Naked With The Bath Towel In Hand


Today, great workout legs and abs. In addition, I managed to do all sets in Romanian Deadlift, my grip has improved, I’m happy.

I don’t know if it’s a matter of culture or education or just people don’t care but earlier this week, a guy walked around naked in the locker room to go to the shower. The guy is fifties, you see, he knows the life better life than me ! I think.

I’ll explain the scene. I finished my shower just before him, I was getting dressed and he came naked, dick in the air with his towel in hand. I see that, I avoid looking at him, I look down. All of a sudden I see he puts his towel on the floor and he puts his feet on it. Me surprised, I look and I think : « Damn, this guy prefer have below of his feet dry rather putting a towel to hide his dick ».

feet on towel

There I started to get irritated. I come to the gym to train, not to see dicks. I don’t understand, the guy at 50 years old, gray hair, he has a beer belly, I think he is a father. It’s not his home here, it’s a public place. In the locker room nobody says anything but I see they have a weird face. I tell myself that the next time I see him, I would tell him somethings.

Today I finished getting dressed when he came in the locker room. He finished his training. It’s weird, he was still next to me ?!? Same thing, the guy is going to shower naked towel in hand. This is the time, now is the time to say something so I didn’t dare to tell him I didn’t want to see his dick every time I see him.

I told him that often female staff (there is not much employees in the gym) come in the men’s locker room to check that everything is OK. It would be unfortunate if it happens while he walks around naked. He said he didn’t know it and thanked me. I think the case is settled but its weird that he doesn’t bother him to walk naked in a public place with his towel in hand ?


I hope you’re not doing that kind of thing ? Because people showing their dicks to everyone annoys me !

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