Your Beliefs Sabotaging Your Life ?

limitating beliefs

You and me, we have beliefs that sabotage our lives. This prevents us from using the maximum of our potential. But how we can sabotage our lives ? We want to be happy, right ? I will share with you some tips.

Self-fulfilling prophecies

To begin, how we doing to have beliefs that sabotage our lives, limiting beliefs.

  1. We had a bad experience with something or someone told us that we were bad for something.

  2. We are so afraid to relive the pain of that experience that we avoid doing that again.

  3. If we have to do it again, we don’t give the best of ourself to say, « You see it doesn’t work ! ».

  4. We will never be better in this activity because we don’t practice.

  5. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I find this process work for me to create my limiting beliefs and I think it’s the same for you.

Change and improve yourself

improve yourself

There are things you like to do but you had a bad experience with and this have blocked you. Now that you understand the process, find your limiting beliefs and do them. You can do it because you’re a beginner, you don’t need to succeed right away. When we’re beginning, we make many mistakes, this is normal, this is how we learn to be better. There is a quote that I like : « An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes ».

One time

Just one time to destroy a limiting thought. First of all when you do an activity, this is for you and only for you. Critics from the people who are around you doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you why, whatever you do something good or bad, they will criticize you. What is important is : you choose the life you want to live (tell them from me FUCK YOU !).


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