Wrong Dumbbell Lateral Raise

seated dumbbell lateral raise

By increasing the weight last week, I felt my deltoids work less for seated dumbbell lateral raise. Following several Fitness channels on YouTube, there were a video that talked about this exercise 2-3 days later . I watch and I realize that I was making a big mistake.

The weight is 28kg (61 lbs) and I balance a lot to lift. I just chose to do seated exercise to cheat less by moving my body but I redid the error. Watching 3 times the video, I’ve realized that I had to drop the weight to just do well the exercise. Lift the weight with the back straight from the start and not bend like I did before.

It’s the same ego problem that I had with the Romanian Deadlift. To my shoulder exercises I used the same weight and I wanted to keep it. Yesterday I watched my program’s video, that of Jim Stoppani and he uses differents weights for differents shoulders exercises. You tell me that this is normal but I was so happy or proud to do all shoulders exercises with the same weight that I was doing wrong.

It’s true, people have told me that my shoulders had evolved ,. it is good but the video said if we do badly this exercice, it will damage the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff muscles are important in shoulders movements and in shoulders joints maintenance and stabilization. These muscles originate from the scapula and connect to the humerus head (the head of the arm bone). They hold humerus head in the small and shallow hole of the scapula. humeral head is as big as a golf ball, it’s not big.

rotator cuff

I prefer not to damage this body part body, you see. As I’ve told you, I have two friends who dislocated theirs shoulder during bench press and now they can’t work their chest and shoulders. Strengthen my shoulders to not dislocate them, that’s something I like.

Fuck my ego, I’ll decrease weight to just do well the exercise, back to basic. Really, decreased repetitions numbers to do well technically the Romanian deadlift, make me feel good, this is serious. The satisfaction of a well done exercise, it’s cool. It will do the same things for seated dumbbell lateral raise , it’s cool.

And you ? Do you quickly realize when you do wrong an exercice ?


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