CT Fletcher’s 10 commandments

 10 commandements

This is a video I watch 2 times a day to stay motivated (I even the audio version in my playlist). CT Fletcher is really the guy who will put you a kick in the ass if you go to the gym to show off. With him is ruthless and it’s that which is good because it’s just like that you’re going to get results. Here are the commandments of COMPTON’s boss (yes, like Dr. Dre and Ice Cube).

I) I command you to grow


Train even harder your mindset that your body. Your mind is the captain and the boat is your body, your body must obey your brain. Instructs your body to gain muscle and he will obey. It’s simple, right? Me, I think.

There are people who complain that despite the training, they don’t develop their bodies. I’m not surprised, their spirit is weak ! They don’t have the right mental attitude and courage to keep moving forward despite the pain and physical suffering. If you let your body control you, you’re a puppet, normal nobody takes you seriously.

“I command you to grow”, this is not just a slogan. It is a belief system that more influence than the Pope himself. It must be said by believing in it and trusting and only then your body will gain muscle.

II) Question the impossible


Never accept that someone limit you to do what you want. You can’t avoid it but some assholes will tell you you can’t do this or that. I’m here to say FUCK to these people. They are in this situation because they chose to be there. It’s not because they can’t do it you can’t do it too. You are the one to decide what is possible and impossible.

Don’t let anyone at the gym or even a scientist to tell you what you can or can’t do. If you still accept this bullshit of “experts” who decide that this is impossible, we would have no electricity, no airplanes, etc.

Requests yourself what is impossible and try it for yourself first.

III) Embrace the pain


Want to learn somethings true in your life ? Pain is inevitable. In the world of sports, we must accept the pain and discomfort as a necessary evil because it’s in these extreme conditions that new muscles is born.

I’m not like those fools who say, “Pain is a weakness leaving the body”. I Fuck these motherfuckers, pain is what scares the average person instinctively shrinks away from, but a warrior like you, you’re going to learn to accept it and it will be your friend.

Yes the pain will be your friend because it’s the most sincere thing that allows you to go beyond your limits. Be comfortable to be in a non-comfort zone.

IV) Listen to your body

listen to your body

Your body is the most powerful technology created by Mother Nature. She has equipped you with the ability to do amazing physical and mental feats.

Now stop being arrogant and pay close attention, deciphers what your body is trying to tell you: “I like what you do there then continues” or “You should stop what you’re doing because it doesn’t work for me “. Your body knows best, it never lies to you, it never betrays you.

Let your body guide you inside and outside of the gym. He knows you better than you think you know it.

Your body can tell you the number of sets you should do, the weight you have to lift. Don’t just look at the numbers of the weight of someone else or to follow the routine of someone else in the gym. They don’t know what is good for your body, unless they’re a human body whisperer (at which point you should just stay far, far away from that weirdo).

Put your ego alongside for a moment and you can fucking listen to your Master Yoda in your body.

V) Focus


Stay focused ! What does bettering yourself every day in the gym mean to you ? If you’re answer is something like : “I’m doing this just because …” Stop, stop reading this article, you waste your time doing something else. Don’t think for a second that I’m playing here because I don’t spend my time motivating “weekend athlete”.

This path of growth, pain and personal, physical conquest should not be something that you chose at random “just because …”. You chose this path because this is the image of your success and betterment is seared firmly into your mind’s eye. You have to commit yourself to this lifestyle.

The next motherfucker that says “just because …”, I put a dumbbell in his throat.

Be focused, well-chosen your goal and stick to it until it is achieved.

VI) Change your routine


Don’t let your body adapt. Your body is beautiful, it’s smarter than any son of a bitch in white coats. Your body adapts to everything you submit to him after an intense training period. Consequently, you have to change your routine, don’t be comfortable in your routine.

Going into the gym every day with the mentality of “business as usual”, I guarantee you’ll stagnate. Change is critical to development. It’s you who holds the steering shift and your body are going to develop.

VII) Build muscle from all angles


Different angles are essential to gain muscle. Shut up and let me explain ! First, you must understand that each body is unique. The way your muscles are connected and your bone structure are different from mine.

In theory, you and I can do the same action but experience to gain muscle is different. We are doing the same exercise but “feels” the muscle differently. The angle in which you put your body allows you to gain muscle. Test with the angle that allows you to feel the pain. Find the angle that makes you feel the muscle work.

Don’t be afraid to go outside the norm because the perfect angle to your body is only for you. Nobody else does the same.

VIII) Overloading the muscle


The word “overloaded” defined by myself, has two meanings:

  • Tax your muscle by putting heavy weight and forcing them to lift even if your muscles are like : « What the fuck, what the fuck is hard !”. Progress and continuous improvement.

  • Continues to make the movement until your muscle screams, burns because of the volume of work. Don’t give up after only a few sets. Lift with enough volume until you can lift no more.

In both cases, you get out of your comfort zone. Order your body to go beyond its limits to adapt to the new routine cycle and gain muscle.

IX) Be obsessed


Obsession has a bad reputation but it’s there, it’s the crucial missing ingredient to people who are still just « average ». Excellence in body and mind can’t be achieved without obsession.

You want to be the best for turning pancakes, washing windows or throw the garbage, there is no recipe, you have to be obsessed. The desire must be in every cell of your body.

You have to dream about it, sleep with, eat with, breathe with. Ask all Champions if they aren’t obsessed 24h / 24h, 7d / 7d to be the No. 1.

X) Never be satisfied


A full, satisfied man is happy with where he is and what he has done. A hungry man will rip that satisfied man into two half-smirking bodies (with a smile) to get what he wants (I’m using “man” universally here. Ladies, I’m talking to you, too !).

Satisfaction and complacency are toxic because they indicate in mind that you have reached the end of your growth, the end of your journey. Do you think your idols that are older than you, would be where they are if they had a few years ago said: “It’s good I stop there, I’ve reached my limits, it’s the moment to be like those of the middle class”.

Fuck, no! Say it with me now: Fuck average. Never be satisfied. Always move forward. Always grow. This is the last and most important commandment. Never. Be. Satisfied

There is the video :


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