I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

Olivier Roland was in the Heathrow’s airport to take a plane. It was in the morning then he took his breakfast in the airport. Look this scene :

  • Olivier : Hi, I would like a green tea

  • Cashier :Ok, do you want a large cup ?

  • Olivier : No, no, I want a normal cup

  • Cashier : Do you know, it’s 10 Pence more for a large cup. Are you sure you don’t take it ?

  • Olivier : Thank you but a normal cup is enough for me, thanks.

While he was drinking his green tea, Olivier realized than the cashier tried to sell him more hot water for 10 pence. The Café must earn a little more money with this technique.

For another product or service

Of course, systematically offer upsells with each sale. This can be a larger amount of a product that someone bought or a complementary product. A upsell is a complementary product that you will propose to your customer at the moment when your customer is most likely to buy, when your customer have his/her wallet in his/her hands.

The most successful restaurant have this kind of offer. Just an exemple, McDonald’s. If you order just a hamburger, they will systematically offer you the formula with french fries and a beverage. There are many companies that lose a lot of money each day by not offering that kind of thing.

The question of the day is : « What do you can offer like a complementary product or a additionnal product or a larger amount of a product you have. The simple fact to offer systematically to your customers to buy these products at the moment where they buy, will automatically increase your turnover with a little amount of effort.

Be skeptical and test it by yourself ! Tell me what do you think about ?


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