Emotionally Manage Negative Reviews

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video and I learned some good stuff.

When we have company, we read customer reviews to improve the products/services. But we have a way of thinking that can hinder the company’s evolution. Here is an example, for a product the are 10 positive reviews and 1 negative review. The problem is that the entrepreneurs will think 1000 times more about the negative review rather than 10 reviews positive.

Bad comment

emotionally, manage, negative reviews

To change this way of thinkging, it’s necessary to understand that this is part of human nature. We have been educated by evolution to focus more on negative things than positive things. And yes, our ancestors lived in an unstable environment during the vast majority of the existence of the human being. Here are some examples :

  1. Our ancestors were very attentive to the elements that were partially negative. They could be very happy, have a great day but they had to pay attention to the powerful animals that could, by surprise, kill them.
  2. Our ancestors had to pay attention to the disputes that had in the village because these disputes could deteriorate the village’s stability. This can result in creating friction that undermines trust in terms of collaboration for survival.
  3. Our ancestors were never satisfied with their situation and this motivated them to improve their lifestyle through science.


emotionally, manage, negative reviews, positive

As you’ve seen, this is a way of thinking that we have in human nature and there are some tips to avoid being obsessed with these negative reviews. I propose 3 solutions :

  • Ignore them. The more negative reviews you see, the more you’ll be desensitized to that. It’s not very complicated because if your company is working well, you have few negative reviews.
  • Delegate the management of reviews to a member in your company. This allows you to avoid being on the front line in the emotional impact to be less affected. It’s true, this solution have a problem. It creates distance between the entrepreneur and the customers feedbacks. It’s for this reason that it’s recommended to set up a procedure for the member who handles the reviews saying : « From now on, it’s you who manages the reviews. The thing I would like you to do is that you only transfer negative constructive reviews to me ». Negative constructive reviews are the criticisms where you see the urge to help.
  • Create an email address only for positive reviews. For example, you can name this email : « positivereviews@yourCompanyName.com » and tell to the person who manages the reviews that each time he/she receive a positive reviews, he/she send it to this email. You can also tell to this person to make a screenshot of a positive review from social media and send it to this email.

With this email address, you create the email of happiness. This will be useful for moments of demotivation and doubt. If, for example, there is an negative reviews that makes you feel bad and you think about it several hours later, you can log on this email, read positive reviews and realize that you’re doing a good job. It’s really a special feeling to know that you’re changing the lives of many people. It’s really fantastic and it allows you to relativize.

It’s possible to make a combination of the 3 solutions. It means, you force yourself to read the negative reviews to desensitize you ; you delelgate part of the process to manage the reviews ; you create a magical email as a psychological support.

These solutions allow you to put things in their place so that you don’t get overwhelmed by negative emotions.

It’s possible that you know of other methods to handle negative reviews, if it’s true, share your method with us in the comments section.

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Stress Fractures

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in biomechanics to avoid injuries. I read « Sport Medicine Media Guide » and I learned some good stuff.

A stress fracture is an overuse injury. Human body creates a new bone to replace a bone that has been broken due to the stress of everyday life. This process is done every day to keep the balance. Unfortunately, this balance can be disrupted because of excessive physical training. There are several factors that can prevent the body from creating enough bone and this make microcracking, called « fracture stress ».

The most common factor of fracture stress is an excessive increase in the intensitiy or frequency of physical activity without adequate rest period. Other factors are nutritional deficiencies, mechanical influences, lack of sleep, systemic factors (hormonal imbalance, etc.) and metabolic bone disorders.

There are case of development of eating disorders and/or amenorrhea (infrequent menstrual periods) for some female athletes who are preparing for a competition. These 2 conditions can create a decrease in estrogen that can decrease bone mineral density. This increase the risk of stress fractures.

Stress fractures are often seen in athletes (especially runners) or military recruiting. For an athlete, 1.6km run is 110 tons of force absorbed by the legs. Bones aren’t made to resist this force (energy) so it’s the muscles that have the function of absorbing shocks.

When the muscles get tired, they stop absorbing the forces and eveything transferred to the bones. Stress fractures occur in almost all bones but are more common in lower bone, expecially the tibia. Depending on the type of sport, there’re distinctive stress fractures such as the elbow in throwing sports, the ribs in golfing and rowing, the spine in gymnastics, the lower extremity in running activities and the foot in gymnastics and bascketball.


stress, fracture, foot, metatarsal, 5th
stress, fracture, foot, x-rays, metatarsal,2nd

Stress fractures create pain in a limited area directly above the tip of the bone where the fracture occurred. The pain is raw because of physical activity and relived with rest. The sensitivity of the bones is the most obvious conclusion to the physical examination.

With regard to X-rays, this isn’t a tool that actually helps to diagnose an early stress fracture because the bone often looks normal and the microcracking aren’t visible. It’s difficult because after several weeks of rest, the bone begins to repair itself and shows a healing reaction or callus on X-rays.

An early stress fracture is usually confirmed by a bone scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


Stress fractures are generally classified as low-risk (will not become a serious fracture) or high-risk (will become a serious fracture).

Low-risk stress fractures usually require a rest period of 1-6 weeks of limited weight bearing activity progressing to full weight bearing may be necessary. Return to physical activity should be a gratual process.

Low impact activities like swimming or biking are recommended to maintain cardiovascular condition when the pain is gone. When the patient can comfortably perform low impact activities for long, pain-free periods, the patient can begin high-impact activities.

High-risk stress fracture have the danger of becoming a complete fracture. For athletes suffering from chronic pain and having normal x-rays results, it’s recommanded to use a bone scan or MRI. High-risk stress fractures should be treated as traumatic fractures (with cast or surgery) because of complications.


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Here are tips developed by AAOS to help to prevent stress fractures :

  • When an athete does a new sport activity, it’s necessary to program progressive goals. For example on the 1st day, don’t run 8km but rather increase the distance gradually per week.
  • Cross-training => Alternate activities to achieve the same fitness goal helps to avoid stress fracture injuries. For example to achieve a cardiovascular goal, alternate cycling and running (cycling one day and riding the other day) is excellent. Adding strength training and doing flexibility exercises help improve performance.
  • Have and maintain a heathy diet with foods rich in calcium and vitamin D.
  • Use good equipment. Don’t use running shoes, gloves, etc, very old and very worn.
  • If during physical activity it start to swell or the pain starts, stop the activity right away. It’s essential to rest for a few days. If the pain continue, you should see an orthopedic surgeon.
  • It’s important to recognize early symptoms and treat them appropriately to return to the sport with a normal level of play.


  • Stress fractures occur less frequently in those of black African descent than in Caucasians, due to a generally higher BMD (bone mineral densitiy) in the former.
  • Women and highly active individuals are also at a higher risk, The incidence probably also increases with age due to age-related reductions in BMD.
  • Children may also be at risk because their bones have yet to reach full density and strength.
  • The female athlete triad also can put women at risk, as disordered eating and osteoporosis can cause the bones to be severely weakened.

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Work Effectively And Earn More (Part1)

work effectively

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Everyone wants to work more efficiently to save time and make more money. There are 2 books to learn how to do this and I’m going to do a synthesis of 2. Maybe you already know theses 2 books, it’s « 4 Hours Workweek  » by Tim Ferriss  and « The One Minute Millionaire » by Mark Victor and Robert Allen.

Before you start, it’s important that you know that there is a special relationship between time and money. The idea is to better manage your time in your day to make your money work for you and make more money. There are several actions to put in place to do this and these actions based on 3 laws :

  • Leverage – Leverage gives you the speed to reach your goals faster. With a lever, you can control several elements. There are 5 types of leverage in 5 forms. We’ll see this in detail.

  • Pareto’s law.

  • Parkinson’s law


lever effect leverage

Let’s start with the leverage and its different points of support. There is a very interesting quote from Archimedes :

« Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough and I will move the world »

Leverage allows you to reach your financial goals more easily and quickly. The higher the fulcrum is, the higher you can go up and far.

5 points of support

Money from others

Very useful in the real estate because the money of the banks and the tenant can allow you to have an additional income and a heritage. This heritage is largely financed by the money of others.

Skills of others

By meeting professionals who have more experience than you and mentors on your professional field, you can follow their examples. This allow you to access years of knowledge in a very short time, and avoid making mistakes that can cost you a lot of money and waste a lot of time.

Ideas of others

Find a partner who is willing to share ideas. For example to create your business instead of reinventing the wheel, you can join a franchise network to use and implement a business model that has been proven.

Time of others

Use the skills of someone who has more experience than you, by this way you can save. Delegate tasks.

Work of others

Support a team that is capable to manage things for you without you need to give last minutes instructions. Create a team with a list of instructions so that they are as autonomous as possible.

5 forms of support points



Mentors are an incredible source of information. Select the people who inspire you from the people who have succeeded in the field you want to master.


It’s known to many we can accomplish more than alone. A team makes it possible to work in synergy and to find solutions more quickly. Find people who have the same values as you and who have complementary skills.

One of the best example of a successful team is the team Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who together created Apple. Steve Wozniak is a computer genius, he created the first Apple computer, the Apple 1 and he largely created the Apple 2 that made the success of Apple. Steve Wozniak is a very nice person but at the time, he didn’t have the skills to sell these computers. Steve Jobs was a sales genius but he didn’t have the skills to create these computers.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs separately have never been able to create something as impressive as Apple, the association of these 2 people who shared the same values and the desire to offer people computers easier to use have marked the history of computer with Apple.


The more professional relationships you have, the greater the leverage will be. Grow your network in the areas where you want to share and work.

Skills and tools

Having essential tools to reach the goal and mastering the operation of theses tools increase success. Skills to master are the power of persuasion, rhetoric and humor.


Using a good system increases the chances of success. To make money, there are millions of systems (there are so many on internet). The perfect system has 5 characteristics :

  1. No need to liquidity

  2. No risk or little

  3. Require no time

  4. Require no management

  5. Require little effort

The truth is that is very, very, very difficult to find an investment system that has these 5 characteristics, but you have to try to get as close as possible to work less and earn more money.

Pareto’s law

pareto law 20 80

Parkinson’s law or the 20/80’s law discovered by the economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto. This principle explains that 20% of the countries of the world share 80% of the wealth and that within these countries 20% of the people share 80% of the wealth. Here is the basis of this principle : « 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes », which means that a minimum of causes create a maximum of effects. Always try to identify in your actions or in your company, the 20% of actions which bring 80% of results.

Parkinson’s law

parkinson law time effort

Parkinson’s law discovered by historian and essayist Cyril Northcote Parkinson. This principle explain that the work extends so as to occupy the time available for the completion of a task. For example, if you put 2 hours to do a task that can be done in 1 hour, you still go for 2 hours. To have more time, we must force ourselves to have less. The basis of this principle is to do a task at 50% or 75% of the recommended time to do it.

In this section, we saw leverage, Pareto’s law and Parkinson’s law. In the 2nd part, we’ll see the 5 actions to be effective and the 4 actions to make more money.

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Studying Success

study success

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Here a quote from Jim Rohn : « Success leaves clues».

In all areas, you can study how others have succeeded.

To understand the concepts of studying success in a good way, I’ll take the magician’s exemple. A magicien make a show in front of thousands of people and what happens is that thousands of people see things that doesn’t exist and doesn’t see things that exists. Thinking about that, we’re always impressed by the magicien show because they do things we have never seen.

How learn

be interested in

Studying success is the opposite. You need to see the things that exist but are hidden and not let you blinded by illusions.

To be able to study success successfully, there are a few tricks :

  • Read biographies or autobiographies of successful people in your field. It‘s even more interesting to read the biography after the person is dead because the hidden elements are revealed.

  • You can meet successful people if they’re still alive to ask questions or participate in a seminar.

Collecting the knowledge of successful people will help you speed up your success.

Techniques subtleties

study success

It’s like when I learned a Pencak Silat’s technique (Indonesian martial art). My teacher showed me a technique and I said to myself : « Oh, it’s easy ! ». After 3 attempts, I realized that it was difficult. I couldn’t perform this technique and I didn’t understand how to do it.

After a few minutes, I asked my teacher how he did that. You have to know ask for help to unlock a situation and not take it as a weakness.

My teacher explained to me that brute force wasn’t the most important element in this technique. You have to know how to use gravity and angle. Click, I had the technique and even I was surprised by the result. But my technique is much less fluid and « aesthetic » than my teacher (it’s nice to see when my teacher does this). I still have a lot of work to do.

Focus on things that exist and stop being disturbed by illusions (newspapers, magazines, gossips, etc). Look for the source by being in direct contact with people who are successful in your field.

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Les Mythes Des Filles (Part 1)

girls lift heavy

Ma sœur m’a demandé conseil pour choisir un gym. Par curiosité, je lui ai demandé son entraînement. Sa réponse : « C’est juste pour le bas du corps ». J’ai répondu que ce serait bien qu’elle travaille le haut du corps mais elle n’avait pas l’air convaincu. C’est pour cela que je vais allé plus en détail dans cet article.

Pour commencer, le fitness marketing pour les filles, c’est comme Hollywood, c’est du bluff. S’il disait la vérité, ce serait :

  • « Tu veux avoir un corps tonique et des abdos ? Ne perds pas ton temps avec ça ! »

  • « Tu veux perdre du ventre ? Les machines à abdos ne vont pas t’aider ! »

  • « Tu veux avoir plus de force ? Tu dois soulevé quelque chose plus lourd que ça ! »

Dans tous les magazines, il y a des programmes qui te promettent des résultats incroyables avec des poids légers et des équipements pourris. Des programmes uniquement pour les abdos, les cuisses et les fesses. Comment tu veux avoir un corps sain, si tu entraînes uniquement 50 % du corps ? Jambes toniques mais bras, épaules et dos flasques, c’est super sexy !

Une fille qui soulève lourd va devenir un bodybuilder

girls lift heavy

Il y a des célébrités (Gwyneth Paltrow) qui ne doivent pas soulevé des poids de plus de 1.5kg (3lbs). C’est une blague, elle paie un coach pour avoir une meilleur santé mais elle soulève des choses plus légères qu’une chaise !?!

Fait attention, si tu soulève quelque chose plus lourd qu’une chaise tu vas devenir un bodybuilder !

Les fille bodybuilders s’entraînent, mangent et prennent des suppléments spéciaux pour arriver à ce résultat. Et surtout cela fait plus de 10 ans qu’elles ont ce type de style de vie.

Si tu soulèves lourds, tes muscles vont être plus forts mais pas nécessairement plus gros. Regarde, tu soulèves lourds et tu manges avec un déficit de calories (nourriture saine) et tes muscles vont être plus forts et dense, tu vas brûler de la graisse dans le muscle et tu auras un corps tonique.

Localiser la réduction de graisse


  • Side bend – rend plus fort les muscles latéraux sans réduire la graisse. Cela peut même augmenter le tour de taille sauf si tu change ton alimentation.

  • Situps – Ne diminue pas la graisse du ventre. Cela peut même endommage le bas du dos. C’est un exercice incomplet.

Ton corps ne peut pas réduire la graisse à l’endroit où tu veux précisément. Si tu as des bras flasques, faire des milliers de curl biceps ne vas pas aider. Ton corps est génétiquement prédisposé à stocker de la graisse à certain endroit dans un certain ordre. Quand tu commences à perdre du poids, ton corps va perdre de la graisse dans différents endroits dans un ordre précis. L’ordre est unique à chaque personne car elle est lié à la génétique.

Pour perdre de la graisse, mange meilleur. Ton alimentation est responsable à 80-90 % de ta perte de graisse.

J’espère que la première partie t’as aidé. Dans la prochaine partie je parlerai des mythes du « cardio pour perdre du poids » et « un programme fonctionne pour toutes les filles ».

Et toi ? Quels sont tes mythes pour le fitness/bodybuilding ?


Progression Corps 21aug2016

body golden ratio

Comme la catégorie « Body Massacre » est la documentation de l’évolution de mon corps, il est important que je te montre mon suivie. Mon objectif est d’atteindre le ratio d’or pour avoir mon corps en forme de X. Mon but n’est pas d’avoir les 6-pack mais d’avoir un corps symétrique et proportionné.

Le corps en forme de X : C’est épaules larges, taille fine, jambes bien développées. Le tout symbolisent virilité et force.

Ratio d’or : C’est un terme mathématique qui est la comparaison de deux éléments qui conduit à la proportion entre les deux d’une manière idéale. Le visage est un excellent exemple, le visage forme un rectangle d’or avec les yeux dans son milieu. La bouche et le nez sont placés chacun au niveau des sections d’or de la distance entre les yeux et le bas du menton. Regarde ton visage.

La comparaison des résultats ont un ratio de 1:1.618. Par exemple si la longueur de ta main a une valeur de 1, la longueur combinée de ta main + l’avant-bras a une valeur approximative de 1.618.

Il y a des sites internet qui te permettent de calculer ton ratio d’or ici et


J’utilise mon appli JeFit  pour suivre mon évolution :

body progress jefit

C’est le screenshot de mon smartphone et oui, c’est en kilo et en cm. Quand c’est en vert, ça veut dire que je n’est pas encore atteins le ratio.

Pour le pourcentage de graisse corporelle, j’utilise l’étrier et le tableau qui est avec. Ce n’est pas super précis mais cela donne une idée de la situation. Le jour où je voudrais une information précise, j’irais dans un laboratoire pour utiliser une machine mais pour le moment l’étrier va très bien.

Voici mes mensurations :

  • Taille / Height : 175cm / 5.7ft
  • Poids / Weight  : 76.9kg / 169.5lbs
  • Graisse corp % / Bodyfat %: 5.6
  • Taille / Waist : 81.4cm / 32inches
  • Pectoraux / Chest : 95.8cm / 37.1inches
  • Bras / Arms : 33cm / 12inches
  • Avant-bras / Forearms : 29cm / 11.4inches
  • Epaule / Shoulder : 119cm / 46.85inches
  • Hanche / Hips : 92cm / 36.2inches
  • Cuisse / Thighs : 55.5cm / 21.85inches

Voici des photos du 21 aug 2016, le matin à jeun:

body update 21aug2016

Tu as vu, il y a plusieurs zones vertes donc j’ai des progrès à faire, c’est cool. Je ne cherche pas à être parfait, atteindre le ratio d’or me donnera une fondation solide.

Et toi, tu veux atteindre le ratio d’or ?


Force Et Honneur

gladiator russel crowe

Jeune ou vieux, grand ou petit, être fort est le meilleur attribut que tu peux te donner à toi-même. Juste comme Maximus Decimus Meridius le dit dans le armé dans le film, Gladiateur, il y a un vrai sens de l’honneur qui vient avec la force.

Quand j’étais à l’école, souvent je n’étais pas dans les premiers à être pris dans les équipe de football ou de basket parce que j’étais maladroit mais aussi parce que j’étais faible. C’est pour cela que j’ai commencé à sérieusement à faire du sport, Maximus m’a appris qu’il y a de l’honneur dans la force et je voulais ça.

C’est comme cela qu’à commencer mon histoire d’amour avec l’entraînement en force. Maintenant j’aime encore plus être fort que jamais.

Que tu n’as jamais fait de pompe ou du soulever de terre. Que tu te prépare pour courir un marathon ou simplement être une meilleur personne, être fort est le meilleur cadeau que tu puisses te donner.

Cela a une part dans ton existence et je vais te dire pourquoi.

Nous sommes faits pour être forts ! Il y a beaucoup de bonnes choses qui sont venus avec les avancées technologiques mais maintenant que notre survie n’est plus liée à notre force, ce n’est plus quelque chose de « nécessaire ».

Cependant, nous sommes génétiquement conçu pour bouger. Etre actif. Etre fort. C’est dans notre ADN et cela à besoin d’être activé si tu veux être en meilleur santé, plus heureux, être une version plus forte de toi-même.


En plus l’entraînement de force améliore la mémoire, diminue l’anxiété et améliore l’apprentissage de connaissance.

Ne t’inquiète pas si tu commences avec juste quelques pompes et du squat dans ta chambre. Plus tôt tu commence un entraînement de force, plus tôt tu pourras récolter ses bénéfices et reprendre le contrôle sur ton futur.

J’entraîne ma force parce que je veux voir de quoi je suis capable. Je veux savoir comment je peux devenir fort. Je veux prouver à moi-même qu’avec assez de temps et de concentration, tout est possible.

J’entraîne ma force parce que je crois que c’est ma responsabilité de devenir une meilleur version de moi-même. Je n’ai pas envie de regarder mon passé et me dire « et si… ».

gladiator russel crowe

Je prévois de vivre longtemps et je sais que le meilleur moyen un longue vie sain et heureuse est d’être fort et je me motive moi-même à devenir plus fort. C’est quand mon prochain entraînement ? C’est quand ?

A ton tour ? Pourquoi tu entraînes ta force ?