Infopreneur And Service Provider

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I heard Olivier Roland’s tips and I learned some good stuff.

A personal trainer who is in the gym where I’m training ask me how to give courses online. But when he asked me this question, I noticed that he didn’t believe it or maybe it wouldn’t work with him. In the personal trainer business, there is part that is an intellectual service. What I mean is that there is a part of this job, which is to give people advice so they can improve.

All the skills that give advice can be turned into a product (information product). There is a huge challenge for personal trainers and service providers who trade their time for money. How to make more money (because there is a lot of competition) while a person can’t be in several places at the same time physically ?

Advice online

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The trick is that instead of explaining the same thing to someone 1000 times, you write a book/ebook, you makes videos or your do an online training program. With these supports, it allows you to save time on repetitive tasks and automate a part of your income.

Some might think that this method doesn’t work with all types of service providers, but with the technologies evolution, it’s changing. We find online training program for salsa, golf, guitar, boxing, mma, auto mechanics, plumber, etc. do some research on Google or DuckDuckGo and see.

For example, you want to learn boxing. Traditionally, you have to go to a boxing club to learn and improve your technique with sparring. But you learn that there is an online boxing training program from Floyd Mayweather. In this training program, Floyd Mayweather shares his best tips and techniques to improves your boxing performance. Are you participating in this online training program or not? I think so, especially if you’re passionate about boxing.

If you have the budget to participate in Floyd Mayweather’s online boxing training program, you’ll be very motivated to do so. Even if Floyd isn’t near you to correct your technique, he has clearly good tips to share with your to improve your performance and your boxing technique.

This is why it’s important not to put barriers to explore new things, to put in place innovative projects because it’s doing things that we learn what works and what doesn’t work.

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Feed Your Brain Is Important

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

To be successful in the areas that interest you, there is an important principle that is to nourish your brain in a healthy way. It’s the same principle for your body. If you eat fast food burgers every day, you’ll become fat, your self- esteem will decrease, your energy will decrease, your libido will decrease and your lifetime will decrease.

If you feed your brain every day with the « burgers » of information, I mean news (newspaper and tv), you’ll have a negative state of mind. The information of these newspapers or these media are 95% negative and 80% of this information, you’ll forget them in 15 days. These are events where you have no impact on it, it uses your brain’s energy for noting and because of this negative information, you become more and more worried.

Good food for the brain

The most efficient and accessible way is to read books of excellent quality. When you read books of excellent quality, you have access to the best brains in the world for an affordable price, or even free if you go to a library. With books, you also have access to the best dead brains. It’s not because the person is dead that this person has to stop giving us value.

Purpose of reading these books is to allow you to have a solid foundation for achieving your goals. To start, you need to create a list of books and use the SMART goal method (SMART => specific, measurable, accessible, realistic and defined over time). If you want more detail, go to a search engine like Google of DuckDuckGo and enter : SMART goal.

For example, you can give yourself the goal of reading a book a month. I advise you to write a summary page for all the books you read. Scientific studies have shown that when you write the summary, you will remember more things and you will memorize more things than if you only read the book. Here are 2 scientific studies here  and there .


Check the book’s quality


To start, reading reviews on books that interest you on Amazon is a good place to start. It’s clear that it’s not done by experts but you can see people who like and hate the book. It’s up to you to do your own analysis of the numbers of positive and negative comments. If there are a lot of comments (at least a hundred), it’s a good sign.

It’s possible to access lists of books complied by people who read a lot of books. It’s obvious that these lists will never correspond at 100% to your objectives but it allows you to find pearls. If you want to train in business and personal development, Josh Kaufman’s Personal MBA  is excellent. It’s not necessary to like all the books of Personal MBA but most are extraordinary.


Here is a simple exercise that I propose to you. Find 5-10 books of excellent quality that can help you achieve important goals for you. Determine a deadline (1 year) and calculate how many books you should read per month and how much time you have to spend every day reading.

I’m curious to know the books you found. Share this in the comments section and let’s go .

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Validate Data Mining In Tableau With A Chi-Square Test

validate validation

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

In this article we will start using statistics. Don’t worry we’ll do something simple, we’ll use the Chi-square test in a basic way. There is a special section to learn how to do statistics at an advanced level.

I’ll explain why we’re going to learn how to use the Chi-square test. The results we have with theses 2 bar charts are good. We see on theses 2 bar charts that age has a significant impact on the rate of client leaving the bank. We also see in which age groups the clients leaves the bank the most and which age groups the clients leave the bank the least. With that we have good insights.

In the A/B test « Gender », we can see that there is a correlation between the male and female sex and the choice to leave the bank. But as I said before, this A/B test is basic. The results of a basic A/B test visually shows us what is probably happenning in reality but we aren’t 100% sure of these results. To validate these results, we need do to use statistical tests like Chi-square test.

Doing a report based on basic A/B test is very risky and you can have completely false insights. I don’t advise you to do it (unless you want to leave your job). It’s for this reason that using Chi-square will help us to have strong insights.

Chi-square will allow us to know if our results are statistically significant. Our results are based on a sample of 10 000 clients and Chi-square test will tell us if these results are due to chance effects or if these results can represent all the client of the bank.

For example in our A/B test « Gender », we observed that in our sample of 10 000 clients, women are more likely to leave the bank compared to men.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Now, we aren’t sure if the results of this sample represent the behavior of all the bank’s clients.

To use basic Chi-square test, we use an online tool. Click here  .

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

On internet, there are plenty of websites to do a Chi-square test but we’ll use this one so that you can understand how it works. To do a Chi-square test, we need to use absolute values and in our A/B test we have percentage.

Let’s go back to Tableau. We’ll create a new tab with a version of A/B test with absolute values. In this way, we keep the A/B test with the percentages. Do a right-click on the « Gender » tab and select « Duplicate ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Name the new tab « Gender Actual » to specify that it’s absolute values.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

To have the absolute values, move « Number of Records » in « Measures » to the « Marks » area and put it over top of « SUM(Number of Records ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Move « Number of Records » in « Measures » to « Rows » over « SUM(Number of Records ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Cool, we have our absolute values.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

We also need total absolute values, which means the total number of men and women. There is a very fast way to get that. Right-click on the vertical axis and select « Add Reference Line ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Then in « Value », click on the drop-down on the right and select « Sum » to have the total sum of the observations.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

And in « Scope », you select « Per Cell » option to specify that you want the total sums for each category, male and female.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Now, we have the total sum at the top of the bars. We will modify labels to have the absolute values. In « Label », we will change « Computation » to « Value » and click on the « OK » button.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Perfect, we have the total amount of observation at the top of each bar : 4543 women and 5457 men. We have what we need to use our online tool.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

OK, I’ll explain how this tool works. « Sample1 » and « Sample2 » correspond to the independent variable « Gender ». You choose in which order you enter the data, « Sample1 » for men or the opposite. In our case, we use « Sample1 » for women and « Sample2 » for men.

« #success » corresponds to the result Y=1, which means in our case « yes, the client left the bank ».

« #trials » is the total number of observations, which means the total number of women in « Sample1 » and the total number of men « Sample2 ».

That’s how you enter the data :

  • For « Sample1 » in #success, you enter 1139 because there are 1139 women who left the bank. For « Sample1 » in #trials, you enter 4543 because there are 4543 women in total.


  • For « Sample2 » in #success, you enter 898 because there are 898 men who left the bank. For « Sample2 » in #trials, you enter 5457 because there are 5457 men in total.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Here is the verdict : « Sample1 is more successful ». « Sample1 » corresponds to women and #success is :« yes, the client left the bank ». This verdict means that of all the bank’s client, women are more likely to leave the bank than men. And look, there is something important, it’s « p<0.001 ». This means that the « p » is strictly less than 0.001.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

« p » is the value that indicates whether an independent variable has a statistically significant effect on a dependent variable. In our case, the independent variable is « Gender » and the dependent variable is « Exited », which is : « yes, the client left the bank ». So « p » is strictly less than 0.001, which means that the independent variable « Gender » has a statistically significant effect on the dependent variable « Exited ». This shows us that out of the total number of bank’s clients, women are more likely to leave the bank than men.

This is how we use Chi-square test with this online tool. This is the same principle on all online tools that you can find on Google or DuckDuckGo . You can repeat these instructions that I gave you with other tools, you will get the same results.

It’s cool with the Chi-square we validated the A/B test and to specify that this A/B test is validated, we’ll color the tab in green.

Right-click on the tab, select « Color » and select « Green ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Perfect, now we’ll validate another A/B test. Selects « HasCreditCard » tab.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

We’re going to create an A/B test « HasCreditCard » only with absolute values. To save time, right-click on « Gender Actual » tab and select « Duplicate ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

We’ll remove the green color on the tab « Gender Actual (2) ». Right-click on the tab and select « Color » and « None ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

You rename the tab « HasCreditCard Actual ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Move the variable « HasCrCard » over « Gender » in « Columns ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Excellent, everything is ready to do a Chi-square test. We’ll remove « Exited » labels to better see the absolutes values. Make a click and drag out.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Perfect, let’s go back to our online tool. In this case, « Sample1 » is « no », which means client who don’t have credit card and « Sample2 » for « yes », which means clients who have a credit card.

That’s how you enter the data :

  • For « Sample1 » in #success, you enter 613 because there are 613 clients who left the bank. For « Sample1 » in #trials, you enter 2945 because there are 2945 clients who don’t have a credit card.
  • For « Sample2 » in #success, you enter 1424 because there are 1424 clients who left the bank. For « Sample2 » in #trials, you enter 7055 because there are 7055 clients who have a credit card.

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Let’s look at the verdict, it’s « No significant difference ». « p » value is very high, it’s above 5%. This confirms that the independent variable « HasCrCard » has no statistically significant effect on the dependent variable « Exited ». That was the conclusion we had made when we had done the A/B test with percentages.

We had seen that there was 21% of « Exited » (clients who left the bank) in the category « no » and 20% in the category « yes ». With these results we concluded that most likely the variable « HasCrCard » had no impact on the rate of clients who left the bank. Chi-square test confirms our conclusion and we can put the tab « HasCrCard » in green to say that it’s OK.

Right-click on the tab « HasCreditCard » => « Color » => « Green ».

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

tableau data mining science chi square test a/b test

Excellent, now, you can do a statistical A/B test with 2 categories. Soon, we will do statistical A/B tests with more than 2 categories.

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Find The Gym For Your Goals (Part2)

find a gym diffrent type

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I learned good stuff.

If you didn’t read the part 1, click here 

Type de gyms

different type gym

You noticed there are several categories of gyms. That’s why you have to take your time to think about a gym that fits your needs.

Fitness center franchise

In the best known franchises, you will have cheap membership. It’s cheap but you have few amenities, some type of trainings are forbidden, free weight section is limited and often the staff has no experience.

Health clubs/Sport clubs/YMCA

Clubs look like franchises but they have a better service. There is more amenities, towel service, child care, pool, tennis court. Membership can reach $100, some type of training can be prohibited and free weight’s section limited.

Note : Franchises and clubs can be convenient if you travel a lot because with their membership, you can train in different cities.

Locally owned gyms

These gyms have a better equipement, a free weight’s section bigger and a better quality staff than franchises and health clubs. Membership is around $25-50 and it’s real that amenites are less good than health clubs.

Weightlifting club/barbell club/crossfit

It’s a room with bumper plates, dumbbells, barbells and pullup bar. With the membership, you have a coach and classes, that’s why it’s expensive. These gyms are open at certain hours during the day. These gyms have their own workout program, you can’t do your own workout program.

College/university gyms

it’s cheap and you need to paid upfront in full.

You can have a discount « alumini » memberships if you go to the college or university that you attended. If you don’t live near of you old college/university, some gyms offer memberships to family members of alumini or staff, local « senior » memberships or event just local resident memberships. What is great with this type of gym is you can have acces to their full facilty (pool, racquet courts, classes, etc).

Test drive the gym

test drive

The next step is to look for gyms in your city now that you know differtent types of gyms.

Do a test in gyms to see if the equipement meets your needs. Some gyms offer pass for 1-2 weeks. During the test phase, go train the same days that you plan to train after signing the contract.

Imagine that you find the perfect gym, you sign the contract and eveydays you train, it’s war. The gym is full of people and you can’t use equipement. This is a situation to avoid.

Here is what is important to see during the test phase :

  • Is there enough equipment for everyone or you have to fight to have a bench ?

  • Does the equipment work well ?

  • What is the gym’s atmosphere ?

  • Is it clean ?

  • If you go befoire school/work, is there enough shower available or you have to wait ?

You can read gym’s reviews on internet by searching with Google or DuckDuckGo. Attention, on internet people prefer to complain than to do compliments so be careful. For me the best thing to do is talk to gym members to know what is positive and negative.



A lot of people don’t want to have a membership gym because one of their friend had a bad experience to stop a gym’s membership. This for this reason it’s important to take your time to read the contract and understand clauses.

Here things to look at in a contract :

  • A membership termination clause because for exemple, you move or you lose you job. This is rare but sometimes you can stop a membership if you live near the gym. Usually there is a fee named «  early termination fee » (that’s what I have).

  • The possibility when you’re on vacation ou you have to work for several weeks in another city to freeze your membership.

  • If the gym goes bankrupt, what happens to members ?

  • Membership renewal is automatic ?

You know salespersons work with commission so if a sales person make you a promise, make sure that this promise is in writing. Taking the contract at home is the thing I advise you to read it quietly and understand clauses.

If you feel that the salesperson put pression on you or that you don’t feel comfortable for another reason, leave the gym.

Note : There are states that has specific laws. For exemple, you can cancel the contract only 2 days after signed it. It would be a shame if you signed this type of contract without being aware of this clause. This is why it’s important to take the contract at home to read it quietly.

Here different membership’s fees :

  • Activation fee

    You pay these fees when you’re a new member. You pay these fees once.

  • Monthly cost

    it’s a fee you pay every month

  • Maintenance fee

You pay these fees per year. Attention, some gyms have a special clause that says : « We don’t have this kind of fee now but later, it’s possible to add these fees without telling you ». Be sure to know this clause if it is in your contract.

When I enrolled in my gym, there was an offer for people who applied for registration on internet. Look at gym’s website to know offers but also ask always to salesperson if there are discounts.

In gyms, there is often a membership’s range of price. You need to negotiate, don’t hesitate. Don’t forget that the more you take the more expensive membership, the more the salesperson will have a larger commission. If the salesperson tell you : « No », it doesn’t matter, you tried to get the best price.

By negotiating, somethimes you can register in a gym for the first time without paying the activation fees. To do it, you need to talk to the person who has permission to do this. Sometimes they can call you 1-2 days after to offer you an exceptional offer.

You can also have a nice offer by paying an annual membership up front. Look at the price difference.

Also you can have offers with you health insurance. It’s always with a limited number of gym but look if you have this option.

Stay focus

stay focus

The difference between a workout at home and a workout in a gym is that in a workout in a gym, you can really make your potential evolve to the maximum.

For exemple, if you do a barbell’s workout, you will have always heavy weight plates to go to the next level. It’s the same thing for dumbbells. You need heavier, it’s here. No need to worry about buying new.

Of course, there are negative pointst to enroll a gym. You have to move there (bike, bus, car, etc), you to wait if you go during busy hours, the cost and do your workout around unkown people.

I repeat, you can train at home to be healthy or gain strength with a bodyweight workout program. You can buy a set of dumbbell, barbell, kettelbell or a sandbag. You can do sprints or walk (like my father) outside with any weather and it’s free.

For me the gym, it’s an important moment of my day. It’s the moment where I’m focus on myself and the society’s pressure no longer exists.

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Scientific References 

scientific studies

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

For me, to have to have interesting content for my audience, scientific references are important. It’s imporant because I learn something and you too.

And another reason is I like some much Wikipedia  than I want to do something like this.

My content is based on scientific reference for 2 reasons :

  • In general, scientists do a good job. It doesn’t means that all they do is perfect. Somethimes there are scientific studies that are criticized years later as for planet Pluton. But it’s better than non-scientific studies to see what work and not.

  • It’s a reservoir of unexploited information and knowledge. Especially in the field of internet companies that sell content or information.

Use scientific reference allow you to give more relevent information. Look in personal development industry, a lot of companies don’t use scientific reference and it’s a shame because the day when they discover that they’re wrong, everyone will say they’re liars.



You can PubMed , it’ss a great website with a huge number of scientific studies about health.

You can use Google or DuckDuckGo , these search engine can also help you to find it.

When you read books, there are scientific references. Go to see these scientific references and share them with your audience with an article or a video.


When I want scientific references about weight loss, I use a search engine and I type : « weight loss scientific study » and I read several scientific studies about it.

In search results, there is often newspaper articles than summarize the scientific study. After you read the newspaper article, it’s cool to read the source when the scientific reference is in the article. In a scientific study, read the abstract (a summary), introduction and conclusion is enough to understand if you don’t have the time.

Share methods or techniques based on scientific studies is better than something based on a wrong belief.

Do you think scientific studies are good to share knowledge ?


Supermarket Mission


I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

In a supermarket, the Matrix put a lot of traps to buy some junk foods. Here some tricks to avoid the Matrix’s traps.

The plan

You need a plan to succeed, it’s the basis. Create a list ! I use Evernote  to do my supermarket’s list but you can use a piece of paper or something else.

My list :

  • Rice

  • Pasta

  • Olive oil

  • Chicken

  • Tuna

  • Alaska pollock

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Green tea

  • Eggs

  • Legumes

  • Vitamines pills

May be it can help you to do your own list.

Don’t go to the supermarket with your stomack empty. It’s the best way to fall into all the Matrix’s traps to buy junk foods. Supermarkets put chemical odors intentionally to make you buy and with a full stomack, you avoid this trap like a champion.

Nutrition Label

nutrition label etiquette ingredients nutrition label

Now we learn ingredients, we need to have a good judgment about nutrition lable. Luckily the most of healthy foods don’t have nutrition label like meat, fruits and vegetables.

If you buy something in bags and boxes, take 30 seconds to read the nutrition label. It’s crazy what you can find in foods today.

Here somethings you need to know about nutrition label :

  • Don’t be scammed by the food’s name – « healthy food », « natural » shouldn’t blind you. Be sure it’s not a scam like Nestle’s Fitness or Kellogg’s Special K.

  • Scan ingredients list – The first ingredient in the list make up the most of the product. Usually, the fewer ingredients, the better. Don’t be scammed by ingredients name with the mention « all natural ».

  • This is not because it’s not written sugar that there aren’t inside – You know these cereals bars named « healthy » like Nestle Fitness cereal bars or Kellogg’s Special K cereals bars.

  • Avoid high fructose corn syrup – Take whole grain bread and in some whole grain bread you will see in the first five ingredients « high frutose corn syrup ». Shit.

Your body is the only one you have, so take care about the foods you put inside.

Vegetables and fruits

A challenge ? Everytimes you go to the supermarket buy a new vegetable or fruit and learn to prepare it. If you don’t know the vegetable or you don’t know how to prepare it, use Google or DuckDuckGo  or you can ask to an employee. There is a lot of choice of vegetables and fruits in the world and we should take advantage of it.

Fish and meat

chicken meat fish

Don’t be afraid about meat’s fatty curs to save money. The enemy isn’t fat.

Select meats based on your goals. Beef’s fatty cuts is excellent to try to increase calorie levels to gain weight,. chicken breast’s boneless and skinless cuts is excellent to try to keep calories down to be lean.

You can buy bacon.


  • Frozen vegetables are excellent – If you hesitat between fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables, select frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables are good because they’re not bad, they’re easy to prepare and they’re cheap.
  • Check weekly coupons – You can save some money on foods you usually buy because you can have a discount with another brand. It’s a exemple.
  • Don’t be scammed by the sale price – Even if it’s « 10 for 10.- » usually you don’t need to buy 10 so don’t be scammed by the Matrix. Often, you can bu 3 and have access to the sale price.
  • Have supermarket’s member card – It’s free and you can have huge discounts.
  • Go to the supermarket next to your house – Vegetables and fruits can spoil quickly if you do a big trip so go to the supermarket next to your house.
  • Buy in bulk – Very convenient to have a stock of fruits, vegetables, legumes, tuna can or peanut butter. All these things can be keep longtime, it’s cool.


Do you have some questions about supermarket ?


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