Build An Ideal Male Body (Part 1)

x-shape physique

Have a perfect or ideal male body is a noble goal, and if you want to achieve this in your life, you need to follow a specific plan.

Lifting heavy lift and eating healthy is a good start if you want to have a truly impressive body. To have a man’s physique with good symmetrical proportions, you have to organize all aspects of your program.

I speak of the true body of ideal man with broad shoulders, a narrow waist and strong legs. The kind of body that meets our biologically encoded criteria and corresponds to the Golden Ratio.

It’s not easy but it can be done. You just have to follow these 4 steps.

The problem is that we have many tools in our toolbox, and we have forgotten that all methods don’t work for all purposes.

  • An athlete training for his sport with specific exercises for the best results in his sport

  • The bodybuilder and fitness competitor focuses on fat loss e, which requires adjusted its food strategy.

  • The powerlifter (weightlifters) work on becoming skilled and efficient in their primary lifts.

With these examples I want to show you that to achieve a goal, you need to have a specific training.

You can’t use a powerlifter’s training program to have the fitness’s physique competitor and vice versa.

So if your goal is to have a body with lean muscles, symmetrical, attractive and sexy, you must manage the structure of your diet and your training.

4 Things You Need To Know To Have A Perfect Body


The Body Of The Perfect Man Is X-Shaped

To have a body that attract to the opposite sex, it’s important to understand that the body dimensions are visually important.

Our ancestors validated characteristic like strength, productivity, virility for physical attributes. While the “needs” of society have changed, so that it isn’t a “necessity” to have these characteristics to be successful.

This means that the physical traits can help you to have more contact with girls.

An X-shaped physique is: broad shoulders, a narrow waist and strong, well-developed calves.

For broad shoulders, concentrate yourself on the basic movements that use the maximum of muscle as well as some isolation exercises that focuses on medium deltoids and increases the width as lateral rise.

A narrow waist is mainly the result of low bodyfat percentage. However, it’s important to understand that the muscles around your waist is to train like any other muscle.

Have strong well-developed calves isn’t easy. Calves are a part of the body hard to develop, so I recommend you to train several times per week.

I’ll explain why calves are difficult to develop. Calves don’t develop because they are hard to overload.

It’s because of your Achilles tendon acts like a rubber band, transferring energy during exercises, making muscles work less.

Try to start with this exercise calves standing like this picture.

standing calves

To Build A Perfect Male Body Push Less And Pull More

In the idea of training for a sexier body, we need to include balance and symmetry.

As men, we are very visual creatures. We focus a lot on muscles we can see in the mirror, the « muscle-mirror ». Guys working more chest than back.

From an appearance point of view, this unbalanced workout that focuses much more on the anterior muscles (front muscle) than posterior muscle (rear muscle) is too ugly. Plus, it’s a great way to hurt you and give you a rounded shape like having your shoulders forward (I know a guy like this, it’s horrible).

We are here to have a sexy body and not the opposite, right ?

Instead, we should focus more on the upper back muscles: latissimus dorsi, teres major, trapezius. These muscles developed properly, will help you to pull your shoulders back. It’ll make you a “broad-shouldered” look that men find powerful and girls find attractive.

pull exercice

Upgrade Your Training To Build And Maintain An Impressive Physique


To have a suitable body for a variety of physical tasks or sex, you need to change your workouts occasionally.

Vary your workouts keeps you motivated and leads better results. The number of times you need to change depends on your goal.

Now, if you train for muscle gain, you must adjust your program every 8-16 weeks.

To lose fat, you have to change more often, every 4-8 weeks.

In part two, I’ll explain how to avoid stagnation and tame your hormones.


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