Fitness Is Recreation ?

clown at gym

Today Easter’s Friday, I tell to myself that the gym will be empty because it’s vacation. And no, the gym is full of new faces. Weird.

My program is Chest – Triceps – Calves and as the gym is full, I feel chest going to be complicated. Yes, there are two machines that have been long occupied, I could make one, pec decks but I had replaced inner chest cable crossover by decline bench press with dumbbells. I’m glad I was able to work all muscle areas that I wanted. It’s always good to have an alternative exercise instead of doing nothing.

When I wanted to do inner chest cable crossover, the machine was busy so I worked my triceps with a cable machine, just behind. Frankly, there are people who take themselves for bodybuilders while they don’t have the physical. I think the guy hadn’t program because it was a superset triceps, biceps, chest and execution of motion was really bad. Besides, the guy doing poses after each set.

ego gym

One moment, I told myself that I had showed him how to do exercise but I didn’t because he was older than me. The guy thought he was a superstar when I have a better physique than him. I said to myself : “But it’s a clown, he has a sick ego”.

Alongside another cable machine, there is a guy that does the same exercice as me for triceps, cable reverse grip triceps pushdown. But the guy moving his legs like crazy, he swings his body. It’s clear, he lift too heavy and work very very little his triceps.

After seeing 2 guys make clowns like that, I started to be angry, it came quick. I am so passionate about fitness world that see people do without being seriously makes me freak. This is not the recreation here. I was so pissed I add a set for each exercice to calm me down.

angry gym

It’s like that, there are people who are passionate about a topic and others, it is recreation. I have to learn to deal with it. I really realized after my training I am passionate about fitness even more than I thought.

I don’t know if it happened to you to be angry because of people who don’t take your passion seriously but I know something cool: Your passion becomes your profession !

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