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romanian deadlift steve cook

There are 1-2 months, I increased weights on all my exercises. I had some problem with the squat and Romanian Deadlift. I lift the weight of 90 kg (198 lbs) + weight of the olympic barbell. When I did this weight for the first time I wasn’t able to keep balance when I lower the barbell. Since I do the classic deadlift and I handle it well.

Watching a Steve Cook’s training program I put on my website, I watch him do a Romanian deadlift with more weights than me.

There, I said to myself that I did the loser because he did several repetitions quietly in the video. That’s when I told myself that my technique wasn’t good. It’s like the squat when I had added weight, I had pain in my left knee and in my lower back.

steve cook

To do Romanian deadlift, I luckily haven’t pain but I lean forward and I’m afraid of falling. After looking advise on web to do a good movement execution, I think I need to improve the position of my feet (maybe wider), change the position of my hands and flex more my knees to have more stability.

Tomorrow is leg day so I’ll see if I can do it because he motivated me well Steve Cook with his Romanian Deadlift. My final solution is to reduce the weights until I become stronger to lift heavier.

There is always something to improve to become more powerful, it’s crazy. Every time I change my workout by adding 2 reps or increasing weights, I must push my limits and adapting myself to my body to not have injuries.

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I always learn new stuff, it looks like it’s infinite, I like. You too, pushes your limits by listening your body, you’ll see results and it will improve your confidence in you and that’s cool !

never skip leg day

Do you want become better than yesterday ? Try this link (select a program and click on “Log as a Guest”)

P.S: I just watched a video of Ulisses Jr on instagram, he do a Romanian deadlift from another dimension. I don’t have excuses I will lift this Romanian deadlift.


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