Girls Myths (Part 1)

girls lift heavy

My sister asked me some advice to choose a gym. Out of curiosity, I asked her training. Her response : « This is just forthe lower body ». I replied that it would be good that she train works the upper body but she didn’t look convinced. That’s why I will go further in details in this article.

To start, marketing fitness for girls is like Hollywood, this is a bluff. If they told the truth, it would be :

  • « You want to have a toned body and abs ? Don’t waste your time with that ! »

  • « You want to lose belly fat ? Abs machines will not help you ! »

  • « You want to be stronger ? You have to lift something heavier than that ! »

In every magazine, there are programs that promise you amazing results with lightweights and rotten equipment. Programs only for abs, thighs and butt. How do you want to have a healthy body, if you train only 50% of the body ? toned legs but flabby arms, flabby shoulders and flabby back, it’s super sexy!

A girl who lifts heavy will become a bodybuilder

girls lift heavy

There are celebrities (Gwyneth Paltrow) who aren’t lifted weights over 1.5kg (3lbs). It’s a joke, she pays a personal trainer to have a better health but she lifts lighter things than a chair !?!

Pay attention, if you lift something heavier than a chair you’ll become a bodybuilder !

Girls bodybuilders train, eat, and take special supplements to achieve this. And above all, it’s been over 10 years that they have this type of lifestyle.

If you lift heavy, your muscles will be stronger but not necessarily bigger. Look, you lift heavy and you eat with a calorie deficit (healthy food) and your muscles will be stronger and dense, you will burn fat into muscle and get a toned body.

Locate fat reduction


  • Side bend – makes your laterals muscles stronger without reduce fat. This can even increase your waist unless you change your diet.

  • Situps – Don’t reduce belly fat. This may even damage your lower back. This is an incomplete exercise.

Your body can’t reduce fat where you exactly want. If you have flabby arms, do thousands of bicep curl not going to help. Your body is genetically predisposed to store fat in certain place in a certain order. When you start to lose weight, your body will lose fat in different places in a specific order. The order is unique to each person because it’s related to genetics.

To lose fat, eat better. Your diet is responsible for 80-90% of your fat loss.

I hope that the first part helped you. In the next part I will discuss myths of « cardio to lose weight » and « a program works for all the girls ».

And you ? What are your myths for fitness/bodybuilding ?


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