Weighted Decline Crunch

weighted decline crunch

Today was the abs – back – biceps session, it was especially cool because in July, the gym is almost empty. There is an abs exercise I do after the planck, it’s the weighted decline crunch.

For this exercise I use a dumbbell of 30kg (66lbs), right now. Not easy this crunch version but it’s effective. At first, I started with a disk but it will up to 20kg (44lbs).

The crunch works the rectus abdominis muscles and a muscular midsection limits the backache. This exercise also helps you to not having a big belly if you have a good diet.

weighted decline crunch

Sets the bench, take the weight and put your feet in the supports

Lie down on your back, put the weight on your chest or hold out your arms.

Inspire, blocks your breath and contract your abs to take off your upper body up until you make a 90° angle with your hips.

Back to the start position by controlling the descent.

This exercise mainly works the rectus and obliques a little bit.

And you ? Do you have an abs exercise with weights ?


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