How Gain Muscle ?

 gain muscle

Lifting weights allows you to bulk up, but there is much more than handle dumbbell or cable. There is the need to train, when to train, how to train, how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. Age, body type and attitude also helps to achieve the body you want to have.

From experience, because before I weighed 132 pounds (60kg) to 175cm, here are 10 things that I was advised to build muscle.

1. Add 500 calories immediately


If you lift and eat and you still dont gain muscle, there are two things. The first is that you dont eat enough, even if you think. Begin to notice what you eat for one week, if you eat oatmeal in the morning, put 2 cups instead of 1. If you eat 1 piece of chicken in the evening, eat 2. Watch your diet and increase it slowly every week. The second reason could be that your metabolism is incredibly fast (it sucks to be someone skinny), but it just means you need to eat more. Even if you dont want.

2. Eat more often

eat more

3 meals a day, that is how the majority of people on this planet consume food. But if your mission is to build muscle, eat more often may be more effective. Add extra calories in 3 meals can be super complicated and very difficult too (imagine dishes‘s size). Its easier to spread them throughout the day into 5-6 meals. Eat more often can also keep a steady flow of essential nutrients such as protein in the body and muscles throughout the day. This avoids peaks and deficiencies.

3. The Post-workout is not a joke

post workout

The post-workout meal is critical and perhaps the most important meal. After lifting heavy your testosterone levels fell, cortisol levels are high and the body, the muscles crave food and nutrients. Without being super technique, your body needs 2 things … and two things quickly. Protein and carbohydrates, not fat. 1 scoop protein powder and 2 bananas are excellent to fix it.

4. Make “Monster Shake”


Your post-workout shake are one thing, the “Monster Shake” are another. Because you are trying to eat more often to increase calories, a “Monster Shaker”can help to fill empties. A “Monster Shake” is made of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and it is perfect to be taken between meals. Take 1 scoop of whey protein (about 100 calories, 25g protein), 2 tbsp natural peanut butter (200 calories), 1 banana (about 100 calories , 27g of carbohydrates), 1 cup of natural oatmeal (about 100 calories, 25g carbs), 4-6 onces (118-177ml) unsweetened almond milk (about 30-50 calories) and water. Youre looking for an additional 500 calories solid, that is the basic recipe, you are free to add something else.

5. Full-Body or Splits

full body

The training with body weight are excellent because you can release a ton of testosterone. Go with compound movements like squat, deadlift and overhead press. Split workout can be good for your back and biceps; chest and triceps, etc. Dont do circuit training or interval, except for burning fat.

6. Stretch and foam rolling


Stretching and foam rolling are far from a boring time wastage. Nobody really like to do but its a necessity. Always have a few minutes to dynamic stretching and use a foam rolling over different parts of the body before a workout. Static stretching can come after the workout, perhaps even yoga. Being hurt, it sucks, it not only kills your body but also your motivation. Be smart and work out intelligently.

7. Do less in the gym


Lift more, means more muscle, right? Well no. If you make more than 20 sets for large muscle groups, reduce at 12 and take 60-90 seconds to rest. For small muscle groups, 9 series. You must lift intensely, well contracting the muscles and take real moments of rest. Go to the gym, go out, eat and recover.

8. Cut the cardio


If you like run, its time to give priority to lift weight. Cut your cardio session of 50% and more. At least until you start seeing your weight gain. Its very difficult to be a runner and have a big muscle mass.

9. Restructure your routine

exercice routine

You cant have a routine, give it a few days and think it will give you the results you want. And its even more difficult to go into a gym without a structured program and expect to have a progression. A feeling session is good from time to time, but when starting the structure is necessary. However, if things dont move after 4-6 weeks, it could be time to reevaluate your program and try something new.

10. Be patient


Take mass is difficult and especially difficult for people with a fast metabolism. Accept that it will take time, lots of effort, lots of food and plenty of sacrifice. Stay clean, committed and focused and youll get what you want to be before you know it.



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