Cable One Arm Tricep Extension


It’s getting hot and workouts are a little harder. With the heat we must breathe differently and drink a little more water, it’s summertime. What is funny with summertime is that there are fewer people in the gym like in winter. People drink their beer outside in the evening, it’s good but they don’t have to wince when a warrior walk in front of them ! Jealousy not good ! Ahhaaha!

Today was chest – triceps – calves. There is an exercise that I find cool for triceps, cable one arm tricep extension. With this exercise you balance the power of your left and right triceps.

Place yourself standing in front of the cable machine’s weight stack; Take the cable as the picture; Bench up slightly forward and take the cable so your arm makes an « L »; Pulls the cable down and back so that your arm makes an « L ». Attention your elbow stick to your body throughout the exercice.

cable one arm tricep extension

You have to feel your triceps working well and not your shoulder, if that’s the case, you must reduce weights because it’s too heavy for the moment.

What I have noticed is when you use different cable machines, weights can vary. Perhaps this is due to the wear of the machine. The problem with machines is that when you have to repair, sensations are different. In these situations, I test several weights to feel the work effect on the triceps and that’s OK.

This the exercise I suggest you to balance your triceps, maybe you know another ? Which one is it ?


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