per reps than the last time

  • Do more reps with the same weight than the last time

  • Lift more tota weight than the last training

  • Do the same number of reps, same number of sets and the same weight, but with less rest time between sets.

  • Lift in a better form with more range of motion or a harder variation.

As long as one of these metrics is higher than your previous training, you’re improve your level et you are stronger.

Example :

  • Training 1 : 5/5/5 x 43kg (95lbs)

  • Training 2 : 6/5/5 x 43kg (95lbs)

  • Training 3 : 6/6/5 x 43kg (95lbs)

  • Training 4 : 6/6/6 x 43kg (95lbs)

Each weak ONE rep was added in the training. Then for the Training 5 and 6, the processus restart with a heavier weight.

  • Training 5 : 5/5/5 x 45kg (100lbs)

  • Training 6 : 6/5/5 x 45kg (100lbs)

The total weight lifted in Training 4 is 3x6x43kg = 774kg (1706lbs) and the total weight lifted in Training 5 is 3x5x45kg = 675kg (1488lbs). There is more weight per reps, there is progress, it’s cool.

Slow, stable, constant progress. Little by little, we become less little !

You ? How you progress ?


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Fitness History – United States (1700 – 1860) Part 8

united states colonial period 1700

United States – Colonial Period (1700 – 1776)

united states colonial period 1700

Trials of colonial life ensured regular physical activity, however, during this period exercise programs or fitness programs didn’t exist. United States were an undeveloped country with a large portion of unexplored land with uninhabited regions. Lifestyle during this era was for plowing the land for crops, hunting for food and herding cattle. This lifestyle provided a sufficient level of physical activity to maintain a good physical condition.

United States – National Period (1776 – 1860)

united states national period 1776

Fitness in the United States during the national period was influenced by European cultures. Immigrants brought several aspects of their heritage in the United States, including gymnastics from Germany and Sweden. The invasion by foreign countries were a constant threat to the independence and nationalism countries. This dynamic was common in Europe but not in the United States. German and Swedish gymnastics programs have failed to achieve the same levels of popularities as in Europe.

However, the first leaders of the United States were aware of the need to exercises and fitness. Benjamin Franklin recommended regular physical activities including running, swimming and basic exercises of resistance training to have good health. President Thomas Jefferson recognized the need of fitness but perhaps in a extreme measure : « Not less than 2 hours per day should be dedicated to fitness, no matter the weather. If the body is weak, the mind will not be a strong ».

The beginnings of physical education in the United States

As for Europe, schools were an important way to spread the necessity of fitness in society through physical education programs. However in the United States, the educational process focused primarily on intellectual matters. Schools focused on teaching traditional subjects such as reading, writing and arithmetic. Physical education has remained absent from the public education system for most of the 19th century. Despite the lack of interest in fitness during this period, J.-C. Warren and Catherine Beecher have made significant contributions to the future of fitness in the United States.

Dr. J.-C. Warren, a medical professor at Harvard University was an important supporter of physical activity. Warren medical experiences have given him a clear understanding of necessity for regular exercise, his recommendations included German and Swedish gymnastic exercises. In addition, Warren began developing exercises for women. Catherine Beecher developed fitness programs specifically to meet the needs of women. Among its many different fitness program, there was a gym program done with music. Although not officially recognized by the name, Beecher’s programs of the mid 19th century are much like actual aerobics.

That’s all for today. Soon the rest of the fitness history


Histoire Du Fitness – Etats-Unis (1700 – 1860) Part 8

united states colonial period 1700

Etats-Unis – Période coloniale (1700 – 1776)

united states colonial period 1700

Les épreuves de la vie coloniale assuraient des activités physiques régulières, cependant au cours de cette période aucuns programmes d’exercices ou de programmes de fitness existaient. Les Etats-Unies étaient un pays non-développé caractérisé par une grandes partie de terres inexplorés avec des régions inhabité. Le style de vie durant cette ère consistait à labourer la terre pour les cultures, chasser pour la nourriture et l’élevage du bétail. Ce mode de vie fournissait un niveau suffisant d’activité physique pour maintenir une bonne condition physique.

Etats-Unis – Période Nationale (1776 – 1860)

united states national period 1776

Le fitness aux Etats-Unis durant la période nationale était influencé par les cultures européennes. Les immigrants amenèrent plusieurs aspects de leurs héritages aux Etats-Unis, incluant les gymnastiques d’Allemagne et de Suède. L’invasion par des pays étrangers étaient une constante menace pour l’indépendance et le nationalisme des pays. Cette dynamique était répandu en Europe mais pas aux Etats-Unis. Les programmes de gymnastiques allemandes et suédoises n’ont pas réussi à atteindre les mêmes niveaux de popularités qu’en Europe.

Cependant, les premiers leaders des Etats-Unis étaient conscients du besoin d’exercices et de fitness. Benjamin Franklin recommandait des activités physiques réguliers incluant la course, la natation et des exercices de base d’entraînement de résistance pour avoir une bonne santé. Le président Thomas Jefferson a reconnu la nécessité du fitness mais peut-être dans une mesure assez extrême : « Pas moins de 2 heures par jour devrait être consacré au fitness, peu importe la météo. Si le corps est faible, l’esprit ne sera par fort ».

Les débuts de l’éducation physique aux Etats-Unis

Comme pour l’Europe, les écoles ont été un moyen important pour répandre la nécessité du fitness dans la société à travers les programmes d’éducation physique. Cependant aux Etats-Unis, le processus d’éducation était axé principalement sur les questions intellectuelles. Les écoles se concentraient sur l’enseignement des matières traditionnelles comme la lecture, l’écriture et l’arithmétique. L’éducation physique est resté absente du système d’éducation publique pour la majorité du 19ème siècle. Malgré le manque d’intérêt pour le fitness durant cette période, J.-C. Warren et Catherine Beecher ont apporté des contributions importantes pour le futur du fitness aux Etats-Unis.

Le Dr J.-C. Warren, un professeur de médecine à l’université de Harvard était un partisan important de l’activité physique. Les expériences médicales de Warren lui ont donné une claire compréhension de la nécessité de faire des exercices régulièrement, ses recommandations incluait des exercices de gymnastiques allemandes et suédoises. En outre, Warren a commencé l’élaboration d’exercices pour les femmes. Catherine Beecher a élaboré des programmes de fitness spécialement pour répondre aux besoins des femmes. Parmi ses nombreux différents programme de fitness, il y avait un programme de gymnastique effectué avec de la musique. Bien que non officiellement reconnu par le nom, les programmes de Beecher du milieu du 19ème siècles ressemblent beaucoup aux cours d’aérobic de nos jours.

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui. Bientôt la suite de l’histoire du fitness


Naked With The Bath Towel In Hand


Today, great workout legs and abs. In addition, I managed to do all sets in Romanian Deadlift, my grip has improved, I’m happy.

I don’t know if it’s a matter of culture or education or just people don’t care but earlier this week, a guy walked around naked in the locker room to go to the shower. The guy is fifties, you see, he knows the life better life than me ! I think.

I’ll explain the scene. I finished my shower just before him, I was getting dressed and he came naked, dick in the air with his towel in hand. I see that, I avoid looking at him, I look down. All of a sudden I see he puts his towel on the floor and he puts his feet on it. Me surprised, I look and I think : « Damn, this guy prefer have below of his feet dry rather putting a towel to hide his dick ».

feet on towel

There I started to get irritated. I come to the gym to train, not to see dicks. I don’t understand, the guy at 50 years old, gray hair, he has a beer belly, I think he is a father. It’s not his home here, it’s a public place. In the locker room nobody says anything but I see they have a weird face. I tell myself that the next time I see him, I would tell him somethings.

Today I finished getting dressed when he came in the locker room. He finished his training. It’s weird, he was still next to me ?!? Same thing, the guy is going to shower naked towel in hand. This is the time, now is the time to say something so I didn’t dare to tell him I didn’t want to see his dick every time I see him.

I told him that often female staff (there is not much employees in the gym) come in the men’s locker room to check that everything is OK. It would be unfortunate if it happens while he walks around naked. He said he didn’t know it and thanked me. I think the case is settled but its weird that he doesn’t bother him to walk naked in a public place with his towel in hand ?


I hope you’re not doing that kind of thing ? Because people showing their dicks to everyone annoys me !

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Nu Avec La Serviette A La Main


Aujourd’hui, excellent entraînement des jambes et des abdos. En plus, j’ai réussi à faire toutes les séries au soulevé de terre roumain, ma prise de main s’est amélioré, je suis content.

Je ne sais pas si c’est une question de culture ou d’éducation ou tout simplement les personnes s’en foutent mais en début de semaine, il y a un gars qui se baladait tout nu dans les vestiaires pour aller à la douche. Le gars a la cinquantaine, tu vois, il est sensé mieux connaître la vie que moi !

Je t’explique la scène. J’avais fini ma douche un peu avant lui, j’étais en train de m’habiller et lui il arrive tout nu, la bite à l’air avec sa serviette de bain dans la main. Moi, je vois ça, j’évite de le regarder, je regarde par terre. Tout d’un coup je vois qu’il met sa serviette par terre et il met ses pieds dessus. Moi, surpris, je le regarde et je me dis : « Putain, le mec il préfère avoir le dessous de ses pieds secs que de mettre sa serviette pour cacher sa bite ».

feet on towel

Là, je commence à m’énerver. Je viens à la salle pour m’entraîner pas pour voir des bites. Je ne comprends pas, le gars à 50 ans, cheveux gris, il a son ventre de bière, je me dis qu’il est père de famille. Il n’est pas chez lui, c’est un lieu public. Dans le vestiaire personne ne dit rien mais je vois qu’ils font tous une sale tête. Je me dis que la prochaine fois que je le vois, je lui dirais quelques choses.

Aujourd’hui, je finissais de m’habiller quand il est arrivé au vestiaire. Il avait terminé son entraînement. C’est bizarre il était encore à côté de moi aujourd’hui ?!? Pareil, le gars va à la douche tout nu la serviette à la main. C’est le moment, c’est le moment de lui dire un truc donc je n’ai pas osé lui dire que je n’avais pas envie de voir sa bite à chaque fois que je le vois.

Je lui ai dit que souvent le personnel féminin (il n’y a pas beaucoup d’employé dans la salle) venait dans le vestiaire des hommes pour vérifier que tout est OK. Ce serait dommage que ça arrive pendant qu’il se balade tout nu. Il m’a dit qu’il ne savait pas ça et m’a remercié. Je pense que l’affaire est réglé mais c’est bizarre que ça ne le dérange pas de se balader tout nu dans un lieu public avec la serviette à la main ?


J’espère que tu fais pas ce genre de truc ? Parce que moi des gens qui montre leurs bites à tout le monde ça m’énerve !

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