Protect Your Blog

protect your blog

This article is the first of « Blog Massacre » articles that document my blog’s evolution. I think for installing a blog, there are plenty of articles or video on internet about this subject.

But there is one thing I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk about the blog title. Put your name in the blog title, I guarantee you that you will do everything you can to create the best content in the world. I created several blogs with fancy names but I was never so involved than « THE stephane ANDRE ». Just because my frist name is stephane and my last name is ANDRE.

the stephane andre

Now that the internet knows my name, do I make it a special brand or I scams ? I have to make a special brand, you see ! I think you understand the concept.

Once your blog is created, think to protect it like a computer or a smartphone or you know what will happen to you.

  • Themes – Once you’ve chosen a theme, you delete all the themes that you don’t use. Usually we test themes for 1-2 weeks, it’s normal, but after you must delete unused themes. There are hackers who hack your blog through a flaw in a theme. If you have a theme that have a flaw in your server, a hacker can hack your blog. There are full of themes that are not updated because the designers have abandoned them and hackers use those abandoned themes.

  • Update – You have to do all the updates from the application that allows you to have the blog (for me it’s WordPress) and the plugins you have installed. Usually updates bring innovations in the application but it can happen that there is a flaw in innovations. That is why there are updates that are only used to repair flaw to prevent hackers to fuck up your blog.

  • Plugin security – there are antivirus plugins, firewall plugin, etc. I used Wordfence  for WordPress for a long time and it’s cool. It’s cool because if a person tries to connect to my blog and made 5 bad passwords, his IP address is blocked automatically. Super convenient.

With these 3 tips, your blog is well protected. Personally this has never happened to me. Don’t worry if I learn something new to protect my blog better, I’ll tell you !

And you ? What’s your tips to protect your blog ?


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