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The heroes of comics and books are dead. The power to change the world is now in the hands of all people like you and me. It’s the time for a new type of hero.

When I was little, I used to dream of being a superhero. For hours I created a fantasy world with villains who had powers and were strong in martial arts. The truth is that all my heroes come from manga.

These superheroes always have strong powers, they aren’t like people around them. But I can’t live like a manga’s superhero in my life every day, did you see the world how it is now, right ?

superhero real life

Why not make a modern superhero. Here is a quote from the actor who made the first Superman movie, Christopher Reeve:

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure insurmountable obstacles”.

The heroes of comics, films and books are distractions that prevent you from becoming the hero you want to be. It’s time to kill this hero and to create a new hero capable to act in our world. Today’s heroes are people like you and me, who despite problems are pushed to become better and make the world a better place.

The world doesn’t need a person with extraordinary powers but of a people who is willing to:

  • Take responsibility for his actions

  • Step up and does what he can to make a difference in his entourage

  • Refuses to be OK with the status quo

We all have flaws (sometimes HUGE) that make the idea of ​​being a hero really sucks.

The objective of this new hero is progress not perfection: he aims to be better than yesterday.

In our world, the difference between a hero and a normal person is not to move at the speed of light or having a giant hammer. The hero has the ability to look at its flaws, imperfections in the eye and act without being blocked.

Each of us is able to be that hero and this is what is most terrifying and liberating at the same time.

Appearance and be able to do performance

health body

It takes work to have a body that projects health, confidence and that allows you to manage all the physical activities of the day.

You want to rock climb ? You can

You want to be confident when you take off your shirt at the beach or pool? You can

A strong body positively influences all aspects of your life. It teaches you discipline, courage and endurance. It gives you assurance despite what is happening around you, you will always have health and that’s HUGE.

When you look in the mirror at the end of the day, you’ll see a body that allows you to have the ability and energy to achieve your goals.

Accept your dark side

villain in us

Inside of us there is a hero and a villain, the best villain of your life.

The hero in me is a guy who controls his life, who is active and who lives every day in order to create an impact.

The villain in me is a guy who doesn’t know what to do with his life. He wants to break the clock and sit all day in front of the TV eating anything.

The two always make Deathmatch to see who will win every time of day.

We hide from our villain. We don’t want to acknowledge its existence while being aware of its negative impact on our lives.

And you know what ? It never works. The more you hide him, the more he will become stronger and when you will stop to hide him, you’ll take his power.

Listen to what your villain, but refuses to let him to work in your subconscious. Then hit this shit head.

Facing your fears

facing fear

“In the cave you fear to enter but inside is the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell is the person who wrote it and one of the key elements is when he describes the hero enters the Cave (also called The Pit or The Whale’s Belly).

The Cave is where the hero must face his deepest fears and insecurities. This is the key point for his transformation and this is often where the hero faces a dragon or a huge monster.

For modern superhero, the Cave represents the time in our lives where we left our comfort zone, to face our fears and live it as a challenge. As we have done, we have grown and progressed into a new state of mind.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t pass this point. We reach the Cave and that’s it. We don’t progress further and our story ends.

I did a lot of things in my life to avoid getting into my own Cave and I can tell you at this point, you become disgusted with yourself for being controlled by fear.

One day I realized I’m not a hostage, nor a hostage taker. I walk to the Cave and I turn around because from the uneasiness I feel or I run into the Cave, tight teeth and not ready but I give the best of myself.

This is not a decision to be taken once. Facing your fears is like anything in life: a skill that must be used.

It’s a process for life. More often you do it, more you feel yourself comfortable in your non-comfort zone.

Answer the call of adventure

hero journey

In stories and myths, the hero faces a recognizable choice: the villain threatens to destroy the world and the hero must decide whether to intervene or not.

Today, the call to adventure may or may not be so clear

We experienced sudden events that changed our lives: the death of a loved one, loss of a job. But more often, it’s not clear, there is no dragon to kill and no girl to save.

Ultimately, your call is an invitation to leave the humdrum of normal life, live the adventure like a trip for self-actualization.

The world around you is in demand of this new redefinition of superhero so get out and answer the call. Well, what are you waiting for !?!


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