Girls Myths (Part 2)

girls myths gym

Cardio for weight loss

cardio to lose weight

Everybody advise everyone to do cardio to lose weight. But this isn’t necessary unless you want to. I like doing cardio but if you don’t like it, don’t do it. Doing an exercise you like to do, zumba, aerobics or jazzercise. However, if you do these exercises only to lose weight and you don’t see any results, stops. There is another way.

Strength training can produce more effective in weight loss than the equivalent in cardio.

When you do strength training, your muscle fibers are broken and are repaired in 24-48 hours. Your body uses more calories and use more energy during the process of repairing your muscles. This means that your metabolism work at a higher level even when you’re sitting on a couch after your workout.

There is also something else. If your goal is ONLY lose weight, strength training isn’t necessary (I hate to say it, but it’s true). Change your diet if you don’t want to do exercises.

« Strength training helps correct problems related to cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and inactivity – all heart disease factors. Cardiologists starts recommend strength training for people who have had a heart attack around 3 weeks after the attack ».

The main one is that you find exercises you like, if you don’t like go to the gym, you can :

  • Using kettlebells

  • Doing yoga

  • Doing bodyweight exercises

  • Go hiking

  • Any activity that uses your muscles intensively

A program works for all women

women workout program

This is the type of thing that the Matrix wants you to believe. You read 10 different workout programs that promise you incredible results. You read 10 different books on nutrition that promise you incredible results. But why there are many different styles, different techniques ?

Just because every human being reacts differently to food, training and different stimuli. We’re genetically different, we have unique characteristics, different lives, different preferences and different struggles.

The only way to know what works for you is to try all and track your results.

I hope that this second part helped you. In the next section I will discuss myths : « Boys and girls should train differently » and « Eat less to lose weight ».

And you ? What are your myths fitness / bodybuilding ?


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