Incline Bench Press

incline bench press

Today, training was Chest – Triceps – Calves. I always start chest’s training with incline bench press because it’s one of my weaknesses (upper chest) and it takes a lot of energy. At the end of my 2nd set, I had the feeling that my shoulders were working more than usual. When I looked at the angle, it was 45 °, I usually put 30 °. I changed and I finished the exercise.

Back home, I wondered what was the difference between 30° and 45°? What muscle works ? After a Google search I didn’t find a clear answer to work upper chest. Articles say it’s necessary to put 15° – 30° and others 30° – 45°. It’s weird but all articles say that higher than 45°, shoulders are working the most.

I really searched articles dating from 2015 – 2016, thinking that a study would show what the right angle, but no. What I have noticed is that the angle 30° as mentioned through different methods. This is a friend who has a better physique than me who advised me to use 30° and I think he’s right.

incline bench press angle

You can find articles that say you must find yourself your angle between 15° – 45°. I don’t find that it helps a lot because the time you see the results according to the angles, it can take months. For a beginner, 30° is perfect I find, it works well. Then you can try different angles but for me the base is 30°.

At the beginning of your chest session, I advise you to do the incline bench press because upper chest are chest that works the least. You start with it when you’re full of energy because it isn’t easy. With this exercise you will see the symmetrical shape that will have your chest, you will be happy.

– Steph

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