Dramatic Mistakes

dramatic mistake

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

Usually beginner entrepreneurs make 3 dramatic mistakes.

Don’t be focused on sales


When we run a company, the most important thing to do is make sales. Find first customers as soon as possible to have enough sales to achieve breakeven. Breakeven is the moment where we earn enough money to pay salaries, rent, internet bills, etc. One this step is done, work hard to have profit every months. This is the first priority when we create a company, achieve breakeven as soon as possible.

A lot of entrepreneurs are focused on others things less important like choose furniture, think about website’s design, think about visit card’s design. These things are useful but they are not a priority, they are really useful when you don’t have customers, right ? At the beginning, it’s 80 % of your time to find and convince customers.

If you are too shy to speak to someone, you can use social media. Now, a lot of introverted have millions of customers with social media, it’s cool.

Not outsource accounting


Beginner entrepreneurs spend too much time to accounting thinking save money. It’s a dramatic mistake because this distraction prevent them to make sales. Accounting is complex and complicated and if you make a mistake, this can have a huge bad result with accounting, tax and legal. It’s better to have a good accountant and it’s not expensive. When we begin a company, we can negotiate. Outsource accounting is in the budget.

Not make recurring offers

recurring offer

There is a difference between smart entrepreneurs and others. Smart entrepreneurs don’t try to sell one time to a customer, they make recurring offers to develop customer’s loyalty. It’s possible to do this with physical products with a subscription or a maintenance contract for 6 months or 1 year.

Do you know others dramatic mistakes make by beginner entrepreneurs ?


My Documentaries

my documentary

There are some days I watched a Gary Vaynerchuck’s video. This video is really interesting and he gives solid advice because it’s an interview with one of his client. Everything is filmed and it’s advices he gives to the majority of his clients at the first appointment. If you don’t know Gary Vaynerchuck, do a research on Google  or DuckDuckGo to know more about him but what I can tell you is that he helps his clients to use better social media to grow theirs companies.

gary vaynerchuck

The simplest way is to go on his YouTube channel  and you will understand why I subscribed to his channel.

There is a concept that I hadn’t yet understood to add content in my blog or my social media : « Document VS Content ». Sometimes when I don’t have inspiration and the idea of documenting about the evolution of my blog and my training is a great idea. I’m sure you look vlogs on YouTube ? In fact, you watched a part of a youtuber’s day, right ?

We like to know the people who give us advice or inspires us and that’s normal. It’s for this reason that vlogs works well.

This is why I will document the evolution of my blog explaining plugins I use, the ecosystem I have with my social media and what I’ve learned with the course of The Family  for startups and others like Gary Vaynerchuck, Tim Ferriss or Olivier Roland.

the family

Documenting my workout to follow the evolution of my performance and my physique. I start it but I had separate exercises and nutrition. This time I do a category where I explain my exercises, my nutrition, my workout’s feelings but especially new things I learn to improve my body like calculating my bodyfat, calculating my basal metabolism to optimize my diet to reach my goals, etc.

I always listen to the advice of people who living the advice they give. We both know that there are more and more fancy people in this world and we quickly scammed. But beware, if I do this, it’s for me, it’s a way to have better track of my evolution of athlete and entrepreneur and if it can help you, it’s cool otherwise I continue to do what I like in my bubble. It doesn’t interest me to know what people think of me (this is for my parents too).

I convey to you what I learned, what I learn and what I will learn.

And you, do you document your passion ?


The Current State of Fitness Entrepreneur


I just watched a Gary Vaynerchuk’s video about fitness entrepreneur Fitness. If you don’t know Gary, goes on his YouTube channel or types his name in Google and you’ll quickly realize that he’s one of the most influential guys in the field of startups.

Well now, I put the video like that you’ll quickly understand :

And he’s not wrong Gary. When I see the time and sacrifices I do to improve my body, I always wonder why guys who do competitions don’t create big companies. With their experience on the field, they could have more customers. Usually they sell fitness programs, selling their own clothes brand and earn commissions on food supplements and unfortunately they spend a lot of time to show off on social networks rather grow their business.

Even you know, you see it on the internet. They participate in two exhibitions in the year to make a serious promo and a serious video to put on YouTube and the rest of the year, they clown and find customers one here and one there without strategy, by one. I know several personal trainer and it’s hard for them, I advise them to be more present on Internet to access a larger number of people but attention, it will not happen in 3 months. The key is to create interesting content , blog/video, what you want. It’s necessary that people can learn something from fitness’s world. This can take 2-3 years before to have a big audience but it’s like that for every business. Never give up.

I think to run his/her company, you must like competition as an athlete. Fitness’s people isn’t athlete ?!?. There is a person I like in Netherland, it’s Tavi Castro, founder of BodyEngineering, owner of 4Invictus and distributor of ShredZ. Wait I’ll put links: http://engineered-life.com/ ; http://4invictus.com/shop/ ;. This guy has 30 employees now, do you imagine ? Wait I’ll put the video where he tells his story, wait, wait:

The fact than Gary Vaynerchuk make a video about fitness’s world because he’s a guy who is more in social media: he invests early in Twitter and Uber, Instagram for him will be the new Facebook and Snapchat is a killer. We don’t even talk about Airbnb, numbers speak for him. I think that for this guy is interested in fitness’s world, it’s we can do something really ambition.

And you know, the food industry create more and more rotten foods and drugs are more and more dirty secondary effects, I think fitness will be always there.


P.S. I had forgotten Christian Guzman in the same spirit that Tavi Castro

Who knows maybe soon there will be a Google fitness


Etat actuel des entrepreneur du fitness


Je viens de voir une vidéo de Gary Vaynerchuk sur les entrepreneur du Fitness. Si tu ne connais pas Gary, va sur sa chaîne YouTube ou tape son nom dans Google et tu vas vite comprendre que c’est l’un des mecs les plus influent dans le domaine des startups.

Tiens déjà, je te mets la video comme ça tu vas vite comprendre (video en anglais) :



Et il a pas tord le Gary. Quand je vois le temps et les sacrifices que je fais pour améliorer mon corps, je me demande toujours pourquoi les mecs qui font des compétitions n’arrive pas à créer de grosses entreprises. Avec l’expérience qu’ils ont dans le domaine, ils pourrait avoir plus de clientèle. Généralement ils vendent des programmes de fitness, vendent leurs marque d’habits et touchent des commissions sur les compléments alimentaires et malheureusement ils passent plus de temps à faire frimer sur les réseaux sociaux qu’a développer leurs business.

Toi même tu sais, tu en vois pleins sur internet. ils font 2 expos dans l’année pour faire de la promo et faire une vidéo sérieuse à mettre sur YouTube et le reste l’année ils font les bouffons et ils trouvent des clients par-ci, par-là sans stratégie. Je connais pas mal de coach sportif qui sont en galère, je leur conseille d’être plus présent sur internet pour avoir accès à un plus grand nombre de personnes mais,fait gaffe, ça va pas arriver en 3 mois. La clé c’est de créer du contenu intéressant, blog/vidéo, peu importe. Il faut que les gens puissent apprendre quelques que chose du monde du fitness. Cela peut prendre 2-3 ans avant d’avoir une grande audience mais c’est comme ça pour chaque entreprise, faut rien lacher.

Je pense que pour avoir son entreprise il faut aimer la compétition comme un sportif, les gens du fitness c’est des sportif non ?!?. Il y a une personne que j’aime bien en Hollande, c’est Tavi Castro, fondateur de BodyEngineering, proriétaire de Invictus et distributeur de ShredZ. Attends je te mets le lien : http://engineered-life.com/; http://4invictus.com/shop/;. Ce mec a 30 employés maintenant, t’imagines ? Attends je vais mettre la vidéo où il raconte son histoire, attends, attends :

Pour que Gary Vaynerchuk fasse une vidéo sur le monde du Fitness alors que c’est un mec qui est plutôt dans les médias sociaux : il a investit aux début de Twitter et Uber, pour lui Instagram sera le nouveau Facebook et Snapchat est une tuerie. On parle même pas Airbnb, les chiffres parlent pour lui. Je pense que pour que ce gars s’intéresse au monde du fitness c’est qu’il y a vraiment quelques à faire de vraiment ambition dedans.

En plus vu que l’industrie de l’alimentaire fait de la nourriture de plus en plus pourri et que les médicaments on des effets secondaire toujours plus sale, je pense que le fitness sera toujours là.


P.S. J’avais oublie Christian Guzman dans le même délire que Tavi Castro

Qui sait peut-être bientôt il y aura un Google du fitness