How To Have Too Many Clients

too many clients

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

The trick is that you have to have more people who want to buy your product than products available. This trick is also valid for service.

This trick is that you have to develop your audience to make sure there are so many people who know you that it’s not possible for everyone to buy your products/services. Here is an example.

Imagine that you have a bakery. As there are several bakeries in the neighborhood, your turnover is limited because of the local radius. People don’t go kilometers (miles) to go to bakery, usually they go tho the bakery closest to home.

Social media for your company

social media

There is something to boost your audience/clients through the internet. It’s to develop your bakery’s presence on internet with a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel. With a YouTube channel, you can show what you do every day with vlogs. You make a video when you get up at 4 in the morning to make breads and cakes, which means that you film the process (knead the dough, the oven, etc.). All these videos, you can publish them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other video support.

To start, you will publish these videos to your local clientele, then to a national level and then to an international level. This is an important first step but it can be quickly copied. To differentiate yourself from other bakeries, it’s necessary that you have an extremely good cake with a secret recipe. You can make videos of this cake with a secret recipe but you don’t show the whole process, all the ingredients. It’s a cake with a secret recipe like Cola-Cola.

Tell a story about this secret recipe to make it mysterious. It must be a true story like : « It’s a recipe from my mother’s grandmother » or « It’s a recipe I accidentally created ». With this story, this storytelling, people of the neighborhood will know you better and you’ll become a local celebrity. And what’s interesting is that there will be people from other cities coming to your bakery because you’re the baker who has this great YouTube channel.

With a website, you can sell your breads ans cakes online in other cities. Because of your presence on internet, local newspapers will do an article about you because there is buzz. And you can display these articles in your bakery in a very visible place so that all clients can see them. All this will boost word of mouth.

2 options


After a while, you will not be able to satisfy the request and it’s at this moment where you have to ask yourself these 2 question :

  • Open another bakery. You will work more, earn more money and recognition.

  • Increase prices. You limit your time for the quality of life or the quality of your products because you’re an artisan.

In London, there is this Japanese restaurant, The Araki , which has 3 stars in the Michelin guide. There is a waiting list of several months to eat there. The Araki has one menu only of £300 and only 10 seats. It’s really interesting to read their « Booking Policy » .

I know that this can’t be applied in all professional fields but it gives you the possibility to have more clients.

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My Documentaries

my documentary

There are some days I watched a Gary Vaynerchuck’s video. This video is really interesting and he gives solid advice because it’s an interview with one of his client. Everything is filmed and it’s advices he gives to the majority of his clients at the first appointment. If you don’t know Gary Vaynerchuck, do a research on Google  or DuckDuckGo to know more about him but what I can tell you is that he helps his clients to use better social media to grow theirs companies.

gary vaynerchuck

The simplest way is to go on his YouTube channel  and you will understand why I subscribed to his channel.

There is a concept that I hadn’t yet understood to add content in my blog or my social media : « Document VS Content ». Sometimes when I don’t have inspiration and the idea of documenting about the evolution of my blog and my training is a great idea. I’m sure you look vlogs on YouTube ? In fact, you watched a part of a youtuber’s day, right ?

We like to know the people who give us advice or inspires us and that’s normal. It’s for this reason that vlogs works well.

This is why I will document the evolution of my blog explaining plugins I use, the ecosystem I have with my social media and what I’ve learned with the course of The Family  for startups and others like Gary Vaynerchuck, Tim Ferriss or Olivier Roland.

the family

Documenting my workout to follow the evolution of my performance and my physique. I start it but I had separate exercises and nutrition. This time I do a category where I explain my exercises, my nutrition, my workout’s feelings but especially new things I learn to improve my body like calculating my bodyfat, calculating my basal metabolism to optimize my diet to reach my goals, etc.

I always listen to the advice of people who living the advice they give. We both know that there are more and more fancy people in this world and we quickly scammed. But beware, if I do this, it’s for me, it’s a way to have better track of my evolution of athlete and entrepreneur and if it can help you, it’s cool otherwise I continue to do what I like in my bubble. It doesn’t interest me to know what people think of me (this is for my parents too).

I convey to you what I learned, what I learn and what I will learn.

And you, do you document your passion ?


Mes Documentaires

my documentary

Il y a quelques jours j’ai vu une vidéo de Gary Vaynerchuck. Cette une vidéo est vraiment intéressante et il donne pleins conseils parce que c’est un entretien qu’il a avec un client. Tout est filmé et c’est les conseils qu’il donne à la majorité de ses clients lors du premier rendez-vous. Si tu ne connais pas Gary Vaynerchuck, je te conseils de faire des recherches sur Google  ou DuckDuckGo  pour en savoir plus mais ce que je peux te dire c’est qu’il aide ses clients à mieux utiliser les réseaux sociaux pour développer leurs entreprises.

gary vaynerchuck

Le plus simple peut-être est d’aller sur sa chaîne YouTube  et tu comprendras pourquoi je me suis abonné à sa chaîne.

Il y a un concept que je n’avais pas encore compris pour ajouter du contenu dans mon blog ou dans mes réseaux sociaux : « Documenter VS Contenu ». Il arrive que des fois je suis en manque d’inspiration et l’idée de documenter l’évolution de mon blog et de mes entraînements est une excellente idée. Je suis sûr que tu regarde des vlogs sur YouTube ? En fait, des youtubers qui te montre une partie de leurs journées, vrai ?

Nous aimons connaître les personnes qui nous donnes des conseils ou qui nous inspire et c’est normal. C’est pour cette raison que les vlogs fonctionne bien.

C’est pour cela que je vais documenter l’évolution de mon blog en t’expliquant les plugins que j’utilise, l’écosystème que j’ai avec mes réseaux sociaux et ce que j’ai appris avec les cours de The Family  pour les startups et d’autres personnes comme Gary Vaynerchuck, Tim Ferriss ou Olivier Roland.

the family

Documenter mes entraînement pour suivre l’évolution des mes performances et de mon physique. J’avais commencer mais j’avais séparé les exercices et la nutrition. Cette fois je fais une catégorie où j’explique mes exercices, ma nutrition, mes ressentis aux entraînements mais surtout les nouvelles choses que j’apprends pour améliorer mon corps comme le calcul de ma graisse corporelle, le calcul de mon métabolisme basale pour optimiser ma diète suivant mes objectifs, etc.

Je suis toujours les conseils des personnes qui vivent les conseils qu’ils donnent. Tu sais comme moi qu’il y a de plus en plus de mytho dans ce monde et nous nous faisons vite arnaquer. Mais attention, si je fais cela c’est pour moi, c’est une façon d’avoir un meilleur suivi sur mon évolution d’athlète et d’entrepreneur et si cela peut t’aider c’est cool sinon je continue à faire ce que j’aime dans ma bulle. Ça ne m’intéresse pas de savoir ce que les gens pensent de moi (c’est valable pour mes parents aussi).

Et toi, est-ce que tu documentes ce qui te passionne ?