No Shame To Be A Beginner


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

When I went to a gym for the first time, I lifted only light weights and I did bad movements. I felt uncomfortable because there were people much more athletic than me and it impressed me.

This situation remind me the first time I did karate when I was 6-7 years old. Whatever the activity we start, everyone expects at first that we make a lot of mistake and this is normal, it’s part of the process.

When you start something, nobody expects that you have the same performance than an Olympic champion. You fail, again, again, again and again until you learn to make it work, until you learn how to make a viable business.

Everyone expects that you company doesn’t work well at first, everyone expects that your first paragraphs you write on your blog aren’t very good.

Not good


It’s important for you to understand that we have this human tendency which is to be afraid of judgments of others : « Pffff I start it, I look really stupid while the guy beside me lifts heavier than me ! ». But you don’t know the guy beside you do it for 5 years, it’s easier for him.

It doesn’t matter that guys next to you lifts heavier because they have been training for several years alread and they know this process, they went through that too. The most are completly indifferent about what you do because they see beginners everyday. May be that certain respect you because they see that you are determined.

This was my case. During 6-9 months I talked to nobody in the gym and one time, a big guy came to talk to me that it’s been several months that he sees me train hard and he introduced me to his friends. Now, I know all bodybuilders and athletes of the gym.

You see, there isn’t shame in being bad at first.

What activity would you like to start and you still haven’t started  ? You didn’t start because you don’t want to look stupid in front of people who have more experience ?

If it’s a little bit of this, say to yourself : « I will test ». Go in this gym with all these athletic guys and notice how much everyone doesn’t care.

What activity would you like to start ?


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