Avoid Being Workaholic

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video and I learned some good stuff.

There is a trick to avoid being a workaholic that the majority of entrepreneurs don’t do. It’s to have a productive activity outside of work (because the company is based on a passion). If you’re not sure what a productive activity is, you can read this article I wrote. Click here ].

A lot of entrepreneurs are workaholics, which means that they’re work addicts. It’s not really a bad behavior, especially in the early years of the company because there are many new things to learn and few employees. But in the long term, it can block you to achieve the success you should have.


workaholic, burn, out, office, computer, phone, coffee

When I say « work addict », I don’t mean that a person is an addict like with cocaine, heroine, crystale methamphetamine, etc. We, human beings, are afraid of emptiness. This is very well explained in the Tim Ferriss book « 4-hour Workweek » . For example, you become more and more efficient using the 20/80 method (Pareto’s law) and you manage to earn 2 hours of free time per week. Now, what are you going to do with these 2 hours of free time ? Are you going to sit and count the insects ? No ! And as today more and more entrepreneurs have a laptop, they’ll continue to work on the laptop.

The problem of working during free time are :

  • Too much nose to the grindstone and do things that aren’t really useful. It prevents you from having peace of mind, serenity, being creative, decompressing, taking a step back, etc.
  • Work to work. For many people, consciously or unconsciously, if they don’t work, they’ll be bored. So they’ll do things that aren’t really useful to be busy. We can call it « intelligent procrastination ». With « intelligent procrastination » people around you see that you’re working but it’s not things that really make your company evolve. For example, spending 2 days choosing the font and colors of your website is « intelligent procrastination ».
  • In the long term doing things that are not really useful for the company’s evolution, will have negative effects. You’ll lose you serenity and have more stress. The symptoms of this state of mind are that you have the impression that everyone is stupid. At that moment, you have to take a holiday right away, otherwise you’ll have a burn-out.

I know it’s a little paradoxical because the first years of the company, you have to work as much as you can because there are lots of things to do and there is no budget to pay employees, but it’s important to have a productive activity to keep the balance in your life.

Usually when you start looking for an idea to start a company, you make a list of the things you like to do the most. This productive activity can be one of those things from the list that wasn’t used to create your company. This can be an activity such as flying a plane, kickboxing, meditation or something else that allows you to relax and forget about work.

Don’t hesitate to write this productive activity in the comment section and if you don’t know, make a list of things you like to do to get ideas.

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How To Reduce Stress (Part 1)


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

I am doing a synthesis of the Dale Carnegie’s book “How to stop worrying and start living”  and other sources on internet for a blueprint to manages stress in 4 steps.

Stress is about change, it means adapting to the environment of a changing structure. Stress is a feeling triggered by the interpretation of an event. It’s a reaction related to the constraints and the pressure undergone in its environment. Stress can be interpreted as something positive, whether it’s considered a challenge or as something negative, if it’s considered a harmful event.

The truth is that stress is a mistake of reasoning in relation to the attitude or behavior we adopt. This is an answer that isn’t adequate. It’s an alert for mental dysfunction as the body gives us an alert for physical pain. Fortunately, people can learn to control stress in 4 steps : Take a step back and analyze what triggered the stress ; anticipate and visualize ; organize yourself and communicate and turn away or adapt and accept.

1st step – Take a step back and analyze


keep calm stress


It’s necessary to step back and analyze what triggered the stress. Because before trying to solve that, it’s important to know what caused it. By analyzing what caused the stress, we can avoid certain consequences.

To do that, here’s what you can do :

  • Make a list of sources of annoyance that you have in your family, friends, school, work, transportation, etc. Once you have found them, classify them from the most impacting to the least impacting. You can also do a 20/80 analysis, that means identify the 20% of the sources that bring you 80% of your stress.

  • Ask yourself these questions : « What is the problem ? What is the cause of this stress in these sources ? What are the most serious consequences that I suffer of my experience ? »

  • Understand the emotion that created in these moments. Then check if it’s a real fear or rather a theoretical concern that doesn’t have much to happen in your life.

If a situation is truly unavoidable, you need to prepare yourself to accept it. We must give up the impossible because it’s extremely stressful to have no way to change a situation. To avoid this, you need to anticipate situations that may lead you into an impasse. Once these situations identified, you must try to really avoid them or change the course of things from the start.

It’s impossible to keep control of all things in your life. It’s useless to set inaccessible goals.

2nd step – anticipate and visualize


anticipate visualize telescope



The best way to handle stress is to anticipate. Based on the list you made in the first step (source of stress), imagine solutions and possible answers. Ask yourself these questions : « Why did you agree to be in this situation ? ». If what you do make sense, it limits the stress.

Decide how you want to live a situation. An event that happens to you can have not effect on you until you choose words to qualify it. If you say that an event is happy, boring, sad or extraordinary, it can become so. By qualifying the event, you modify the perception that you have of this event.

The way you see the event determines your body’s reaction. So take a moment to think before judging and classyfying a situation as negative.

Take Olivier Roland’s example. When Olivier Roland began to meditate, his neighbor’s dog was barking. At first it disturbed Olivier to focus on his breathing, it was stressful and annoying. After a while, Olivier realized that it wasn’t the barking dog that was stressful, it was Olivier’s interpretation of the situation. From the moment that Olivier decided that the barking dog was something neutral or positive, he began to appreciate when the dog barks. It’s a sign of life.

Imagination can be used to help fight stress. Get in shape before a stressful event. You can create a positive state of mind when an event is negative. Think of something positive like music, a holiday, projects in progress. Visualize a happy moment, a happy memory.

This the end of Part 1. In the 2nd Part, I talk about organize yourself and communicate and turn away or adapt and accept.

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Fitness Is Recreation ?

clown at gym

Today Easter’s Friday, I tell to myself that the gym will be empty because it’s vacation. And no, the gym is full of new faces. Weird.

My program is Chest – Triceps – Calves and as the gym is full, I feel chest going to be complicated. Yes, there are two machines that have been long occupied, I could make one, pec decks but I had replaced inner chest cable crossover by decline bench press with dumbbells. I’m glad I was able to work all muscle areas that I wanted. It’s always good to have an alternative exercise instead of doing nothing.

When I wanted to do inner chest cable crossover, the machine was busy so I worked my triceps with a cable machine, just behind. Frankly, there are people who take themselves for bodybuilders while they don’t have the physical. I think the guy hadn’t program because it was a superset triceps, biceps, chest and execution of motion was really bad. Besides, the guy doing poses after each set.

ego gym

One moment, I told myself that I had showed him how to do exercise but I didn’t because he was older than me. The guy thought he was a superstar when I have a better physique than him. I said to myself : “But it’s a clown, he has a sick ego”.

Alongside another cable machine, there is a guy that does the same exercice as me for triceps, cable reverse grip triceps pushdown. But the guy moving his legs like crazy, he swings his body. It’s clear, he lift too heavy and work very very little his triceps.

After seeing 2 guys make clowns like that, I started to be angry, it came quick. I am so passionate about fitness world that see people do without being seriously makes me freak. This is not the recreation here. I was so pissed I add a set for each exercice to calm me down.

angry gym

It’s like that, there are people who are passionate about a topic and others, it is recreation. I have to learn to deal with it. I really realized after my training I am passionate about fitness even more than I thought.

I don’t know if it happened to you to be angry because of people who don’t take your passion seriously but I know something cool: Your passion becomes your profession !

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How Many Time To Lose Muscle ?


One thing is sure in the summer: We sweat all day and parties in weekends are more intensive than in winter . So it’s harder to hold its training program.


But what happens when we stop to train for several weeks, holidays mode. Here are the results of a Danish study.


The researchers gathered 17 active men around twenty years old and 15 active men around sixties. Each participant had one of their legs immobilized for 2 weeks. After two weeks of inactivity all participants have lost some of their physical condition and muscle mass, nothing shocking up there. But young people have lost about 17 ounces ( 340 grams) of muscle and 30% of their strength (which corresponds to an aging about 45 years according to the study), while older men have only lost 9 ounces ( 255 grams) of muscle and 20% of their strength. Conclusion more muscle you have, the more you stand to lose if you relax. Hmmmm, it’s annoying that.

lose muscle

After this period of immobilization, participants had to train up to 4 times a week to find their muscle mass and strength lost. 6 weeks to get back to the original physique.

lose muscle 2

If these results don’t motivate you to do some weekly training sessions in holidays mode, you know what will happen to you. Remember, even if you don’t have time to do all your session, do 30 minutes, that’s better than nothing.

lose muscle 3


Combien De Temps Pour Perdre Du Muscle ?


Une chose est sûr durant l’été : On transpire toute la journée et les week-ends on fait plus la fête qu’en hiver. Du coup il est plus difficile de tenir son programme d’entraînement.


Mais que se passe-t-il quand on arrête de s’entraîner pendant plusieurs semaines en mode vacances. Voici le résultat d’une étude danoise.


Les chercheurs ont réuni 17 hommes actifs ayant la vingtaine d’années et 15 hommes actifs ayant la soixantaine. Chaque participant avait une de leurs jambes immobilisé pendant 2 semaines. Après 2 semaines d’inactivité tous les participants ont perdu un peu de leur conditions physique et masse musculaire, rien de choquant jusqu’à là. Cependant les jeunes ont perdu environ 340 grammes (17 onces) de muscle et 30 % de leurs forces ( ce qui correspond à un vieillissement de 45 ans selon l’étude) tandis que les hommes plus agés ont seulement perdu 255 grammes (9 onces) de muscle et 20 % de leurs force. Conclusion plus vous avez de muscle, plus vous risquez de les perdre si vous vous relâchez. Mmmmh, c’est embêtant ça.

lose muscle

Après cette période d’immobilisation, les participants ont dû s’entraîner jusqu’à 4 fois par semaines pour retrouver leurs masse musculaire et leur force perdu. 6 semaines pour revenir à la forme originale.

lose muscle 2

Si ces résultats ne vous motivent pas pour faire quelques séances d’entraînement hebdomadaire, en mode vacance, vous savez ce qui va vous arriver. Rappelez-vous, même si vous n’avez pas le temps de faire toute votre séance, faites 30 minutes, cela vaut mieux que rien du tout.

lose muscle 3