Sport And Self-Confidence

sport self confidance

Today, it was leg’s day and it was better. No more back pain with Romanian Deadlift and my hand grip is better. After doing Lying Leg Curl, I see a guy I know, younger, do squat.

He uses less weight than me but he goes lower. It’s the type of squat where your thighs touches calves, he’s strong. I salute him and I told him that it’s leg’s day for me too. He’s surprised and asks me if I work legs 2x in the week. I explain that my program is on 4 days so there is always a muscle group I work 2x per week but it’s never the same.

I congratulate him on his squat technique. He told me that it’s weird because it’s been six weeks he follow a diet and he can’t lift the same weight with the bench press but for his legs, that’s OK. I asked him if during the day, there are fatigue’s moments. He told me that it happens to him.


I told him that in one month, I will also do a diet and it’s normal to not be able to lift the same weight and have fatigue’s moments in the day because we eat less. Our body has less energy. I told him that his legs are his strong point because he can lift the same weight. He replied that before he was overweight and he could never follow a diet to the end (it’s why his legs are strong) but now he trains, he’s easier.

With sport he can see his evolution, he knows he progresses and his body changes. See he’s better than 1st time he came int the gym has improved his self-confidence. I think he feels able to do things he didn’t dare before. I explain that is the same to me. When I progress in the gym, I tell myself that I can also progress outside of the gym.

I congratulate him on his diet, already six weeks, it’s excellent. I don’t know its goals but if he continues like this in a few years, he will have a physical of Fitness Model or Men’s Physique. He has a big potential.

self confidence

Doing sports really enhances the mind, this is true. We advise people to do at least 2 hours of sport per week, regardless of the daily activity, student, employee or entrepreneur.

But a few days ago, I saw a concept who amazed me, It’s Marc Fitt. He offers the online Limitless Camp to develop body and mindset in 8 weeks. I thought it was cool and it changes the conventional fitness program. I hope it will be successful, it looks cool !

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