Your Parents And Your Physical Condition

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Bizarre title, huh !?! I’ve always wondered if all children were destined to have the same physical condition as their parents. I remember one of my former gym’s member saying to me : « If you want to know how she will be later, looks at her mother ! ». Having had several different girlfriends and observing older girls, I can say that it’s neither right nor wrong.

Destined for the Matrix

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The Matrix wants everyone have the same lifestyle. We live in a consumer society so more we consume anything, more we are nice people. Of course, the first model we have for our lifestyle are our parents. Children we don’t seek to know if what they’re doing is right or wrong but growing up, we ask questions because we see families with different life styles.

We don’t choose our parents and it’s possible that :

  • If you have overweight parents who think that trying to be healthy is a waste of time, you think you’re going to have the same physical condition.

  • If you have parents put their values into wrong things, you think it will be difficult to do differently.

  • If you have parents who struggle with addiction or abuse, you think that « history will repeat itself with you ».

You are neither your father nor your mother

It’s simple, you are neither your father nor your mother. At one point in your life, you’ll decide what lifestyle you want to live. You have enough analyzed your parents to know what is good for you. Think of doing what is good for you instead of doing what is good for your parents. You have to be selfish to save your life ! This can create conflicts, but personally I prefer to be in conflict with my parents because I want to be healthy than to get a cancer ! Have a poor health to not offend my parents, it’s suicide.

What are you giving to your next generations

next generation

At first, I wanted to talk about pictures of yourself that you’ll leave like a legacy for your future generations, but I thought of something else. You think if you have a bad health, your children at birth will have good health ? No, of course. This is one reason that children are often sick or are malformed. Your children will inherit a part of your genetics and if you don’t take care of your genetics, your children will have a crappy genetic.

Genetics, it’s scientific, it’s complicated but there are principles that are simple to understand. Having a healthy body = good genetics. You have an unhealthy body, your children begin life with an unhealthy body. If you want your lase name disappears from this planet, eat unhealthy. If you want your lase name continues to exist for several generations, eat healthy.

It’s a story between you and your future generations, what do you choose ?


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