How To Build An Ideal Female Body (Part 2)

 ideal woman body

D) More is less? Or Less Is More? Oh, Go Faster


There are several factors to modify a workout, the most common are workout frequency, sets, reps, volume of work and weight. But there is a variable we don’t hear about.

I mean the training density. The density can be described as the total of work you do in a specific period, do more in less time.

Do more work in less time has many benefits: increase % of lost fat, increase strength and more toned skin.

The easiest way to increase density is to reduce rest periods. If normally you take 45 seconds of rest between your sets, you reduced to 35 or less.

Another way to increase density is based on TIME rather than REPS. If you make lateral raise, you make the most of reps as you can for 30 seconds. And in the next set, you try to beat your record. Increase speed but keeps a good exercice’s form.

You will become firmer, sexier and leaner, faster

E) Focus On Your Assets

squat butt

Oooops, I like when girls have a beautiful butt, well-formed, athletic butt. I’m honest and as I write an article to help women to have a sexy body, well, for me nothing is sexier than a beautiful backside. So let’s talk about the butt or rather train the butt.

You already know the 2 best exercises for your glutes: squat and lunge. Now I’ll tell you how to do them more efficiently.

When you squat, put the position of your feet the widest possible as a sumo. This work more on the glutes.

For lunges, GO BACK, no forward.

Lunges forward putting more pressure, more stress on quadriceps at the base of the knee (the vastus medialus), it’s rather an eccentric pressure. Look, when you do a lunge, your leg “take” the weight of your entire body and stop/absorbs a while. By this way the knee muscles do the majority of the work.

But, when you do lunge backwards, your glutes are working more and the section of quadriceps along the femur (rectus femoris) work better.

With that, you’ll develop strong and powerful legs without being “disturbed” to have too big quadriceps.

F) Being A Venus

be a venus

To have a physique that is attractive to the opposite sex, it’s important to understand certain dimension of the body that are visually important.

Our ancestors unconsciously validated desirable traits such as maternity, productivity and fertility corresponding to physical attributes. Some physical traits are what we call mating qualifiers, which means that from an evolutionary point of view, these traits are attractive to members of the opposite sex because of what they imply.

A man with broad shoulders projects an image of strength in our subconscious, a woman with a narrow waist and shapely hips projects the image of a woman who built her body in a way that implies fertility.

For example, the standard today is Marilyn Monroe and it can be compared to the beauty of the modern female celebrities.

The reason is the Golden Ratio is based on the comparison: hips-shoulders and the comparison: hips-waist. With women, we want athletic shoulders, a small waist and BOOM sexy hips.

Marilyn had a “perfect” ratio : 36-24-36, our current standard are more flexible 34.5-23-34.5. The common point with these figures is the ratio of the waist, hips and shoulders (ratio => 1: 1.5).

This means, focus to build strong and sexy shoulders with push press and lateral raise. Don’t worry to make a smaller butt, do multi-joint movement. It will improve its shape.

Now that you have these 6 tips to be sexy, be sexy !


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