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How To Find Your Healthy Body Fat

Each new year and each spring, some people decide to lose weight. They can find lots of advice, but what does losing weight mean? Is it to lose body fat? Is it to lose weight on the scales? Or something else?

Have you noticed that you can find two people of the same height and weight but with different bodies? For example, one is fat and the other athletic. This distinct body shape is due to the fact that a person has more fat than muscle and the other has more muscle than fat.

Fat is an essential part of your body to survive and create several types of hormones. There is a misunderstanding about this and many people think that fat is bad. 3 fast fat loss facts can help you use fat in your favor. But in a consumer society, eating more than you need is a sport and it makes people fat. There is a range of body fat percentages ranging from lean to above average. Of course, genetics, bone structure, gender, and level of exercise also influence it.

Body fat percentage for women

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20-40 years old:

  • Low fat: under 21 percent
  • Healthy: 21-33 percent
  • Overweight: 33-39 percent
  • Obese: Over 39 percent

41-60 years old:

  • Low fat: under 23 percent
  • Healthy: 23-35 percent
  • Overweight: 35-40 percent
  • Obese: over 40 percent

61-79 years old:

  • Low fat: under 24 percent
  • Healthy: 24-36 percent
  • Overweight: 36-42 percent
  • Obese: over 42 percent

Body fat percentage for men

20-40 years old:

  • Low fat: under 8 percent
  • Healthy: 8-19 percent
  • Overweight: 19-25 percent
  • Obese: over 25 percent

41-60 years old:

  • Low fat: under 11 percent
  • Healthy: 11-22 percent
  • Overweight: 22-27 percent
  • Obese: over 27 percent

61-79 years old:

  • Low fat: under 13 percent
  • Healthy: 13-25 percent
  • Overweight: 25-30 percent
  • Obese: over 30 percent

Having several measurement tools allows you to have the most precise data possible. A bathroom scale is not enough to get in shape. You must have something else to know about your muscle/fat ratio.

Tracking your progress is great for seeing your progress and keeping you motivated. I use low budget tools to do this, so if you want more details read how I track my body progress 2020-04.

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