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 CT Fletcher

There are some days I watched the movie about CT Flecher done by the same team that made the movie “Generation Iron”, I like this movie for that matter. If you don’t know CT Flecher, I suggest you to click this YouTube link . You lack motivation? He is the best.

His film, his bio is called My Magnificent Obsession. Frankly the CT Fletcher’s personality is very strong, I expected to have a slap (well I felt it). I was a little surprised to see all these celebrities of the fitness and bodybuilding industry in his « avant-premiere ». And above all they said that after seeing this movie, we could only love him more. As for me, the thing that interests me most was how he had managed to build his so determined mindset.

CT Fletcher

Because when I see some videos from Simeon Panda, Ulisses, Steve Cook, Christian Guizman Patrick Reiser, Engineered Life TiboInShape, FromHumanToGod or BodyTime, (I almost forgot Jeff Seid, Marc Fitt and a lot of others athletes), I don’t find this (wild) energy to want to be better than yesterday, this motivation to always move forward despite obstacles. I make an exception for Elliot Hulse and Hodge Twins who have that kind of energy but it’s not the same. When we see CT Fletcher, it motivates us with a kick in the ass, you can’t avoid it, no, you can’t. It’s a bit like Mickey, Rocky’s trainer.

mickey rocky

It is clear, not everyone will like him and that is precisely what makes the difference. He like what he does and there’s no way someone else prevents it from doing what he like to do.

So how he made to have this state of mind solid as a mountain? And well, I will not spoil the movie because it’s really worth to be seen, not just from fitness or bodybuilding fans because it’s a source of motivation for a better lifestyle. A lifestyle where our work, our main source of income comes from our passion. And it really change somethings, you have no ideas. But to live like this, we must accept a detail. CT Fletcher has quotes that I like is:

“Pain is Necessary to grow”

CT Fletcher

Because here my friends when you see his life you think, “This guy is a fucking warrior”. It’s a crazy thing, I would have never imagined the kind of emotions you might feel in these situations. Well, you can read a biography, see happening there some hardcore stuffs and say, “Oh yeah, shit” but when you see his entourage who speak on camera with trembling voice or with angry voice (or a happy voice), you’re in. Because you see that this is not a movie with a script, there is no that distance. You know it’s true inside of you because it’s filmed like a documentary. It follows CT Fletcher with his family for about 1 week. You’re filming and you learn bad news, it’s hot for your ass. Actually those celebrities were right BIG RESPECT for CT.

Well, it reminds me Chris Gardner. There was a movie about him with Will Smith « Pursuit of Happyness ». In Europe, this guy was unknown before this movie. You see this guy, you say to yourself: « This guy is rich, he has the good life ». You watch the movie, you say to yourself : “Oh shit. Respect “. Now imagine that this movie was filmed during one week like a documentary when he struggled with his son to sleep in a warm place. Seriously, how would you have felt it ?

CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher is in this spirit there. It happens to you a problem, it’s made you *& %/, you feel shame in your environment (and during 1-2 hours you make your crisis) and then you look for a solution. We must not give up because that’s how we became better. A football or basketball team don’t win every game in a championship, but if they work hard they can end at the first ranking. You who read me, there is a thing where you’re the best, I’m sure. There are some thingd where you’re not good but in this thing there, yourself you know that you’re the number 1. And you’ll make me believe that it happened in one night, you never made a mistake? LIAR !!!!!

Well I’ll stop here because I could still write for hours. This movie turned my head and even convinced me to realize my dreams as soon as possible and stop wasting my time because I’m afraid to make mistakes.

CT Fletcher

P.S.I advise you to watch and read biographies from people you admire and you will be surprised to know how many craps they had before where they are now. It’s the pure motivation and nobody can say otherwise.

Be better than yesterday



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